Sweet dachshund puppy ‘newborn’ photo shoot

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Dachshund newborn shoot

What’s cuter than a pregnant dachshund maternity shoot? An adorable puppy newborn shoot of course – and this one is as pawfect as they come.

Not long ago we featured mumma-to-be, dachshund Sugar who was the subject of a beautiful maternity photo shoot, thanks to her talented mum, US photographer Laura Shockley. Now the two-year-old long-haired sausage dog has had her pups and the newborn photos are totally naaw-worthy.

Photographer's newborn puppy shoot

Introducing Sugar and her sprinkles – five healthy little sausages who are lapping up all of the attention.

Laura created the most serene newborn puppy shoot, complete with floral styling, and sweet images capturing the expressions and personality of each serenely snoozing pup.

Sausage dog puppies

Sausage dog maternity newborn photo shoot

Sausage dog newborn shoot

Professional puppy photo shoot

Dachshund puppy photos

Dachshund puppy newborn photo shoot

Puppy newborn photo shoot

Newborn puppy photo shoot

Dachshund newborn pup photos

She follows in the paw-steps of photographer Vicki Miller, who also snapped maternity and newborn photos of her dachshunds.

(Images: Laura Shockley Photography)

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