13 DIY Mother’s Day card ideas to make

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13 DIY Mother's Day card ideas

A homemade Mother’s Day card filled with sentiment and sweetness is enough to make any mum feel all warm and fussy inside. Whether the kiddies are making a card for granny or crafting something special for mum in secret, we’ve gathered a few ideas to get their creative juices flowing.

Here are 13 DIY Mother’s Day cards for the kids to make at home.

1. Say it with washi tape

DIY Mother's Day card idea: washi tape

Aaahh…washi tape, how we love you so. These tiny rolls of tape transform a plain piece of card into a colourful delight for mum to open on her special day. (via Pinterest)

2. Make a letters of love

DIY Mother's Day card idea: letter folded card

There’s no doubt that these adorable origami letters will take a little time (and patience!) but the finished product is totally worth it. Promise. (via Zakka Life)

3. You’re bloomin’ lovely

DIY Mother's Day card idea: flower string

With a basic flower template, little ones can create a magical Mother’s Day card using colourful string. Be sure to supervise at all times if sewing needles and tiny hands are involved. (via Hello Wonderful)

4. Pretty pop-up

DIY Mother's Day card idea: cutouts

Because nothing says ‘I love you’ like a pop-up card that says ‘I love you’. Pretty simple, really. (via One Dog Woof)

5. Too cute tulips

DIY Mother's Day card idea: Paper flowers

A cute little craft project that takes no time at all. Grab some pink, green and brown card, a few pipe cleaners and a glue stick and this Mother’s Day card is good to go! (via here)

6. Mum and baby bear

DIY Mother's Day card idea: koala and baby

We love this cuddly koala and her bubba joey. A modern Mother’s Day card sure to make mum go nnaaawwww. (via Mad In Crafts)

7. Bright beauty

DIY Mother's Day card idea: cupcake pattie flowers

A handmade Mother’s Day card using a few bits and bobs found in cupboards around the house. You’ll need cupcake wrappers, buttons and a few sheets of card to recreate this number. (via The Best Ideas for Kids)

8. A lovely shower

DIY Mother's Day card idea: showering hearts

The only kind of rain we actually enjoy. A showering a love hearts just in time for Mother’s Day. (via I Heart Crafty Things)

9. Brew-tiful

DIY Mother's Day card idea: secret messages

For caffeine lovers everywhere, this coffee cup Mother’s Day card is for you. Simply untie the string to reveal a beautiful message written inside. (via I Heart Crafty Things)

10. A beautiful bouquet

DIY Mother's Day card idea: paper flower posie

Draw hearts big and small on red, pink and purple paper for kiddos to cut out. They then decorate each heart with pretty doodles before sticking them together to form a bouquet. Beautiful!  (via Make and Takes)

11. Buttons for days

DIY Mother's Day card idea: button flowers

Put that draw of random buttons to use with this wonderful flower button card. It’s an easy peasy make for kids of all ages and it’ll look pretty on the mantle piece too! (via The Best Ideas for Kids)

12. Perfect pom poms

DIY Mother's Day card idea: pom pom animals

In our eyes, pom poms can do no wrong. These creative souls use the tiny balls of fluff as bodies for animal mummies and their babies. Too cute! (via Design for Soul)

13. Bursting with love

DIY Mother's Day card idea: string hearts

For a homemade Mother’s Day card bursting with love, look no further. Kiddos use a single piece of string to thread through the outline of a love heart. Simple yet effective and totally sweet. (via Hello Wonderful)

13 DIY Mother's Day card ideas to make at home | Mum's Grapevine

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