20 baby blankets for super soft snuggles

The best baby blankets for 2020 | Mum's Grapevine

Keeping baby snug as a bug during the night goes a long way towards a better sleep (for them and for you). And as the winter months roll in, there’s no better time to invest in a cozy baby blanket for cuties to cuddle into.

Soft enough to sleep with yet light enough to take on their travels, a baby blanket needs to provide snuggle bunnies with the ultimate comfort while being lightweight and breathable for when the nighttime wriggles begin.

What to look for when buying a blanket for baby

The best baby blankets for 2020 | Mum's Grapevine

Breathability: A baby blanket needs to be breathable to ensure a night of safe sleep. To test, simply hold the blanket next to a fan and if you can feel the breeze through the blanket, the material is breathable.

Comfort: Comfort is key. Ensure the material is soft enough for baby’s delicate and sensitive skin, and that no harsh chemicals have been used in the manufacturing process.

Size: As well as keeping baby warm they make fantastic play mats, sunshades and nursery decoration. Think about the size and uses you’d like the baby blanket to have before purchasing.

Design: As lovely as tassels and ribbons are, they are not considered safe for sleeping. Try to stick to a simple design until bub is a little older.

Washability: Like all things a baby needs and uses, the baby blanket may get a little messy. Look for a material that is machine washable and one that dries quickly – the sooner bub is reunited with their blankie the better.

20 baby blankets for super soft snuggles

To help you find the best blanket for your baby we’ve compiled this handy list of brands to get you started in your search. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Purebaby

Best baby blankets: Purebaby Organic Cotton Blankets

Purebaby Organic Cotton Blankets (from $49.95)

The organic cotton baby blankets from Purebaby are perfect for sleep, play and out and about in the pram. Buttery-soft, the gorgeous range features cable knits and cotton-wool blends, all incredibly gentle on newborn skin.

2. Halcyon Nights

Best baby blankets: Halcyon Nights Fluffy Knit Blankets

Halcyon Nights Fluffy Knit Blankets (from $89)

Bold, cute and quirky – we’d expect nothing less from the talented team at Halcyon Nights. Their blankets are available in six different designs, all with adorable babywear and accessories to match. More than something for bubba to snuggle into, they’re a stunning statement piece for the nursery too.

3. Nana Huchy

Best baby blankets: Nana Huchy

Nana Huchy Baby Blankets (from $89)

The ideal bedtime buddy for little lovebugs, these blankets are designed in Melbourne and feel fabulous on baby’s delicate skin. Made from 100% Oetek-tex approved cotton (signifying quality cotton manufacturing), they’re soft, durable and made to last. Take them from the cot to the couch and back again, then pop in the wash as needed.

4. David Fussenegger

Best baby blankets: David Fussenegger blankets

David Fussenegger Baby Blankets (from $64.99)

Designed and made in Austria, these generous blankets come in a bassinet, cot and single bed size. The organic cotton and cotton/bamboo blends provide lots of extra warmth for cutie pies, plus there’s a wonderful array of colours and adorable motifs to choose from. A truly special gift for baby.

5. Uimi

Best baby blankets: Uimi

Uimi Baby Blankets (from $139)

Proudly manufactured in-house, the beautiful blankets from Uimi are made from natural and sustainable fibres to keep little bodies snug. Lush to touch, the Egyptian cotton and Merino wool have ideal properties for keeping little lambs covered from the cold.

6. Hexi

Best baby blankets: Hexi personalised blankets

Hexi Baby Blankets (from $69.90)

Soft, snuggly and oh-so-warm, the personalised baby blankets from Hexi make a wonderful gift for boys and girls of all ages. Made from 100% cotton, each blanket is knitted to order to ensure they’re a treasured keepsake for years to come.

7. Goldie + Ace

Best baby blankets: Goldie + Ace Sunrise Knit Baby Blankets

Goldie + Ace Sunrise Knit Baby Blankets ($129.95)

A divine throwback to times gone by, the Sunrise Knit blankets from Goldie & Ace are what retro dreams are made of. A comfy companion for siestas in the sun and a blissful night’s sleep, these coloured comforts can go from the pram straight to their pillow. We love!

8. Branberry

Best baby blankets: Branberry

Branberry Baby Blankets (from $149)

Ethically made in Ballarat from the finest natural fibres, Branberry has an exquisite range of blankets for babies and kids. From comfy cable knits and classic herringbone patterns to personalised name blankets that make the perfect gift – there’s a dreamy blanket to suit every snuggle bunny.

