Better bedtimes with Oricom Sleep Trainer Clock

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Oricom sleep trainer clock

Sleep is a precious thing for both you and your tot. But even though we know how great it is, sometimes our little ones have a tough time figuring out when to sleep and for how long. And when they’re still years away from learning to tell time, it’s hard to explain what bedtime means.

That’s where the Oricom Sleep Trainer Clock comes in. It makes teaching your toddler about when to sleep and wake easy. And it will have the whole family catching zzz’s in no time.

Oricom sleep trainer clock

The trick is the simple day/night display. The backlit clock face shines orange for daytime and features a happy smiling sun. With a flick of a switch, you can change it to a cool blue nighttime display, complete with sleepy moon.

Before you go to bed you can set the clock to ‘wake up’ at the time you’d like your day to start. The display will automatically change back to daytime when the time ticks over. So, if your munchkin comes knocking at your door in the wee hours, you can make it quite clear that they need to stay in bed until they see the sun screen. If it’s the blue moon, it’s certainly still time to sleep!

Oricom sleep trainer clock

With a bit of practice (and some gentle but firm encouragement from mum and dad), your sleepy bunny will soon be snoozing the whole night through. It even comes with lockable buttons so no sneaky little fingers can’t change the display. And on the off chance you have an over sleeper, the clock also comes with an alarm function that plays a sound when the clock changes from night to daytime modes.

With seven levels of adjustable brightness and cute-as-a-button bunny ears, the Oricom Sleep Trainer Clock is the perfect addition to any nursery.

The Oricom Sleep Trainer Clock is available from Oricom ($39.95).

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