2020 best birth photos announced

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Best Birth Photography 2020

Serene, powerful and emotional, the best birth photos from across the globe have been crowned for 2020. For any mum, these incredible images will bring you right back to the moment you became a mother.

The Birth Becomes Her Image Review attracted hundreds of entries, with this year’s event taking a whole new approach. A panel of judges blindly graded each image based on a strict criteria of lighting, storytelling, composition, focus, editing, sense of scene, overall artistic impression, and respect for the vulnerability of birth.

The images were then ranked into just 10 winners. Birth Becomes Her founders Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason said, “We hope that this image review, and the feedback that every single image will receive, can give birth professionals the space to continue normalising birth and celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and beauty in every birth space in the world.”

Here are the best 10 birth photos for 2020, including judge’s comments.

Top Ten Birth Photography Images 2020

Neo Photography

“We need to see more c-section images that capture the emotion and beauty of cesarean birth … and this image nailed it. The lighting on her face is perfection, highlighting her sense of joy and relief and pain with the tear being front and centre. The emotion, the colours, the power, it’s ALL here in one photo. Beautiful work!”

via Neo Photography

Your Story birth photography

“This takes me back to my own birth and I can FEEL this moment so deep within me. Honestly, rarely, in this specific moment do I pause to think, let me change from horizontal to vertical shooting, but you had that brilliant idea and documented SO MUCH in such a simple and clean photo.”

via Your Story

Sophia Birth Photography

“Such a spectacular capture of a breathtaking moment. Not only are we seeing impeccably sharp focus, perfect tones and clean editing that speaks to the simple innocence being told in the story, it’s obvious the artist was in the right place at the right time. We absolutely love this for its simplicity, perspective, and storytelling. Speechless!”

via Sophia Birth

Dana Jacobs Photography

“This feels artistic and just plain beautiful. The 70mm lens really makes the mother and the kids stand out so they don’t feel lost, and the image could still be captured without intruding in this incredible moment. The frame conveys so much emotion and I love everyone’s expression and the wonderful edit; perfect contrast and sharp, clean tones in this black and white conversion.”

via Dana Jacobs Photography

Tinette Turton Photography

“This image offers beautiful tones and skilful composition, a true work of art! There is a sense of calm and peace, and the artist tells the story of a gorgeous and strong birthing person, surrounded by love, the centre of which the new baby taking that first gasp of air. Absolute magic and incredible talent here used in lighting and editing.”

via Tinette Turton Photography

Hannah Palamara Birth Photography

“What a beautiful and profound moment; the artist here was thoughtful in including a lot of relevant detail, from the placenta in the bowl to the shoulder tape on the birthing person’s partner. The way the birth tub forms a circle leading to their intimate moment is pure perfection.”

via Hannah Palmara Birth Photography

Robin Weir Photography

“The light is perfect and you can feel the connection between the mother and the baby right away. The colours, tones and edits are great, but even better are their expressions and the details. This makes me pause and study the image, and remember that first moment that I laid eyes on my children.”

via Robin Weir Photography

Alexandria Mooney Photography

“The composition and framing are just out of this world. Different layers create so much depth here, and gifts abound for the viewer that stays and searches the image. A sibling, a partner, the doctor, all surrounding this baby so perfectly illuminated by the lighting and framing.”

via Alexandria Mooney Photography

Kayla Reeder Photography

“The choice of black/white is perfect for an image that is so clearly loaded with the unknown; nervousness, tension, and excitement. I love the use of lighting here and the way that the hallways naturally leads the viewer straight into the subject.”

via Kayla Reeder Photography

Little Plum Photography

“Beautifully done. I love the sense of peace and serenity here, even the new baby seems to be saying ‘I’m right where I belong’. The way the light frames her face is absolute magic, and the entire story is told so beautifully here without any intrusion on what is clearly a very special moment for these two. GORGEOUS!”

via Little Plum Photography

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