9. Marmalade Lion

Best baby blankets: Marmalade Lion

Marmalade Lion Baby Blankets ($79)

Known and loved for their beautiful hand-illustrated designs, the baby blankets from Marmalade Lion are a whimsy addition to sleepy time. Made from a luxurious textured Tencel® knitted fabric, the blankets are breathable with moisture management properties to aid restful sleep for tired tots.

10. di Lusso Living

Best baby blankets: Di Lusso Living Baby Blankets

di Lusso Living Baby Blankets (from $69.95)

Featuring fun confetti bubbles, these quirky baby blankets are seriously cute and ever so cuddle-worthy. Australian designed and made from pure, premium cotton, the super-soft blankets from di Lusso Living are perfect for precious bubbas to bundle up in.

11. Namely Co

Best baby blankets: Namely Co Personalised Knitted Baby Blankets

Namely Co Personalised Knitted Baby Blankets (from $92)

Made from 100% organic cotton, the dreamy collection from Namely Co is something for little ones to treasure. Whether it be sight-seeing in the pram or going bye-byes in their bassinet, the blankets cocoon little ones in comfort while keeping them cosy and warm.

12. Henry & Grace

Best baby blankets: Henry & Grace Merino Baby Blankets

Henry & Grace Merino Baby Blankets ($137.50)

Luxuriously soft, the baby blankets from Henry & Grace are made from 100% Merino wool sourced from their own sustainable farm in Gostwyck NSW. Perfect for all seasons, the pure merino helps baby bears sleep better and longer without getting too hot or too cold. It’s always just right for night-night.

13. Heirloom Cashmere

Best baby blankets: Heirloom Cashmere Baby Blankets

Heirloom Cashmere Baby Blankets ($145)

Ethically handmade in the Himalayas, the baby blankets from Heirloom Cashmere are lusciously soft against baby’s delicate skin. Available in a classic cable knit and heritage plain knit, the cashmere blankets have temperature regulating properties that keep little lambs covered and warm from dusk till dawn.

14. Homely Creatures

Best baby blankets: Homely Creatures Knitted 'Oh Baby' Blankets

Homely Creatures Knitted ‘Oh Baby’ Blankets ($59.95)

Made with a lot of love by artisans in Bolivia, the adorable ‘oh baby’ blankets from Homely Creatures keep kiddies looking cooler than cool while staying toasty and warm. Knitted from 100% alpaca wool, the blankets are velvety soft with hypoallergenic properties for bub’s fresh, young skin.

15. Merino Mana Australia

Best baby blankets: Merino Mama Australia

Merino Wool Baby Blankets (from $135)

Crafted using the finest quality merino wool, the baby blankets from Merino Mana Australia keep wee ones warm from top to toe. As soft as they are snuggly, the blankets have temperature regulating properties that ensure baby stays cosy during the colder months and cool in the summer.

16. Jujo Baby

Baby Blankets: Jujo

Jujo Baby Shwraps (from $79.95)

Combining the best of both worlds with their very clever Shwrap, Jujo Baby bring us a luxury-feel blanket with sleeves. For babies who like to squirm their way out of being swaddled, the Shwrap is an ideal way to cover little loves while keeping their arms completely free to move. Suitable for newborn up to 12 months.

17. Luna Niños

Best baby blankets: Luna Niños Cotton Blankets

Luna Niños Cotton Blankets (from $80)

Made in Victoria, the range of baby blankets from Luna Ninos are soft, plush and incredibly durable. Featuring gorgeous graphics, the ethically grown fibres are a dream to nuzzle into when it’s time to hit the hay. Designed to wash and wear, they can be passed down and enjoyed for many years to come.

18. Little Turtle Baby

Best baby blankets: Little Turtle Baby Organic Cotton Knitted Blankets

Little Turtle Baby Organic Cotton Blankets ($69.95)

The organic cotton baby blankets from Little Turtle Baby are made from the finest cotton yarns to keep bubs snug wherever they go. Whether it be for dozing in the cot or adventures in the pram, they’re an ideal cover-up for kids big and small. Available in five different colours.

19. Seed Heritage

Best baby blankets: Seed Heritage Textured Knitted Blanket

Seed Heritage Textured Knitted Blanket ($79.95)

Crafted from a lightweight blend, the range from Seed Heritage are perfect for swaddling at home or wrapping baby up when out and about. The textured knit is soft and super-gentle, just how little love bugs like it.

20. Pappe

Best baby blankets: Pappe Ottley Twill Blanket

Pappe Otley Twill Blankets ($119.95)

Fusing beautiful design with functionality, Pappe brightens up the dullest of days. Available in two contemporary styles, the twill-woven cotton feels incredibly soft and gives tiny bodies that little extra warmth in winter.

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The 20 best baby blankets | Mum's Grapevine

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