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Qiara Probiotic Product Review | Mum's Grapevine

Bringing a tiny human into this world is such a special time. Setting yourself up in good health can go a long way towards helping you feel the vitality and energy you want to enjoy every moment of it, both during your pregnancy and once bub is born. And of course, you want the very best for your baby too.

The right probiotic can do wonders, and Qiara Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Probiotic has been designed specifically to support new mums on their baby journey, from pre-conception right through to breastfeeding.

How the Qiara probiotic works

Taking a pregnancy probiotic like Qiara might not seem the most obvious way to keep you and your baby in good health and help you breastfeed. By watching the video below we’ll take a quick trip to Science Town to look at how the Qiara probiotic works …

Pregnancy and your microbiome

Your body is filled with microbes – tiny living things like bacteria. The community of these microbes is called the microbiome, and it has a big effect on your health, from digestion and nutrient absorption to immunity and inflammation. But it’s not set in stone – it can be influenced by lots of things, like poor nutrition, herbicides and pesticides on our food, medications, stress and other environmental factors.

Not only is your microbiome important, but so is your bub’s. Your baby’s microbiome starts in the womb, is impacted at birth (it was previously thought that it didn’t start until they were exposed to bacteria during delivery) and continues to develop until it’s fully established at about 3 years old.

So it’s important to have a healthy and robust microbiome when you’re trying to conceive, pregnant and breastfeeding your baby. Taking Qiara probiotic daily during these times can help.

The benefits of breast milk isolated probiotics

Qiara review: Pregnancy & Breastfeeding probiotic

Human breast milk contains both good (probiotic) and bad (pathogenic) bacteria. Qiara Pregnancy and Breastfeeding contains a probiotic isolated from breast milk.

It’s full of goodness because the probiotic bacteria found in breast milk are specifically beneficial to mums and bubs. They:

  • are of human origin and are safe for babies
  • are uniquely adapted to live both in the human digestive tract and in human breast milk, and to interact with a baby
  • play an important role in maintaining a healthy balance in the microflora ecosystem in breast milk.

How Qiara differs from other pregnancy probiotics

As a probiotic isolated from breast milk, it makes sense that it’s the right pregnancy probiotic for the job. Qiara is backed by research, and its use and potential benefits are supported by specific clinical trials.

It’s also a single strain, whereas many probiotics are broad-spectrum probiotics. It can be unclear how multiple strains in a single dose may interact with or inhibit each other, whereas with Qiara, what you get is what’s been tested.

How Qiara can help during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Qiara breastfeeding

Your own healthy microbiome and breast milk (the main meal for your bub) can have a big impact on the overall health of both you and your tot, and the establishment of your little one’s own microbiome. Fun fact: breast milk flora actually helps to establish your bub’s own gut microbiome and is crucial to the development of their immune system.

Qiara contains a single strain probiotic isolated from human breast milk. So it’s packed full of the good stuff to help support you and your bub’s health. Qiara can be taken safely from pre-conception, throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding and after weaning as desired or as advised by your health professional.

Breast pain and mastitis relief

Due to factors such as diet, medications or stress, many new mums can be susceptible to health issues such as breast pain or mastitis. Not only painful and uncomfortable, but mastitis can really throw a spanner in the works when it comes to breastfeeding your tot.

If you’re not already taking Qiara Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, it can be taken by breastfeeding mums at the first sign of breast pain or mastitis. Qiara has shown clinical efficacy in helping to relieve or reduce breast pain and discomfort associated with mastitis.

Like a superhero, the single probiotic in Qiara (Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT 5716 if you want to go full science geek) aggressively targets and outcompetes the pathogenic bacteria in breast milk that may be causing the pain and infection. It also helps to restore and maintain a healthy balance of protective flora in the breast milk microbiome.

In short, it’s a little dose of goodness to help keep your boobs happy and reduce the incidence and recurrence of mastitis. Hurrah, because cabbage leaves can only get you so far.

Qiara can help if you’re having a c-section or on antibiotics too

If you have a c-section you’ll probably get antibiotics to prevent infection. Or maybe you’re on antibiotics for another reason. While they do a great job at stamping out bacteria, they’re not selective between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria they wipe out. This can reduce the levels of beneficial and protective flora in breast milk and lead to a condition called dysbiosis.

Breast milk dysbiosis can increase your risk of infections such as mastitis. It can also impact your little one’s microbiome and consequent development of their immune system.

Taking Qiara daily before and after your c-section, or while you’re on antibiotics, may assist in maintaining the balance of good bacteria in breast milk, helping you and your bub.

Your daily dose of good health

You can take Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding to suit your needs – from preconception, your last trimester, or throughout your entire pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Costing less than a cup of coffee, it’s also easy to take. Coming in a box of 28 individually sealed sachets, simply stir one sachet into a glass of water daily (or two per day if you’re on antibiotics) and drink. Cheers to happy days.

Qiara Pregnancy and Breastfeeding is available from Qiara ($79).

