13 Awkward Santa Photos

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Awkward Santa Photos FI

Over the years, Santa has sat with millions of different children on his knee. It’s not surprising that, just occasionally, things can get a little awkward …

1. Emo Santa

Santa totally accepts and understands your need to rage against society. He also knows which Slipknot CD you really want in your stocking. (Via Funnyjunk)

2. Creepy Mask Santa

At some point someone actually created this mask thinking it was jolly, endearing and not at all like something a serial killer would wear in a horror movie. But this adorable girl doesn’t mind, she clearly appreciates the effort and has chosen to go with the festive flow. (Via Flickr)

3. Sad Santa

It’s ok Santa, we can all feel a little despondent sometimes. We think you do a great job, don’t feel sad. (Via Stumbling Through Kiwiland)

4. Permanently Jolly Santa

Even in the face of absolute chaos and drama, this Santa manages to keep his cool. (Via Imgur)

5. Bling Santa

Did we say awkward? We meant awesome! If Santa ever came down with a cold, A-Team actor and all-round stylish man Mr T would make a very satisfactory replacement. (Via Mentalfloss)

6. Hipster Santa


A Santa for the modern, inner-city times. Why can’t hipster Santa drink pumpkin-spice lattes instead of whiskey, have an Instagram account and prefer subversive street art over tinsel and baubles? #GetWithIt (Via Campaign Brief)

7. Old Timey Santa


So this is what Santa looked like in days-of-yore. Yikes! Thankfully Santa has improved with age as we’re not sure we’d want this guy creeping round our house. (via Pinterest)

8. Enraging Santa

We’re not quite sure what Santa did to fill this little one with such distrust and rage. Perhaps she’s on the naughty list? (Via CNN.com)

9. 80s Santa


Just when you thought Santa couldn’t get any cooler, he brings along his mate ET dressed in a feather boa to meet and greet the kids! ET does have the wide eyes of a hostage victim though so we’re not sure if he’s there by choice. (Via The Daily Mail)

10. Ventriloquist Dummy Santa

We’re fairly sure that as we move around the room, his eyes are following us. (Via Awkward Family Photos)

11. Unnerving Faceless Santa

What’s going on here? Why are there two dark pits of despair where Santa’s eyes should be? (Via Creepy Santa Photos)

12. Hoff Santa

Least. Believable. Santa. Ever.  Those lithe legs and lack of facial hair reveal that it is actually David Hasselhoff in disguise! (via Holy Taco)

13. Over It Santa


We’ve all been there, even Santa. Feeding the reindeer, managing the elves, double-checking his naughty and nice list… so much to do! Even Santa can get a little over it sometimes. (Via The Daily Beast)

And Remember Santa…


We love you. Or Satan. Whoever brings us more presents. We kid! We love you Santa, thank you for making Christmas such a special time. (Via Funny Kids Book)

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