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If you’re looking for toys for 18 month olds based on enhancing developmental milestones read on.

Oh, what an active life 18 month olds lead. They can understand lots more of what you say now, and are saying words themselves, which makes simple games, jokes and pretend play lots of fun.

They’ll be able to do basic puzzles and they love copying you – so a doll and a pretend pram will be a huge hit. So now is the perfect time to give them some of those key ‘milestone’ toys for 18 month olds that they’ll use for years to come.

  • Copying Adults
  • Riding, Steering And Pushing Toys
  • Kicking Balls
  • Talking
  • Climbing Steps
  • Building Towers
  • Playing Simple Pretend Game
  • Stacking
  • Hammering
  • Scribbling
  • Running
  • Feeding Themselves

  • Simple Peg Puzzles
  • Toy Stroller
  • Lawn Mower
  • Rocking Horse
  • Ride-Ons

16 best toys for 18 month olds

Here are our top gift ideas for 18 month old boys and girls

A buddy for adventures

Toys for 18 month old: Playette Elephant Harness Buddy

Elephant Buddy Harness ($26.95)

A friendly face that makes outdoor adventures safe and fun for both parent and child. Simply click the straps into place and let the exploring begin! We love that the harness converts into a backpack when the tether tail is removed.

Wheelie good fun

Toys for 18 month old: wishbone balance bike

Wishbone 3 in 1 Recycled Balance Bike ($299)

An award-winning bike that’s built to last. Thanks to its clever design, kids learn to walk, ride and balance all on the same set of wheels. Simply lift the seat and adjust the height as little riders get taller.


Stacks of the good stuff

Toys for 18 month old: Le Toy Van Stacking vegetables

Le Toy Van Stacking Veggies ($36.95)

Here’s a delightful bunch, ripe for the picking. Super cute wooden stacking veggies to mix and match with hand-sewn fabric leaves that are the perfect size for chubby little fingers to grasp.

Fun on all sides

Toys for 18 month old: Le Toy Van Activity cube

Le Toy Van Petilou Petit Activity Cube ($48.95)

There’s something around every corner for curious little creatures to explore. Watch the cogs spin, make music with the xylophone, open doors – a clever introduction to cause and effect.

Peek-a-boo puzzle

Toys for 18 month old: Djeco Anima Basic Wooden Puzzle

Djeco Animal Basic Wooden Puzzle ($19.95)

Peek behind the friendly faces to discover more animals hiding underneath. A bright and playful puzzle for tiny hands to explore. Perfect toys for 18 month old.

Making a splash

Toys for 18 month old: Tiger Tribe Bath Toys

Tiger Tribe Count & Match Splash Cards $24.95)

Make a splash and extend learning to the tub with these beautifully illustrated bath time flash cards.

Beep beep

Toys for 18 month old: Moover Yellow Bus Walker

Moover Yellow Bus Walker ($79.95)

Beep beep, bus coming through! This retro-style walker is a zesty addition to playtime and the perfect place for little ones to pop their toys and take them for a spin.

Stacks of colour

Toys for 18 month old: Rainbow stacking blocks by Tickit

Tickit Rainbow Blocks ($82.40)

Build ’em up and knock ’em down – it’s pretty much the most fun a toddler can have so a great set of wooden blocks is a must.

Skyscraper stacking

Toys for 18 month old: Stacking Blocks

Petit Collage Peek-A-Boo House Stacking Blocks ($59.95)

Stack ’em high, then knock ’em down. Toddlers adore stacking, and it’s a great activity for honing motor skills. These gorgeous stacking blocks also double as houses for the three little wooden friends who live inside.

Say cheese

Toys for 18 month old: Plan Toys My First Camera

PlanToys My First Camera ($18.95)

A wooden toy camera that doubles as a kaleidoscope in disguise. Press the shutter button and look through the lens to see a dreamy world of shapes and colours.

Hey tiger

Toys for 18 month old: Djeco BAby Popi Pop Up

Djeco Baby Popi Pop Up Toy ($32.95)

Watch as the adorable ducks and tiger bob up and down on their concealed springs. This beautiful wooden toy encourages hand-eye coordination as wee ones reach and grasp for the animal’s friendly faces.

Tap-tap toy

Toys for 18 month old: Hip Kids Wooden Hammer Set

Hip Kids Wooden Hammer Set ($39.95)

The classic knock out bench has had a contemporary makeover and it’s completely divine. Tap, tap, tap the hammer and watch the pretty pastel blocks move through the holes.

Little green thumbs

Toys for 18 month old: Toy Lawn Mower

John Deere Toy Lawn Mower ($49.99)

Start them young, we say! Toddlers love copying and imitating so give them their own lifelike mower to help out in the garden. This pretend grass cutter makes sounds but doesn’t need batteries (or petrol!).

Animal alphabet

Toys for 18 month old: Tiger Tribe Flash Cards

Tiger Trige ABC Animal Flash Cards ($19.95)

You can take real pride in developing your cub’s early vocabulary and recognition of the alphabet with these gorgeously illustrated animal alphabet flashcards.


A doll’s delight

Toys for 18 month old: Koko Collective Wicker dolls pramKoko Collective Wicker Dolls Pram ($190)

A true heirloom piece that is as beautiful as it is playful, this rattan beauty is just the right height for toddling toddlers.

A mini-me

Toys for 18 month old: Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls ($89)

So soft and snuggly and exquisitely beautiful, here’s a toddler’s new best friend. With hair that’s brushable, joints that are moveable and a face that’s totally kissable, imaginative play is just a cuddle away.

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