Jeanette’s Amalfi themed baby shower

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With colourful accents of lemon yellow and contrasting tile patterns, it’s time to take in the view of Jeanette’s heavenly Positano-themed baby shower.

Taking her inspiration from the cliff-hugging Italian village on the Amalfi coast, Jeanette planned her baby shower as a relaxed summertime event, with bountiful food and perfectly presented decorations.

An Amalfi themed baby shower

Amalfi baby shower backdrop

Victorian mum Jeanette, who was 34-weeks pregnant when she hosted her baby shower, wanted a theme that would reflect her heritage.

“I wasn’t aware of my baby’s gender so we wanted to go for a gender-neutral theme. Because I am part Italian and had my baby shower in summer, I tried to think of a theme that would best represent myself and also the season we were in. Being my second pregnancy, I tried to keep it simple and not over the top. I wanted it to be more of a casual get together of close friends and family to celebrate a new baby in all of our lives.

“I tried to host an initiate, memorable baby shower whilst trying my best to keep it within a reasonable budget as my first baby shower was quite over the top.”

Amalfi baby shower theme

Amalfi baby shower grazing table

Amalfi baby shower table setting

Jeanette’s sister-in-law and best friend put together a spectacular grazing table heaving with savoury delights. Jeanette’s clever mum created the cake and adorable lemon cookies, with lemons and lemon tree branches used to decorate the tables.

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