5 healthy breakfast ideas for pregnancy

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blueberry and oat smoothie

It’s not uncommon to experience morning sickness throughout pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. Morning sickness involves symptoms such as nausea and vomiting and can make it difficult when it comes to mealtimes.

Whether you have no appetite or are feeling put off at the thought of food, eating may be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s important to try and get some food into you, in order to keep your strength up and support your body during this time.

Healthy breakfast ideas for pregnancy and morning sickness | Mum's Grapevine

It has been said that eating small meals throughout the day and avoiding an empty stomach can be beneficial to prevent morning sickness. As breakfast is had after a prolonged time of sleeping and not eating, it makes it even more important to try and get some food in upon waking. You know what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day.

When you are experiencing morning sickness, it’s recommended that you keep it simple. Often, choosing plain or bland foods are the best options when it comes to being able to stomach something.


Toast toppers to ease morning sickness

If all else fails, a slice of sourdough toast with butter can be a good option. If you’re feeling up to something a little more flavoursome and filling, you can have your toast with your choice of nut butter, hummus, or some avocado. Plain French toast is also a good one if you’re able to stomach it, as it is still relatively plain but will make for a more filling meal. Try this toast topper, which is a favourite amongst the 28 community.

You’d be surprised by all of the breakfast foods that you can make plainer and easy to stomach. A few other suggestions include:

Porridge or overnight oats

porridge 3-ways

You can keep this simple and hold back on all the usual toppings if you’re not feeling up to it. Simply use rolled oats, your choice of milk and a pinch of cinnamon for a filling breakfast. Here’s an easy porridge recipe with 3 different topping options.

Granola or muesli

Tahini granola recipe

The great thing about these is that you can snack on them dry if you don’t feel like you can stomach yoghurt or milk – it also makes a great snack in this way. It only takes a few pantry staples to make this delicious Tahini granola.


Banana berry pancakes

If you’re wanting to change it up, but still have something on the drier side, then pancakes could be a great option to try. Without their toppings, pancakes can be plain and easier to get down if you’re feeling nauseous. Check out this recipe for some delicious Banana Berry Pancakes.


blueberry and oat smoothie

Trusty smoothies are always a good option, especially if you feel like something liquid rather than a heavy meal. Try to keep it relatively plain and avoid intense flavours to prevent triggering your morning sickness. You may like to give this Brekkie to Go Smoothie a try.

Be gentle with yourself and eat when you can, what you can. Nutrition throughout pregnancy is so important, but even more important is ensuring you get enough food to fuel you and keep your strength up.


Shahna Sarpi is a qualified nutritionist that is passionate about helping people live a nourished life through healthy eating and lifestyle practices. Utilising a whole foods approach to nutrition, Shahna aims to educate and inspire people to become their healthiest selves. For more information, visit 28 by Sam Wood

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