Q&A: Is it ok to ask my midwife to take birth photos?

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Getting to relive a beautiful birth through photos is truly magical. But if you’re not keen on forking out for a professional birth photographer is it ok to ask your midwife to take birth photos for you?

Mum’s Grapevine expert, midwife Edwina Sharrock says some midwives will happily oblige, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get the photos you want.

Did anyone ask a midwife to take birth photos for them? Is that allowed – like during the process?

Paula, Mum's Grapevine Group Member

It really depends on your birth and who else is in the room. For a standard delivery, there are usually two midwives in the room. Both of these midwives have a responsibility and things that need to be done in a very timely manner.

Midwife one is focused on the mother and midwife two is focused on the baby. This means if mother or bub are needing attention this will be their priority and they may miss a shot you might want.

I, as a midwife, am always happy to be asked to take birth photos (as I love doing it, and think it is something precious for the mum and her support person to have). However, not all midwives will be the same.

If you are having a midwife take birth photos for you, make sure you talk about what you do and don’t want. And remember to show them how to use your camera or phone.

There are no rules, so to speak on this. Just what you feel comfortable with. If you have a student in the room, they are great to ask as they are usually just observing anyway.

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