17 fun backpacks for little preschoolers

The 17 best toddler backpacks for preschoolers | Mum's Grapevine

Water bottle? Check. Change of clothes? Check. Random treasures collected on the way? Check. When a tot starts daycare or preschool, they also start needing their own ‘school’ bag. And while a backpack as big as Everest looks cute on a little person, it’s not exactly ergonomic.

Enter the toddler backpack. It’s compact, yet roomy. Fun, yet practical, with a special place for that pebble they found next to the bus stop.

Things to look for when buying a toddler backpack

Skip Hop Zoo backpacks

Here are some of the key things to look for when buying a backpack for preschool:

Size: Kindy bags need to be big enough to carry everything wee ones need on a day-to-day basis yet small enough for them to tote from room to room. Keep your kiddo’s height in mind before buying something too big.

Pockets: We all know how handy pockets can be. Look for a backpack that has designated spaces for certain items like pens, drink bottles and snacks. It will save them (and you!) rummaging for stuff at the end of the day.

Ease of use: Kid’s bags get zipped and unzipped numerous times a day. Look for a toddler backpack with easy-grip tags for little ones to open and close with ease.

17 Toddler Backpacks for Preschool

To help you find a bag for preschool, we’ve compiled this handy list of brilliant brands to get you started in your search for the perfect toddler backpack.

Penny Scallan Design

Penny Scallon Designs kids backpacks

Penny Scallon Design Kids Backpacks (from $59.95)

Made from 100% cotton canvas with a water-resistant coating, these beautiful backpacks take anything kindy throws at them and still look fab.

Stuck On You

Stuck On You personalised school backpacks

Stuck on You Kids’ Backpacks & School Bags (from $29.95)

Choose from perfectly plain with kiddo’s name or have a fun design attached. Either way, the soft colours and superb fit are a winning combination for littlies.

Skip Hop

Skip Hop Zoo backpacks

Skip Hop Zoo Backpack ($39.95)

The super-cute range of Zoo Kids’ Backpacks put smiles on dials! Select from a whole menagerie of cheerful critters – rabbit, unicorn, frog, dog, owl and more.

Rex London

Rex London mini backpacks

Rex London Mini Backpack ($32.95)

Perfectly sized for preschoolers, this quirky collection of school backpacks feature padded shoulder straps and easy-grip tags that make opening and closing a breeze.


Milky kids backpacks with wings

Milky Wing Backpack ($39.95)

Get the year off to a flying start with these seriously cool ‘winged’ backpacks from Milky. We love!


MadPax Pint sized backpack

Madpax Pint Mini Backpacks ($55)

Get punk’d with an eye-catching MadPax Backpack. Packed with personality, these funky bags are perfectly sized for mini monsters.

Little Nation

Little Nation school backpacks

Little Nation Backpacks ($49.95)

Designed for school, travel and day-to-day adventures, the Little Nation backpacks are 100% canvas with a water-resistant inside lining. The backpacks feature two large pockets for every day essentials plus a small zip pocket for the treasures they collect along the way.

Hippo Blue

Hippo Blue personalised school backpacks

Hippo Blue Backpacks ($40)

The colour, text and style on these personalised backpacks are totally up to you and your mini-me. So will it be a navy blue dinosaur or coral pink koala backpack?

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston mini backpacks

Cath Kidston Mini Backpacks ($44.95)

Cute as a button, the backpack collection from Cath Kidston oozes vintage charm. A handy name tag inside and a chest strap that can be clipped into place are just some of the features that make these bags sing.

Suck UK

Suck UK ketpack backpack

Suck UK Jetpack Backpack ($79.95)

A backpack like no other. This cool creation will have them flying from the classroom to the playground at the speed of light. Brilliant!

Petit Collage

Petit Collage eco-friendly toddler backpacks

Petit Collage Eco-Friendly Toddler Backpacks ($47)

These eco-friendly backpacks are all about nature, with animals, woodland, dinos, sharks and butterflies printed on 100% cotton canvas.


Upixel junior backpacks

Upixel Junior Backpack ($59.00)

Kiddos turn to backpack designer with the Upixel patented silicone Junior Backpack. Create a pixellated masterpiece by placing the 155 colour pixels in whatever design they desire. Clever!


Sunnylife Kids school backpacks

Sunnylife Kids Backpack ($39.95)

The guys at Sunnylife know how to make things fun. Their kid’s backpacks pop in all the right places and are highly durable for all the activities that come their way.

Stephen Joseph

stephen joseph kids backpack

Stephen Joseph Go-Go Backpacks (from $40.95)

These vibrant backpacks are made from high-quality PVC vinyl for durability and easy-to-clean practicality.

Beatrix NY

Beatrix NY kids school backpacks

Beatrix NY Little Kid Backpacks (from $49.95)

A quirky spin on classic animal favourites. Chubby gorillas, grumpy owls, bemused ladybugs and terrifying dinosaurs all make up a collection kiddies will want by their side.


Tinyme personalised school backpacks

Tinyme Personalised Backpacks (from $32.30)

Taking personalising to a whole new level, the Tinyme backpacks let kids pair their name with their favourite colour and characters. Or recreate your little learner in cartoon form and use that too!


Katmandu Skippet Pack

Katmandu Skippet Pack ($39.98)

Built to withstand the wear and tear of the playground, the kids’ backpacks from Katmandu have large zipper openings for younguns to grab what they need in a flash.

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17 toddler backpacks for preschool | Mum's Grapevine

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