Recall: Brauer Teething Gel

Brauer Teething Gel recall

Brauer Teething Gel 20 g

A batch of Brauer Teething Gel is being recalled due to bacterial contamination.

The affected batch is 809057 with an expiry date of September 2020. This batch has been distributed to pharmacies, health food stores and sold via the internet since 24 October 2018.

Testing has found that some samples from this batch have been contaminated with Burkholderia, a bacteria commonly found in soil, water and the general environment. They are capable of causing infections in healthy hosts, but in particular, affect those with compromised immune systems. These bacteria can be also spread through person-to-person contact.

What are the symptoms of infection?

The initial symptoms of Burkholderia infection may be a low-grade fever, potentially progressing to much more serious conditions, including pneumonia and other lung disorders.

What should you do?

Consumers who use Brauer Teething Gel are advised to check the batch number on the packaging. If it is from batch 809057 you should immediately stop using the product.

Infants have an immature immune system and are therefore more susceptible to infection than healthy adults. In infants who have been treated with the affected gel be alert to the potential signs of Burkholderia infection such as low-grade fever. Seek immediate medical advice if you suspect infection.

You should return affected goods to the place of purchase or contact Brauer customer service to arrange product return and a refund. For further information, call Brauer Customer Service on 1300 308 108.

More information can be found via the TGA.