DIY nipple balm for breastfeeding mums

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DIY nipple balm for breastfeeding

Most new mums know just how sensitive and at times painful nipples become while establishing feeding. If you’re keen to soothe sore nipples with a simple, natural balm, we have just the thing.

Clever Mum’s Grapevine Facebook Group member mumma Emma Bolton has come up with her very own soothing nipple balm recipe, which is cheap, lush and easy to make.

DIY soothing nipple balm

Emma says she’s always been interested in making her own lotions for her family and creating her own homemade nipple balm was next on the list.

“A number of reasons lead to me wanting to try doing it (nipple balm) myself, one I’m a crafty kind of person and I need something creative to be doing for my ‘me time’, two is that my eldest and I are both allergic to Lavender and there are so many products on the market that contain it! And finally, if I can make something cheaper than I can buy it then I’m all in!”

Emma says after other mums in her Mum’s Grapevine Group complained of sore, cracked nipples from feeding, she decided to try her hand at nipple balm.

“Now, this took me all of five minutes to make – a little longer to set, and all from easily accessible ingredients! Because it contains coconut oil and the current heat, I’ve been keeping mine in the fridge; it stops it from melting and also adds to the soothing. The little jars I picked up from a local cafe that leaves them out for you to take and recycle, but you could find something similar in a discount store. So far it’s worked a treat!”

Emma says the balm is also great on minor burns like sunburn and chaff. She does recommend washing it off your nipples before breastfeeding however, because it contains essential oils.

DIY nipple balm for breastfeeding mums

DIY Nipple Balm


  • 3tbsp cocoa butter (this can be changed for Shea butter also)
  • 2tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 drops of both Frankincense and wild orange essential oil
  • Chamomile (you can use dried chamomile flowers, essential oil or a chamomile tea bag)
  • (Other options could be Calendula – antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, Jojoba oil – anti-inflammatory, Bergamot – same properties as Calendula, you could also swap coconut oil for Almond oil)

Notes: Frankincense is anti-inflammatory and Immunostimulant, wild orange is Antiseptic, Chamomile is antibacterial, Antifungal and Immunostimulant.


I added all my ingredients to a bowl and simmered over a pan of hot water until the cocoa butter had melted, then funnelled it into my little jars, placed in the fridge they take about an hour to set.

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