19 kooky crafts and treats for Halloween

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Halloween crafts: mummy pumpkin

Trick or treat! We’ve rounded up the kookiest crafts and freakiest food ideas for Halloween. So grab yourself a pumpkin and a hot glue gun – even if you’ve never celebrated Halloween before, these ideas are sure to get you inspired! (via bhg)

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Pumpkin parcels

Halloween craft: tissue paper pumpkins

Tissue paper and florist’s tape make sweet treat pouches. (via Martha Stewart)

Pop that piñata

Halloween crafts: pop the pumpkin

Simple fun: POP goes the pumpkin! (via Martha Stewart)

Skeleton supper

Halloween crafts: pasta skeletons

The arm bone’s connected to the … pasta bone? (via Martha Stewart)

Travelling treats

Halloween crafts: witches' broom treat bags

Witch’s broom lolly bags. (via Martha Stewart)

Incy wincy ice cube

Halloween craft: spider ice cubes

For squeal-inducing drinks: spider ice cubes. (via Fahrenheit 350)

Under your hat

Halloween treats: witch hat biscuits

The perfect place to hide treats inside: Witch’s hat biscuits. (via BHG)

Fruity thinking

Halloween treats: watermelon brain

Gaaaah! Carved watermelon brain. (via Instructables)

Scrumptious spider webs

Halloween food: spider web pretzels

Spider web pretzels! Click here for the recipe. (via Mom Endeavours)

Here’s looking at you, kid

Halloween food: eyeball cupcakes

Hey good lookin’ … eyeball cupcakes. Click here for the recipe. (via Mid West Living)

Tiny teeth

Halloween crafts: mini vampire pumpkins

Mini pumpkins + vampire teeth = cute and scary all at the same time! (via Craftspiration)

Bats at the door

Halloween crafts: bat wreath

Why save all the fun festive for Christmas? Get instructions for making this bat wreath here. (via Eighteen 25)

Candy cuddles

Halloween crafts: chocolate bar wrappers
Cute for lunch boxes: Halloween wrappers. (via Woman’s Day)

Spook juice

Halloween craft: mummy juice bottles

Hilarious idea. Tissue-wrapped juice bottles with eyes. (via One Charming Party)

Trick or treat treasures

Halloween craft: trick (toilet paper pumpkin) or treat (ghost lollipops)

What will it be? Trick (toilet paper pumpkin) or treat (ghost lollipop)? (via One Charming Party)

Skeleton salad

Halloween food: veggie skeleton

The carrot bone’s connected to the … celery bone! (via Feeding Four Little Monkeys)

Mmm… monster

Halloween food: monster cake

Monster cake with cape-pop eyes. (via Makoodle)

Carved creations

Halloween crafts: diorama pumpkin

Fun with figurines: A pumpkin diorama. (via Oh Dee Doh)

A spooky hoot

Halloween crafts: pumpkin owl

Hoot hoot! A very cute owl using sunflower seeds for eyes, ears and feet. (via BHG)

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