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Elf on the Shelf oops I pea'd myself

In need of fresh ideas for Santa’s little helper? Who better to ask for new Elf on the Shelf ideas than mums who have become experts in Elf-antics.

We asked half a million mums for their best Elf on the Shelf ideas, and we were blown away by the creativity (and cheekiness!). Some of the ideas are the work of mere moments, while others take a little more planning, but the impact is so worth it.

Get ready to Pin and bookmark away, because here are 28 new Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Brrr … it’s cold inside

Elf on the Shelf igloo idea

OK, it may not be a white Christmas in Australia – but inside the fridge, it’s super chilly, just like the North Pole! Craft a cute cotton ball igloo and make your elf feel right at home. (via zelebrando)

Dibber dobber Elf

Elf on the Shelf ideas 2020

Hmmm … seems someone needs to tidy their room, because Santa (and the elves) are always watching. (via carlamell)

Reach for the stars

Elf on the Shelf ideas aim high

A life lesson and elf antics all in one. (via bruce.theelfontheshelf)

Sweet surprise

Elf on the Shelf cutlery drawer

Because of course the elf swapped out all the cutlery for chocolates and lollies. And we’re not one bit mad about it! (via elfontheshelfquaratine)

Sit back and relax

Elf on the Shelf Lego lounge

Why should the kids have all the fun with LEGO? (via Jessica Mac Vitie)

Elf on the moon

Elf on the shelf astronaut

Raid the pantry and get creative with foil. (via Casey Downie)

Spell it out

Elf on the Shelf spell it out

Whatever Elf wants to say, no doubt there are enough Matchbox cars to spell it out. (via Fiona Santic)

We got a great big convoy!

Elf on the Shelf pulling toy cars

A sleigh ride with a toy car twist. (via Casey Downie)

Privacy please

Elf on the Shelf poop

Kids seem to love toilet humour, so this one goes down a treat. (via Amanda Bambans)

Merry Grinchmas!

Elf on the Shelf Grinch poop

Keep this one up your sleeve for a naughty day (via Amanda Bambans)

Bubble bath

Elf on the Shelf rice bubbles bath

Bubble bath? How about Rice Bubbles bath! (via Lorna Knorr)

Party time

Elf on the Shelf piñata idea
Everyone wants to have a go at the pinata! (via Amanda Bambans)

Undie tree

Elf on the Shelf underpants

Bringing together old school rhymes and new school tricks. (via Michele Love)

Bath time

Elf on the Shelf bath

Cotton balls and a rubber ducky and Elf is squeaky clean. (via Casey Downie)

Let me out!

Elf on the Shelf Star Wars

Grab their favourite toys and set up a heist. (via Fiona Santic)

Good morning little Elves

Elf on the Shelf toothpaste
There’s no better way to get those pearly whites brushed. (via Michele Love)

Whacky web

Elf on the Shelf Spiderman

A printable Elf mask and string web and it’s the coolest wake-up call ever. (via Joanne Scott)

Chocolate coma

Elf on the Shelf Advent calendar

Oh dear, cheeky Elves eating all of the chocolate (fear not, mum had spare Advent calendars). (via Michele Love)

Snowball fight!

Elf on the Shelf snowball fight

Marshmallow snowballs and a friendly fight. (via Stacey Klish)

Drink up

Elf on the Shelf elf milk

Add a little food colouring to the milk and wait for the breakfast antics. (via Michele Love)

Don’t drink the lemonade!

Elf on the Shelf lemonade
So very cheeky, but oh so funny! (via Amy Schembri)

Treats from the snow

Elf on the Shelf treats from the North Pole

After a particularly good day, get out the treats. (via Emily Burton)


Elf on the Shelf toilet

We know it’s chocolate topping, but the kids won’t! (via Amy Schembri)

Draw me like one of your French girls

Elf on the Shelf Titanic

A little bit naughty, but so very funny. (via Amy Schembri)

Frozen peas

Elf on the shelf peed myself
A bit of patience is needed for this one, but the impact is so worth it. (via Rebecca Willmans)

Off the floor

Elf on the Shelf floor is lava

If your kids are into this game, this one’s a no-brainer.  (via Lauren Munro)

What’s that smell?

Elf on the Shelf fart

What kid doesn’t like a fart joke? (via Arleen Pratt)

Oh Babushka

Elf on the Shelf babushka dolls

Simply hilarious. (via Jess Gidman)

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