What makes December babies so special

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Characteristics of babies born in December

December babies are a rare breed indeed. In fact, they are rarest, because December is the least common month for babies to be born in Australia. These end-of-year babes also happen to be independent, restless and tend to either be wild and extroverted or the complete opposite!

Another fun fact about bubs born in the 12th month is that they’re more likely to be left-handed and also have the best statistical chance of living to be 100 years old. They’re lovers, not fighters, and while they love being around people, they also cherish having their own space.

These little fire-crackers march to the beat of their own drum and are a whole lot of special wrapped up in a complex little creature.

What science says about December babies

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Born at the end of the year and the start of summer, December babies are some of the rarest beings on earth. In Australia, Christmas Day is the rarest birth date, with the heat more likely to increase the chance of having a premmie December baby. According to one study, the risk of an early birth goes up by almost 30 per cent during a heatwave.

Summer babes also tend to be taller than those born in winter – it may have something to do with all that vitamin D. But it’s not all good news when it comes to vitamin D – with Aussie researchers finding it may actually impact behaviour. Summer babies tend to be a little more temperamental according to scientists. and may have more trouble concentrating.

But here’s one of our favourite December baby traits: they are more optimistic than those born in winter. We love sunny babies!

What astrology says about December babies

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December babies are either Sagittarius (November 23 – 21 December 21) or Capricorn (December 22  – January 19) and each has conflicting characteristics. Sagittarius signs are extroverts who enjoy exploring and travelling, while Capricorn babies are determined creatures.

Those babies born under the Sagittarius sign are constantly on the go, with their independence taking them far and wide. They’ll be rolling and crawling before you know it. They love being surrounded by the people that they love, and everyone around them will be drawn to their friendly and open nature. They’re not big fans of being left on their own, so may need extra cuddles before bed.

They have brilliant imaginations, so don’t be surprised if one of their first friends is an imaginary one! They’re funny and adore making other people laugh, so you may also have a class clown on your hands. They don’t like to conform to what others want (there’s that independent streak) but respond well to logic rather than punishment.

If your tot is born under the Capricorn sign, you’ll have a far less boisterous babe on your hands. They’re not big on crowds, and in stark contrast to Saggitarius December babies, they want to study and don’t like being distracted by the class clown!

Capricorn babies also tend to be stubborn and confident as well as smart and sensitive – they’re a total contrast! They also like consistency and predictability, so bedtime routines are a great idea.

Celebrities born in December

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