11 Mother’s Day gifts for every kind of mum

11 unique Mother's Day gifts from Gifts Australia | Mum's Grapevine

First-time mums, third-time mums, grandmas and aunties – they all deserve the world. Whether it’s a small way of saying thanks or a personalised gift you know they’ll love, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show just how much you care.

To help shower mums with love this Mother’s Day, we’ve consulted the gurus of gift-giving, Gifts Australia, to bring you a beautiful bunch of gifts for every kind of mum.

Happy shopping xx

The spiritual mum

Rose quartz drink bottle

Rose Quartz Crystal Energy Water Bottle ($69)

Make way for good vibes. Known as the stone of pure love, rose quartz aids inner peace and healing. Made from glass, natural rose quartz and stainless steel, these stunning bottles help leave negative energy at the door on the journey to self-love and discovery.

The influencer mum

Selfie ring light

Smart Phone Selfie Ring Light ($20)

Ready, set, pose. Fancy filters be gone thanks to this clever little contraption! Simply clip to the top of a smartphone and watch the 36 LED’s work their magic for the perfect selfie, every time.

The sleep-deprived mum

Music playing sleep mask

Music Playing Sleep Mask ($59)

Naptime will never be the same again. Featuring light block-out fabric, this handy sleep mask plays mum’s favourite tunes as she drifts into sweet slumber.

The Martha Stewart mum

Stephanie Alexander Copper Measuring Cup Set

Stephanie Alexander Copper Measuring Cups ($39)

We love a little kitchen chic. Made from copper, brass and stainless steel these beautiful measuring cups are a must for the mums baking up a storm in the kitchen.

The eco-warrior mum

Gili T Boats Yoga Mat

Gili T Boats Yoga Mat ($129)

Salute the sun and dream of a tropical island miles away. Biodegradable and recyclable, this luscious yoga mat is an ideal gift for lovers of the earth and their practice.

The lunch-on-the go mum

Sunnylife Kasba Summer Picnic Set

Sunnylife Kasbah Summer Picnic Set ($89)

Whether it’s a picnic in the park or a super speedy work lunch, ensure she always snacks in style. Featuring plates, utensils and a cute case to keep them in, this is a fantastic set for grazing with the girls.

The luxe, luxe, luxe mum

Personalised blush tassel keyring

Personalised  Blush Leather Tessel Keyring ($49)

Say bye-bye to lost keys and hello to this seriously stylish keyring tassel. Customise with mum’s name or initials for a personalised gift she’ll treasure every day.

The late-night-snack mum

Cookie & Cream Mug Cake

Cookies & Cream Cake in a Mug ($15)

Make delectable desserts in an instant! Simply follow the ingredients and method listed on the mug and wait for the magic ‘ding’. Enjoy in front of the fire or hiding from the kids in the pantry – we don’t judge.

The oh-so-crafty mum

Cross Stitch Map wall hanging

Cross Stitch Map ($64)

A truly unique way for mum to record her travels. Printed on canvas, the blank world map makes a great base for the colourful and crafty cross-stitching to begin.

The green thumb mum

Stephanie Alexander gardening set

Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set ($39)

This simple set includes a pruner, five plant markers, a pencil and a pair of gloves – All the basics she needs to get her gardening groove on.

The loves-a-laugh mum

Can I Sit On You Lap While You're Pooping?

“Can I Sit On Your Lap While You’re Pooping” ($17)

Actual quotes from an actual toddler. No matter how old the kids are, hilarious reads like this will bring those funny memories flooding back.

For all your gifting needs head to Gifts Australia.

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