11 weighted blankets for kids in Australia

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The best weighted blankets for kids | Mum's Grapevine

Getting kids to settle faster and sleep longer is the holy grail of parenting. And we’ve collected Australia’s favourite weighted blankets that might be just what the kids need to calm before bed.

A kids’ weighted blanket is usually filled with glass beads to provide even pressure on the body and create a deep sense of calm thanks to a shot of released serotonin. Originally developed to settle children with sensory processing issues, weighted blankets are now widely sold in Australia, providing comfort to anxious and restless kids. And the word is, they feel as delicious as a big warm hug.

While all therapy blankets aim to soothe children, not all are created equal, so we’ve put together a handy list of key features to ponder when you’re scouting one out.

What to consider when buying

What to consider when buying a weighted blanket for kids | Mum's Grapevine

Choose the right weight for your child – Always refer to the store’s guide to ensure you choose type that is safe for your child. The best ones should be no more than 10% of a child’s body weight.

Check for ease of washing – Thankfully, many weighted therapy blankets are machine-washable, but it depends on how heavy the blanket is, and the type of filling used. Having extra covers may help to stretch out the washing intervals of the blanket itself.

Fabrics vary across brands – Minky covers provide the ultimate in cosiness, while bamboo and cotton breathe well and remain cooler. Some blankets come in a combination of both for an all-season solution.

Filling types also vary – In Australia, weighted blankets are most commonly filled with either micro glass beads or plastic pellets. Glass tends to be the filling of choice for premium brands because they’re noiseless, odourless and eco-friendly.


11 kids weighted blankets available in Australia

With so many therapy blankets on the market in Australia, it’s hard to know where to start, so we asked the HUGE Mum’s Grapevine Facebook community which brands they’ve used and loved. In no particular order, here are the recommended products.

Calming Blanket

Best weighted blankets for kids: Calming Blanket

Calming Blanket Kids’ Weighted Blanket ($199)

Filled with silent glass beads, kids won’t be disturbed by any rustling as they settle in for snuggles. It comes in a weight of 2.2kg for children and is available in three glorious shades granite, ocean and quartz.

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Jason Kids' Weighted Blankets

Jason Super Soft Blankets for Kids ($79)

Made with a premium glass bead fill and ultra-snuggly fleece over, these delicious blankets relax the nervous system and settle anxious kids. They weigh 3kg each and come in a choice of pink or blue shades.

Buy Now from Temple & Webster

Neptune Blanket

Best weighted blankets for kids: Neptune Blanket

The Neptune Blanket II ($259)

With a hypoallergenic filling and Minky cover that is oh-so-soft, these premium blankies are the ultimate in cosy cocoons. Entirely machine-washable, they come in contemporary hues and start at 2kg for children’s blankets.

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Calming Moments

Calming Moments Weighted Blankets for Kids

Calming Moments Sensory Minky Blanket (from $315)

If it’s colour they want, look no further. These bright handmade blankets from an all-mum team come in a choice of 12 different kid-friendly shades – and with the sensory addition of raised dots on each blanket, they’re just asking to be snuggled.

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Milky Sheets

Milky Sheets Weighted Blanket for Children

Milky Sheets Bamboo Blanket ($109)

The 100% bamboo cover on this classic, Aussie-designed weighted blanket has a welcome cooling effect that makes it ideal for warmer climes, hot sleepers and an all-year use. They’re available in 2.2kg and 3.2kg weights for littlies.

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Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons Kids' Weighted Blanket

Changing Seasons Kids’ Weighted Bamboo Blanket ($165.99)

Heavily researched, and thoughtfully designed, these therapeutic blankets come with their own sensory covers in a choice of pink or purple. For more convenience, blankets zip into their covers so that they stay put.

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Therapy Blanket

Therapy Blanket for Kids in Australia

Therapy Blanket Adaptive Series (from $289)

Packing oodles of cuddle-like comfort and advanced features, it’s little wonder this brand’s signature blanket is such a hit with Aussie kids. We’re loving that it comes with a reversible cover in super-soft materials and that it’s designed with smaller grids for even weight distribution.

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Gravid Junior weighted blanket Australia

Gravid Junior Weighted Blanket (from $139)

Pair this premium blanket with a dual-function VERSA cover for a toasty-plush finish on one side and cooling cotton on the other. It has a ZipperTech securing system for no sagging or bunching – ever.

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DreamZ kids' weighted blanket

DreamZ Kids Blanket ($35.95)

Affordability meets function with this breathable kids blanket. Filled with high-density beads made with glass. It’s machine-washable and pairs with adorable fitted covers (available separately).

Buy Now from Amazon


Harkla weighted blanket for kids

Harkla Kids’ Weighted Blanket ($129.99)

They’ll be unwinding easier and drifting off sooner wrapped up in this Minky gem. Weighing in at 2.25kg, this popular blanket is ideal for tots and preschoolers and comes with your choice of two-tone sensory cover.

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Life Tree

Life Tree weighted blanket for kids

Life Tree Weighted Blanket ($98)

Uniquely, these machine-washable weighted blankets come as one single piece, meaning you don’t have to concern yourself with covers or ties. Designed especially for kids, they weigh 2.5kg and come in a range of adorable prints.

Buy Now from Life Tree Homewares


Oodie Weighted Blanket

Oodie Weighted Blanket (from $159)

Filled with premium glass beads, the Oodie is like a big warm hug. Recommended for kids over three years, it comes in six different weights, started at 4.5kg, and it’s hand-washable. Choose from grey or blue.

Buy Now from The Oodie

What age are weighted blanket safe for?

This can range from two to four years depending on manufactures. Children any younger than this may not be able to free themselves if they become tangled or their face becomes covered while they sleep. Be diligent and always check the individual brand’s recommendation, and remember to chat to your occupational therapist and/or GP before using a weighted blanket for your little one.

What are the benefits of a kids’ weighted blanket?

Because they work like a form of deep pressure stimulation, weighted therapy blankets can help by calming unsettled kids, relieving stress and therefore helping them get higher quality sleep and more of it.

How heavy should weighted blankets be for children?

Most brands recommend that a therapy blanket should be no more than 10% of your child’s body weight, so take this into account when scouting out the best weighted blanket for your child.


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9 kids' weighted blankets that calm little bodies | Mum's Grapevine

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