LEGO launches new DOTS range and it’s awesome

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LEGO Dots Australia

In utterly bricktastic news LEGO is launching a range that puts a whole new twist on everyone’s favourite mini bricks.

LEGO DOTS are a crafty take on traditional LEGO, that let kids design their own bracelets, decorative pieces like pencil holders, jewellery stands and picture frames. And the best part is they can remodel each piece over and over again.

The range includes 30 ‘mood tiles’ that are like emojis, with facial expressions, activities and more.

New LEGO Dots range

LEGO Dots range

LEGO DOTS creations

LEGO DOTS Bracelets

And while LEGO DOTS are aimed at kids, like most LEGO we’re sure these DIY DOTS will be just as fun for parents.

The LEGO DOTS start at $5.99 for a pack of extra dots, $9.99 for bracelets and $29.99 for picture frames, pencil holders and jewellery stand.

LEGO DOTS are available online from Amazon.

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