6 learning towers for curious kids

What to look for in a learning tower

Toddlers want nothing more than to join in and feel part of whatever is happening, it’s all part of their learning process. Instead of pulling a wobbly chair up to the kitchen bench so they can help with cooking or washing the dishes, invest in a learning tower so little helpers are safe and secure.

Learning towers, sometimes known as kitchen helpers, take their inspiration from Montessori learning, and give toddlers and little kids a safe way to get involved in everyday tasks. They are set at bench height so kids can watch dinner being prepped and cooked, while safely out of the way.

What to look for when buying a learning tower

Best learning towers for toddlers

Here are some of the key features to look for when buying a learning tower.

Type: While they all look different, they are all crafted with a similar structure – a section to stand on and a section with a rail to keep toddlers safe and steady. Some are foldable, others have step sections that fold away. There are also height-adjustable options that grow as your child does.

Weight limit: Most have quite a large weight limited (up to around 100kg) but it’s always worth checking.

Safety: There are no mandatory safety standards in Australia, but some Australian-based manufacturers adhere to voluntary standards, so check their product description.

6 sturdy learning towers for kids

To help you find the best learning tower we’ve compiled this handy list of brands to get you started in your search. In no particular order, here they are:

Little Partners

Little Partners Original Learning Tower

Little Partners Learning Tower ($295)

Designed for toddlers from 18 months up to big kids around six-years-old, the sturdy feet help keep it in place and the platform can be raised up or down depending on your child’s height.


My Little Helpers

My Little Helpers Learning Tower v2

My Little Helpers Learning Tower ($399)

Australian designed and made from birch plywood, the newest My Little Helpers Learning Tower uses a simple interlocking frame – no screws or glue. That makes this handy home helper a cinch to set up and pack away. There’s also a height-adjustable top step and removable safety rail, so it grows with your toddler.


MOOV learning Tower

MOOV Baby Learning Tower Kitchen Helper ($165)

A lightweight tower that’s easy to move around, the MOOV has a swing gate safety backing to make sure little ones stay put. The height is adjustable from the base, and tots are able to climb in and out on their own. 

Little Big Learning

Little Big Learning Tower

Little Big Learning Slimline Learning Tower ($239)

A compact footprint makes these perfect for tight spaces, and easy storage when not being used. It also has a removable chalkboard backing which doubles as a safety panel.

My Happy Helpers

My Happy Helpers Learning Tower

My Happy Helpers Adjustable Learning Tower ($179)

Height-adjustable and Australian designed, the My Happy Helpers tower is crafted to meet Australian safety standards. Its slim design is perfect for more compact kitchens and spaces and has a removable safety bar.

Little Partners

Little Partners Exlore and Store Learning Tower

Little Partners Explore and Store Learning Tower ($249.95)

A fold-away step makes independence a little easier, while the three adjustable height positions allows it to grow with the kids.


Learning Tower Plans DIY

DIY Toddler Learning Tower Plans ($13.97)

Feeling handy? Why not have a go at crafting your own learning tower with these plans. Using around $30 worth of materials and basic tools you could whip up your very own learning tower in a few hours. 

6 learning towers for toddlers | Mum's Grapevine

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