10 benefits of eating watermelon during pregnancy

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Can I eat watermelon in pregnancy

It’s juicy and delicious and if you’re pregnant, the health benefits of watermelon may do more than just calm sweet cravings, it could help ease morning sickness, soothe heartburn and reduce swelling.

Many pregnant women swear by watermelon to help with some of the more uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. So, is it time to stock up on a tonne of watermelon, or do we need to take a grain of salt with the pregnancy superfood claims?

Can I eat watermelon in pregnancy?

Benefits of eating watermelon in pregnancy

Of course! However, just keep in mind it’s low in fibre and high in carbs, which can be an issue if you have diabetes or gestational diabetes, as it it may cause blood sugar levels to spike, so don’t go overboard.

It’s also really important that you wash the watermelon skin before slicing and keep the melon in the fridge to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Benefits of watermelon during pregnancy

Can I eat watermelon pregnant

Who knew that eating a delish slice of watermelon in pregnancy could be so good for you? According to multiple studies, watermelon may help with everything from morning sickness and constipation to pre-eclampsia.

Watermelon keeps you hydrated

According to Healthline, watermelon is a source of vitamins, minerals and carbs and the fact it’s more than 90 per cent water means it helps keeps us hydrated.

Watermelon protects you from disease

Studies have also shown it’s rich in antioxidants that help protect us from the disease.

Watermelon can reduce the risk of preeclampsia

Some research has suggested that the antioxidants in watermelon may help decrease the risk of preterm birth.

Watermelon could reduce constipation

The high water content in watermelon may help pregnant women stay better hydrated, reducing the change of becoming constipated and therefore getting hemorrhoids.

Watermelon helps pregnancy muscle cramps

Thanks to its mineral content, those third-trimester muscle cramps may just get kicked to the curb thanks to watermelon!

Watermelon may help with morning sickness:

Many of the mums-to-be in our pregnancy groups say they ‘lived’ off watermelon as it’s one of the few things they can keep down.

Watermelon helps with heartburn

Other mums swear by watermelon as a way to help ease heartburn.

Watermelon may help with pregnancy swelling

It’s thought the high water content in watermelon helps ease pregnancy swelling, or oedema, as it helps open blockages.

Watermelon gives you a pregnancy glow

Watermelon reportedly improves digestion and helps flush out toxins, giving your skin a glow.

What about watermelon seeds?

Don't eat watermelon seed maternity tank

Here’s one more juicy benefit of watermelons, apparently the seeds are packed with nutrients as well. They can actually be roasted and turned into a snack to help boost vitamin C, folate, vitamin B and essential minerals. (Don’t Eat Watermelon Seeds maternity tee ($47.97) available from Pebby For Evee)

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