16 natural baby skincare brands for little bodies

14 Natural and Organic Baby Skincare Brands | Mum's Grapevine

There’s nothing more delicate than a newborn baby’s skin. And like the food that we put into their bodies, taking care over what we put onto their skin is just as important. One of the best ways to protect delicate baby skin is to use organic or natural products, free from harmful chemicals, toxins and nasties.

16 Natural Baby Skincare Brands

To help you find the perfect skincare for your little lamb we’ve compiled this handy list of natural skincare brands to get you started in your search. In no particular order, they are:

1. Lovekins

Lovekins Natural and Organic Baby Skincare

Lovekins Baby Skincare (from $24.95)

This award-winning skincare range uses an array of natural-organic Australian native ingredients to calm and nourish baby’s skin from birth. With antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum, Blue Cypress, and Tasmanian Pepper Berry in their products, pampering and protecting baby’s sensitive skin has never felt better.

2. Grahams

Grahams Natural Kids, skincare for babies prone to eczema

Grahams Natural Baby Skincare (from $13.95)

Gentle enough for newborns, the Natural Kids range from Grahams is full of good stuff – think Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Vitamin E. Specially formulated to help little ones who suffer from sensitive skin, dermatitis and eczema, the powerful blend of ingredients keep skin soft while reducing irritation.

3. Bondi Wash

Bondi Wash Natural Baby Skincare

Bondi Wash Natural Baby Skincare (from $8)

Packed with Australian products to treat and protect our precious babes, the range from Bondi Wash is fragranced with Blue Cypress to soothe inflamed or irritated skin. Featuring a baby balm, bar, lotion, powder, wash and a gentle washcloth, this simple yet effective skincare leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

4. Bunjie

Bunjie Plant-Based Baby Skincare

Bunjie Baby Skincare (from $13.99)

An exciting first in baby skincare, Bunjie is a range of prebiotic and probiotic immune boosters for the skin. Proudly Australian-made, Bunjie is powered by patented microbiome boosters to protect soft little bodies night and day. Whether it be a barrier cream or bubble bath, these guys have a bottle for the job.

5. Wotnot Naturals

Wotnot Naturals Baby Skincare

Wotnot Naturals Baby Skincare (from $12.99)

The versatile range of products from Wotnot nourish bubba’s skin with the help of flaxseed oil – one of nature’s richest sources of omega-3 and omega-6. Developed to ensure skin is clean, hydrated and soothed using only the kindest ingredients, their range is approved for bubs prone to eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.

6. Nature’s Child

Nature's Child Organic Baby Skincare

Nature’s Child Baby Skincare (from $13.95)

Built on values of being ethical, natural and responsible, Nature’s Child is one of Australia’s first Certified Organic baby skincare brands. Using recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients including Certified Organic Beeswax and Certified Organic Lavender Oil, it’s the perfect choice for eco-friendly families.

7. Gilly Goat

Gilly Goat, natural baby skincare

Gilly Goat Baby Skincare (from $22.95)

Created from a base of Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Goat’s Milk, the Gilly Goat skincare range targets dryness, irritation and redness with naturally rich moisturising ingredients. Free from toxins, it’s packed with calming botanical extracts to clean and shield bubba’s skin while keeping it oh-so-soft.

8. Vatea

Best Natural Baby Skincare: Vatea

Vatea Organic Baby Skincare (from $21)

Combining rich oils and ingredients sourced from the South Pacific, Vatea blends natural ingredients with scientific formulations to create toxic-free, Australian certified organic skincare for the whole family. Perfect for pampering little ones from their tips to their toes and keeping sensitive skin happy.

9. Gaia

Best Natural Baby Skincare: Gaia

Gaia Natural Baby Skincare (from $9.95)

The baby range from Gaia has all bases covered. The formulas are free from soap and sulphates to protect the natural oils of bubba’s sensitive skin. From silky smooth moisturisers made with shea butter and avocado oil to a dreamy bath wash that calms baby bears ready for bed – it’s a little bit of luxury for everyday moments.

10. Little Bairn

Natural Baby Skincare: Little Bairn

Little Bairn Baby Skincare (from $19)

Packed full of good stuff, the organic baby skincare from Little Bairn works wonders on bub’s delicate skin. Made in Australia, nutrient-rich oils such calendula, macadamia and jojoba are formulated to nourish newborn skin, leaving it lush and buttery-soft.

11. ChamonixRain Organics

ChamonixRain Organics Baby Skincare

CharmonixRain Organics Baby Skincare (from $24.95)

Gentle enough for newborns, ChamonixRain Organics leaves little one’s skin smiling. With hydrating coconut oil at the heart of their products, this baby skincare nourishes the skin while replenishing its natural oils. The addition of Organic Lavender and Chamomile Extract helps calm baby for a good night’s sleep.

12. Baby Mama

Best natural baby skincare: Baby Mama

Baby Mama Skincare (from $12.95)

Formulated for mums and children of all ages, Australian made Baby Mama knows how to keep babies safe from toxins and harsh chemicals with their all-natural, cruelty free, vegan-friendly and fragrance free skincare range including body lotion, baby oil, body wash and nappy balm.

13. Alchemellia

Alchemellia natural baby skincare

Alchemellia Baby Skincare (from $10)

Keep baby fresh, clean and cuddly with the range of natural soaps, lotions and balms from Alchemellia. Boasting ingredients such as macadamia oil, calendula extract and super-hydrating hemp seed oil, they’re perfect for washing baby head to toe while keeping those all-important natural oils intact.

14. Weleda

Baby Skincare: Weleda

Weleda Natural and Organic Baby Skincare (from $4.95)

Weleda’s baby skincare range is packed with the goodness of organic calendula (or marigold), which is known and loved around the world for its rich healing properties. Products include face and body lotions for nourishing and soothing young skin and baby oils for the most delicious of massages.

15. Thankyou

Thankyou Natural Baby Skincare

Thankyou Baby Skincare (from $8.49)

It’s the social enterprise doing good things for people in need as well as the little people we love. Thankyou’s range of baby care features everything from shampoo to help clear cap to balm that soothes bub’s sore bum. Using plant-based ingredients, they’re proudly toxin-free and aim to give baby the best possible care.

16. Dr Bronner’s

Dr Bronner's organic baby products

Dr Bronner’s Baby Skincare (from $8.95)

Known worldwide for their 18-in-1 Magic Soaps Dr Bronner’s range has extended into baby skincare with Fair Trade baby products that are all fragrance-free – ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. Key ingredients such as hemp, coconut and jojoba oil leave the skin feeling squeaky clean and luxuriously smooth.

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14 best natural baby skincare brands for 2020 | Mum's Grapevine

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