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There are many wonderful milestones for baby to reach in those first few months of being home. And learning how to wriggle and roll is one of them. With all that movement and new-found confidence, having the reassurance that wiggle-bums are safe and secure while settling to sleep is something parents cherish.

The Cubo Ai Baby Monitor was a crowdfunding wonder that’s now become one of the smartest baby monitors around. Not only does it let you know if baby’s face is covered, but it also has cry detection, crystal clear night vision and automatically captures photos of your sleeping (or waking) beauty. It’s so smart it even knows when your angel is smiling and snaps a pic.

Cubo AI smart baby monitor

The adorable watchful bird also has a danger zone alert. Just define a motion-sensing alert zone through the Cubo app, and if bub has a leg stuck in the cot spindles or has ventured off to where they shouldn’t, you’ll be alerted.

The app also allows you to keep an eye on slumbering sweethearts or chat to waking bubs wherever you are.

Cubo Free Standing Baby Monitor

The Cubo grows along with your baby – it comes with three different stands – a cot stand for the newborn stage, a floor stand once bub is wriggling around and a mobile stand that can be used in other rooms.

Cubo Ai features:

  • Covered face and rollover alert
  • Danger zone alert
  • Night vision
  • Cry detection alert
  • Temperature and humidity detection
  • Automatic photo capture
  • Moments wall
  • 18-hour playback
  • 3 stands to turn your baby monitor camera into a toddler camera in seconds

The Cubo Ai Baby Monitor ($374) is available in Australia via Amazon.

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