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The 8 best baby monitors with wifi | Mum's Grapevine

For most mums, their smartphones and tablets are never too far from reach. Baby monitors with wifi eliminate the need for lots of extra gadgets and allow parents to keep a watchful eye on baby from anywhere in the world. Perfect if one parent is away from home or if you intend to hit the road with your baby.

Wifi baby monitors are able to transmit both sound and vision to a few different devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers anywhere in the world, as long as there’s an internet connection and the relevant app downloaded. Friends and family can watch bub sleep, play and grow no matter where they are.

For mums and dads who love to stay connected with their babes no matter where they are, there’s now a large range of wifi baby monitors to choose from.

What to look for in a wifi baby monitor

What to look for when buying a baby monitor with wifi

Whether you’re an Apple or Android family, there are lots of choices when it comes to wifi baby monitors, and technology is moving so fast that each new release has even more bells and whistles.

Security: There have been some concerns raised about the security of the mobile video stream of wifi baby monitors, but there are high-security options like password protection to access footage and streams. There are also measures you can take, like making sure you keep your firmware updated.

Display unit: Some wifi baby monitors rely solely on your own phone or tablet to receive footage, and others come with a standalone parent unit.

Optional features:

  • Movement detection/sensors
  • Breathing monitoring
  • Room temperature reading
  • Sleep pattern tracking
  • Covered face alert
  • Rollover alert
  • Danger zone alert
  • Infrared night vision

1. Kodak Cherish

Kodak Cherish Baby Monitor real mum review

Kodak Cherish C252 Smart Baby Monitor ($399)

For such a small camera, this baby monitor has oodles of features. With both WiFi and direct connect monitors, keeping an eye on baby has never been easier. Control the remote pan, tilt and zoom camera from your smart device and record videos or snapshots you can cherish in years to come. Top that with infrared night vision, sound and motion notifications and soothing lullabies and you have one seriously smart baby monitor.

Comes with monitor: Yes
Screen size: 5” widescreen display
Video quality: HD video
Mobile Operating System: iOS and Android
Extras: Smart motion and sound notifications, Cloud and SD recording.

“I was really blown away by the camera quality! So clear and colourful during the day, the night mode was also very high quality and clear which is amazing!” – Dimity

2. Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi-Based Baby Camera

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Wi Fi

Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi-Based Baby Camera ($229)

The baby monitor you get when you’ve got nowhere to put a baby monitor.  The LED lens gives crystal clear night and day vision, as well as 4x digital zoom. The app sends alerts to your phone when bub wakes up, and it’s able to detect if baby is crying because it’s clever enough to tell the difference between ambient noises and your child.

Comes with monitor: No
Video quality: 720p HD
Mobile Operating System: iOS and Android
Extras: Night vision, sound machine, two-way talk, crying detection, 128-degree view.

“We have a lollipop and love it. No dramas when your own wifi it’s really stable. If you are logging in externally (e.g. sneaky check up on babysitting parents) it can sometimes take around 30 seconds to connect if you’re on a different network.
We take ours to my parents all the time, and also on holidays. We love ours, highly recommend!” – Jane

“I really like it. We move the monitor a lot to where we need it at the time and it’s super easy to do that. I also love that it’s an app on my phone and we don’t need a separate handset. We are going on an overseas holiday next year and plan to take it with us. Plays music, you can talk to bub through it etc.” – Jessica

3. VTech RM5762 Video Baby Monitor

VTech RM5762 Baby Monitor Review

VTech RM5762 Video Baby Monitor ($329)

Get live remote access with the free VTech app so you can see and hear bub from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. You’re also able to pan and tilt the camera using your device and video transmissions are secure and encrypted.

Comes with monitor: Yes
Screen size: 5″
Video quality: 1080p HD
Mobile Operating System: iOS and Android
Extras: Temperature sensor, soothing sounds and lullabies, local and remote two-way talkback, sound activation mode.

“The feature I like best is remote access. Being able to see my son anywhere I have internet access was a godsend! He makes me smile. You can also move it and zoom remotely. I love it!” – Vania

4. Arlo BabyNetgear Arlo Baby monitor

Arlo Baby ($295)

With a high-definition video camera, night light and two-way talk the cute Arlo Baby is packed with features. It also has Instant Smart Alerts which send your smartphone notifications about motion, sound and air quality.

Comes with monitor: No
Video quality: 1080p HD
Mobile Operating System: iOS and Android
Extras: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, two-way talk, advanced night vision, Instant Smart Alerts, music player, humidity and air sensors.

“We have been using an Arlo Baby for our first for about a year now and will get a second monitor for this bub too, love it!” – Jessica

5. Cubo AI Baby Monitor

Cubo AI Baby Monitor

Cubo AI Baby Monitor ($329)

A super-smart baby monitor that happens to be adorable to boot, the Cubo uses AI technology to detect if baby’s mouth and nose are covered or if baby has rolled over. You’re also able to define a danger zone area, and Cubo will alert you if bub ends up outside of the safe area.

Comes with monitor: No
Video quality: 1080p HD
Mobile Operating System: iOS and Android
Extras: Night vision, auto photo capture, cry detection, two-way Audio, temperature and humidity alert, digital zoom.

“I just want to share and recommend this amazing baby monitor! We have bought Cubo AI Smart Monitor last week and in just three days we have received it. It will notify you if the baby is crying and if the face is covered. I did set it up in our living room just to check and it really works. This is really amazing!” – Elle

6. Owlet Cam Baby Monitor

Owlet Cam

Owlet Cam Baby Monitor ($279.99)

Live stream baby’s every move from anywhere using the Owlet Cam, over a secure, encrypted wifi connection. It also has a clever feature that allows audio from bub’s room to play in the background while you continue to use your phone.

Comes with monitor: No
Video quality: 1080p HD
Mobile Operating System: iOS and Android
Extras: Night vision, two-way audio, room temperature sensor, background audio.

“We’ve got two for our twins who are nearly two weeks old. It is the best money we’ve spent on anything baby related.” – Toni

7. Project Nursery 720p Pan/Tilt Camera

Project Nursery 720p wifi baby monitor

Project Nursery 720p Pan/Tilt Camera ($108.43)

With remote pan, tilt and zoom this clever camera helps you keep a close eye on wriggly babes. It also has auto-recording capability to capture events you’ve missed.

Comes with monitor: No
Video quality: 720p HD
Mobile Operating System: iOS and Android
Extras: Temperature sensor, push notifications for sound, motion and temperature alerts, record video and take photos, infrared night vision, two-way communication.

“We chose the Project Nursery wifi model as my hubby goes away a lot with work so he can use the app and I can use the parent module at home.” – Rachel

8. iBaby Monitor

iBaby wifi baby monitor

iBaby Monitor M6 ($299.95)

If you love your iDevices then this is the baby monitor for you. You can connect this camera to your iPhone or iPad and watch your baby while they sleep. It has features like a regular monitor including two-way parent talkback and it also plays lullabies. Love to show off on social media? You can load any cute pictures straight from the iBaby on to your Facebook.

Comes with monitor: No
Resolution: 720p HD
Mobile Operating System: iOS and Android
Extras: Remote pan and tilt from your phone, night vision, music player, smart alerts for motion and sound, privacy mode to restrict access of all users.

“I have the iBaby! Best monitor yet. It connects to your phone, has video monitoring, a music playlist included, white noise, stories, temperature, air quality and so many other features! Best part is that hubby can connect onto the camera when he’s at work too and speak to bubs.” – Diana

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