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Qiara Review: Pregnancy and Breastfeeding probiotic review

We asked a group of mums from our Facebook pregnancy and baby groups to test drive Qiara Pregnancy and Breastfeeding probiotic’s for us and here’s what they had to say:


Amount of breast milk after using Qiara

Junu, breastfeeding mum-of-one

“So happy with Qiara probiotic”.

“Before taking Qiara I would get a maximum 50-70 ml when I pumped. Now it’s always above 90-100ml each time. I am really happy and going to continue taking it till I finish breastfeeding.”



Sammi, breastfeeding mum-of-two

“It completely cleared up my mastitis within a few days”

“Just wanted to share my experience in case I can help anyone else avoid/deal with mastitis. One morning I noticed one side of my boob was so sore. Massaged it and tried to relieve any blocked duct but by lunchtime, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Lethargic, hot and cold flushes and a temp of 39 … I knew it was early stages of mastitis.

Went to the GP who wrote a script for antibiotics. Before starting the antibiotics I took Qiara at lunch and that night, and by the next morning, I was already feeling so much better. Kept taking two sachets a day for a few days and it completely cleared up and didn’t return. No antibiotics needed!”


Qiara breastfeeding probiotic review

Jilda, breastfeeding mum-of-one

“Highly recommend”

“I have been using Qiara probiotics for a few weeks and it’s made a difference to my gut health. It also seems to be working with Austin who isn’t crying each time he needs to fart anymore. Highly recommend, especially if breastfeeding as it helps with combating mastitis.”


Qiara probiotic review

Sinè, pregnant mum-of-one

“I’m definitely going to buy some”

“This is the last morning of my two-week Qiara trial. I’ve been having it in my coffee every morning and it goes completely unnoticed! Have heard so many good things about this probiotic since I started and I’m definitely going to buy some for my breastfeeding journey with my Winter 2020 babe.”



Rebecca, breastfeeding mum-of-one

“I’ve noticed a big difference in my gut health”

“Before starting the Qiara I had been on two courses of antibiotics. And I noticed a big difference in my gut health after only one week of taking Qiara. Bub also seem to have less gas and more of a settled tummy. Whether that was a coincidence or not, I am very happy with Qiara.”


Real mum review Qiara

Erin, pregnant mum-of-two

“I’ll definitely be restocking!”

“If you’re in need of a good probiotic, especially formulated with us mummas in mind you should check out Qiara pregnancy priobiotics. I’ll definitely be restocking!”



Bethany, mum of a newborn

“Particularly good if you’re having trouble with mastitis”

“Definitely worth giving a shot if you are breastfeeding, particularly if you are having trouble with mastitis! I’ve usually added it to a smoothie or glass of milk, and you can’t taste it. If you add to a glass of water it makes the water cloudy and has a slight taste, but not that noticeable.”


Qiara breastfeeding mum review

Sarah, mum of two

“The engorgement stage passed more”

“I started taking Qiara probiotics a few days after my baby was born, just when my milk was coming in and boobs were super engorged and painful. Not sure if it was the probiotics or something about being a second-time mum, but the engorgement stage passed more quickly than I remember the first time around.

I stopped taking them for a few days and then got mastitis. It says on the box they’re helpful to take at the first signs of mastitis, so I was really glad to have them on hand. Unfortunately, I did still end up needing to go on antibiotics to kick the infection.

They’re easy to take (just mix with a small cup of water) and don’t really have a flavour. I’m going to keep taking probiotics, especially since I’ve had to go on antibiotics, and hoping it will help restore some of the good bacteria.”


Qiara real mum review

Erin, breastfeeding mum-of-two

“They were awesome!”

“Qiara sachets are flavourless so I added them to my morning smoothie, so easy to remember to take them. I’ve been feeling great since taking them. If anyone is looking for a good probiotic I can definitely recommend these.”



Qiara probiotic real mum review

Meekay, pregnant mum-of-one

“I was very happy with Qiara”

“I’m pleased to say I was very happy with my Qiara probiotics!  I’m the type of person that doesn’t commit to something I know is good for me because I don’t like the taste but these worked so well on their own, with yoghurt or in a smoothie.

I did notice that they said they are a great help for mastitis so if you’re thinking about breastfeeding they’d definitely be handy to have around for that side of things too.”


Qiara review

Cass, pregnant mum-of-one

“I would 100% recommend to anyone”

“I’ve been taking these for a couple of weeks and would 100% recommend to anyone looking for good quality probiotics! I’m not breastfeeding yet as I’m only 30 weeks but I feel better overall. Given the current state of things, I’ll try anything to keep me healthy. I mixed it with my morning smoothie. Delish!”


Qiara review mum of newborn

Leah, mum-of-two

“I’m continuing to take Qiara”

“I’m wasn’t completely sure my newborn is draining my supply completely and was concerned I may get mastitis, so I’m continuing to take Qiara to hopefully prevent any mastitis or blocked ducts. I can remember how painful it was with my daughter and I will do anything to never experience that again!”


Qiara Pregnancy and Breastfeeding is available from Qiara ($79).


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