23 egg carton crafts that are easy as can be

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Egg carton ladybirds

Transforming everyday objects into a masterpiece with our mini-me is one of life’s simple pleasures. And if the crafting keeps those fidgety fingers busy for a few hours, we’re all in.

To prove that you don’t need an entire cupboard filled with glitter and glue sticks to get your crafty kicks, we’ve found stacks of easy projects using the ever-so-humble egg carton.

From fun animal scenes to seriously cool monsters and dragons, here are 23 egg carton crafts for kids to make at home.

23 Easy Egg Carton Crafts for Kids

1. Waddle this way

Egg carton penguins

Bring the icy artic indoors with your very own waddle of penguins, complete with googly eyes for cuteness, of course! (via One Little Project)

2. Vroom vroom

Egg carton vehicles

Nee Naw, Nee Naw! Whether they’re totally digging diggers or forever chasing firetrucks, they’ll love re-creating their favourite vehicles, miniature style. (via Wonderbly)

3. Eye see you!

Egg carton monsters

Super sharp teeth, crazy big eyes and lizard-like tongues, these egg carton monsters are made for mini scares. (via The Craft Train)

4. Easter egg time

Egg carton Easter wreath

A different kind of Easter egg, but still totally sweet. We can’t get enough of this beautifully bright homemade Easter wreath. (via Our Potluck Family)

5. What a catch

Egg carton fish

The easiest catch they’ll ever make! Colour each egg cup a different shade of green, add eyes and a tail, and hey presto! (via Ekodziecko)

6. Not-so-fancy flowers

Egg carton flowers

Flowers can still look fancy and fresh without the flashy price tag. Just take a look at this bouquet of beautiful blooms! (via The Best Ideas for Kids)

7. Decorated dragon

Egg carton dragon

Pipe cleaners, sequins and googly eyes – this fire-breathing dragon makes raiding the craft cupboard totally worth it! (via I Heart Crafty Things)

8. Licking lizard

Egg carton lizard

Making this egg carton lizard involves a simple game of stacking. Alternate different colours of cardboard to create a colour changing body. So cool! (via Patchwork Parent)

9. To the chopper

Egg carton helicopters

Red, yellow, blue and green. Create a rainbow fleet of choppers lining up for take-off! (via The Craft Train)

10. Say cheese

Egg carton mice

Apparently we’re not the only ones who love a bitey cheddar. These egg carton mice are a fun project for the whole family to get involved in. (via Patchwork Parent)

11. Tiny turtles

Egg carton turtles

It doesn’t get much cute than teeny tiny turtles heading out to the sea. You’ll need green cardboard, pom poms and googly eyes – simple! (via Emma Owl)

12. Time for tea

Egg carton tea cup card

A nice cup of tea can feel like a hug in a mug. These egg carton tea cards are a thoughtful gift that takes no time at all. (via In The Playroom)

13. A whale of a time

Egg carton whales

Create an underwater world made completely of cardboard and these egg carton whales can be the stars of the show. (via I Heart Crafty Things).

14. Making mermaids

Egg carton mermaids

Fans of The Little Mermaid will love making this trio of beauties. (via Art Campla)

15. Cheep Cheep

Egg carton spring chicks

A great little project for Easter, this colourful egg carton idea is simply adorable. (via Typically Simple)

16. Cardboard crystals

Egg carton geodes

Who knew you could get so creative with egg cartons? Budding scientists behold – ggg carton geodes! You’ll need Epsom salts and a few bottles of food colouring to recreate this egg-cellent experiment. (via Family & Craft Online)

17. Easter bunny buddies

Egg carton Easter bunny

Pint-sized and the perfect place to pop their Easter loot. These egg carton bunnies make a delightful addition to the day’s celebrations. (via The Best Ideas for Kids)

18. Fishing fun

Egg carton goldfish

Those eyes! The tail! That mouth! We love every inch of this egg carton goldfish. (via The Craft Train)

19. Red rooster

Egg carton chickens

These cute little chickens are a quick craft for the kids to dive into, plus they double up as egg cups too. Brilliant! (via Red Ted Art)

20. Play prince and princess

Egg carton crown

And just like that, she was crowned Queen of Egg Carton Kingdom! (via Eze Breezy)

21. They won’t beeee bored

Bumble bee egg carton craft

Recycle those egg cartons and create your very own (sting-free!) bee colony. (via Buggy & Buddy)

22. An apple a day

Egg carton apple craft

Teach them about healthy eating habits all while having a good dose of fun with these easy egg carton apples. (via Non Toy Gifts)

23. Little ladybirds

Egg carton ladybirds

We seriously can’t get over the cuteness of these lovable little creatures. Make backyard scavenger hunts even better with a few ladybirds lurking between the trees. (via One Little Project)

23 Easy Egg Carton Crafts for Kids | Mum's Grapevine

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