Q&A: When will my period return after having a baby?

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Farewelling periods for nine months is one of the many pregnancy perks we adore, and thankfully once baby arrives there’s still a reprieve from menstruation. But for how long?

Have any mummas found that their period hasn’t returned after a few weeks? I’m 14 weeks postpartum and mixed feeding so still occasionally breastfeed and haven’t started any sort of birth control and my period still hasn’t returned.[/blockquote]

Predicting the return of your period after giving birth isn’t an exact science, and varies for each new mum. It depends on how you’re feeding baby and how your body is responding to all the new hormones in your system.

Bleeding after birth

After giving birth, we’re left with quite a large wound on our womb, where the placenta detaches, and it’s from this wound that we bleed after birth, regardless of a c-section or vaginal delivery. This bleeding can continue for up to 10 days, and then it’s up to your body when your period will return.

Breastfeeding and periods

According to Health Direct, breastfeeding mums may not see the return of their period for several months after the baby’s arrival. The reason is that the hormone that’s used to make milk, prolactin, also stops your body from ovulating and having your period. This is why some women use breastfeeding as a form of contraception.

Mixed feeding/formula feeding and periods

If you’re formula-feeding your wee one, or combining breast and bottle, your period may return earlier (somewhere between three and 10 weeks postpartum – the average is 45 days according to What to Expect), sometimes not long after birth. It all depends on:

  • How long your baby is breastfeeding
  • Your body’s response to hormone changes
  • How often you bottle feed baby (if mixed feeding)

Just remember that getting pregnant is still possible even if your period hasn’t returned.

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