What to ask on a child care centre tour

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What to ask on a child care centre tour | Mum's Grapevine

Sending your little one off to child care for the first time is a huge milestone filled with mixed emotions – excitement at a whole new chapter for your family, and the nerves around choosing the right child care centre.

Armed with the right questions, and that all-important mother’s instinct, narrowing down the choice between centres becomes far easier.

42 questions to ask on a child care centre tour

We reached out to the mums in our Facebook groups to tell us the questions they wished they’d asked during their Child Care Centre yours and these are the questions they wish they’d asked.

Policies and procedures

What to ask a child care centre

1. What hours is the centre open?

2. Do you charge hourly or daily fees?

3. Does the centre offer flexible sessions?

4. Do you charge a late pick-up fee?

5. How easy is it to switch days, and how much notice is needed?

6. Does the centre close on public holidays? And do you still charge for these days?

7. What’s the process for reporting injuries?

8. What happens if there’s a lockdown? Are we told?

9. How are allergies managed?

10. What’s the illness policy for children?

11. Do you have a staff illness exclusion policy?

12. How long has the centre been open?

13. What’s the cleaning policy? How often are toys cleaned?

14. What are the room sizes? How many children in each room and what’s the educator to child ratio?

15. What is supplied? Are sunscreen, nappies, teething gel, nappy cream and wipes provided?

16. How often is sun cream applied throughout the day?

17. How do we stay in touch and informed? Is communication via an app or notes sent home?

18. How are conflicts and behavioural issues dealt with?

19. What is the policy for birthdays? Are foods from home allowed?

Staff training

What to ask when touring a child care centre
20. What’s the staff retention like?

21. What’s the average length of employment of senior and support educators?

22. What qualifications do staff have and what training have they undertaken in child safety?


Questions to ask when touring a child care centre

23. Are all meals and snacks supplied?

24. If meals are supplied, what is the food plan, and is there a sample menu to look at?

25. How is breast milk stored?

26. Is baby/infant formula supplied? How is it prepared?

27. Am I able to come in and breastfeed my baby if needed?

28. Am I able to supply my own food for my child?

Learning, fun and care

Questions to ask on a daycare tour

29. What are outside facilities like? How much outdoor time do children get each day?

30. What is the play philosophy and curriculum?

31. How are sad or distressed children comforted?

32. How often are toys rotated and updated?

33. What’s the centre’s reading policy?

34. How much structured and free play do the children get?


Questions about daily routines at daycare

35. How does my child transition into care? Are we able to visit a few times to get them used to the facility and its routines?

36. Is there a daily timetable? Is it available to look at?

37. How often are nappies changed?

38. What are the sleep arrangements? If I put my baby to sleep a certain way (rocking, patting, singing) is this done at the centre?

39. Do I need to supply cot sheets and blankets? If sheets are provided, how often are they washed?

40. How often are babies checked when sleeping?

41. How are parent’s routines and ideals supported? Eg: Baby Led Weaning, gentle parenting.

42. How do you support toilet training?

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42 Questions: What to ask a child care centre | Mum's Grapevine

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