20 exquisite baby mobiles for the nursery

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Baby mobiles have been providing little ones with sensory stimulation and helping to avert meltdowns for decades, and these days, they also happen to make some of the most magnificent nursery decor around.

From Scandi delights to Aussie treasures, you are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to contemporary cot mobiles – the only problem is choosing from so much goodness.

In no particular order, here are 20 spectacular baby mobiles to soothe bub and take the nursery to a whole other level.

1. Authentic Models

Best Cot Mobile: Authentic Models Hot Air Balloon Mobiles

Authentic Models Hot Air Balloon Mobiles ($144.95)

Bursting with vintage vibes, these breathtaking mobiles perfectly capture the magic of balloon rides and the thrill of big adventures. Sets include five hot air balloons with expertly woven rattan baskets in a choice of bright or pastel colours.

2. Konges Sløjd

Best Cot Mobile: Konges Sløjd Cloud Mobiles

Konges Sløjd Cloud Mobiles ($89.95)

It’s raining, it’s pouring. With prettiness in spades, these handmade mobiles pair shimmery metallic droplets with puffy rain clouds in contemporary hues. Each cloud has been lovingly crafted from soft felt and hung from a metal ring to ensure even balance.

3. The Miniature Treasury

Best Cot Mobile: The Miniature Treasury Morocco Mobile

The Miniature Treasury Morocco Mobile ($95)

These exotic rattan mobiles conjure up thoughts of far-flung places and endless adventures, and we adore that they have been crafted from cane offcuts to reduce waste and support the environment. Designed by a talented Australian mum, this magnificent baby mobile is destined to become a family heirloom.

4. Flensted

Best Cot Mobiles: Flensted Elephant Mobile

Flensted Mobile Baby Elephants ($220)

Handmade in Denmark by artisans who have been crafting unique mobiles since the ‘50s, this timber trio of baby elephants is designed to maintain constant motion to soothe and amuse tiny tackers. You’re never too young to develop an appreciation for these gentle giants.

5. Cam Cam Copenhagen

Best Cot Mobiles: Cam Cam Copenhagen Peacock Mobiles

Cam Cam Copenhagen Peacock Music Mobiles ($74)

In grey, rose and mint, these organic-cotton peacocks are as dreamy as they are unique. Each is programmed with a soothing melody — Brahms, no less — which is activated by pulling the wooden ring. No doubt about it, these are mobiles that will mesmerise.

6. Pottery Barn Kids

Best Cot Mobiles: Pottery Barn Kids Harper Lamb Mobile

Pottery Barn Kids Harper Lamb Mobile ($79)

It’s the sweetest little lamb mobile ‘baa’ none. This favourite from Pottery Barn’s famous line of musical mobiles features four little farmyard friends in all their cuteness and plays ‘Hush, Little Baby’ as they soothe and sway.

7. Alimrose

Best Cot Mobiles: Alimrose Linen Moon Mobiles

Alimrose Linen Moon Mobiles ($39.95)

We know and love this brand for its magnificent dolls, but we’re crushing just as madly on its linen moon mobiles. In a choice of ivory, pink, grey or butterscotch, and measuring 40 centimetres, they truly are statement mobiles – and oozing sleepy-time vibes, they just might help littlies nod off sooner.

8. Bloomingville

Best Cot Mobiles: Bloomingville Mobile – Birds

Bloomingville Birds Mobile ($109)

This Scandi brand constantly has us swooning, and this extra-long animal mobile is right up there on our lists of all-time faves. The use of wool and felt brings warmth and comfort to rooms, while the flock of birds gives little ones plenty to ponder as they settle in for nap time.

9. Jabadabado

Best Cot Mobiles: Jabadabado Mobile Swan

Jabadabado Mobile Swan ($40)

From their regal elegance to their perfectly white plumage, there’s a lot to love about swans, and this mobile captures their beauty to a tea. Made entirely from wood, it also features coloured balls and a cloud for fabulous visual texture.

10. Littlephant

Best Cot Mobiles: Littlephant Butterfly Family Mobile

Littlephant Butterfly Family Mobile ($71)

Made from 100% recyclable paper, these big, fluttery butterflies are both eco-friendly and fun. Whether you pop it above the change table, cot, or play mat, this mobile is going to be a constant source of enjoyment for curious babes.

11. Eguchi Toys

Best Cot Mobiles: Eguchi Toys Pelican Mobile

Eguchi Toys Pelican Mobile ($459)

For a truly top-end and unique cot mobile that encompasses humour, colour and expert workmanship, this pelican is near impossible to top. Despite being made of solid wood, it’s lightweight, and it features a handy pull-string for flapping those wings. Imagine the giggles!

12. Poppet & Wildflower

Best Cot Mobiles: Poppet & Wildflower Bunny Cloud Mobile

Poppet & Wildflower Bunny Cloud Mobile ($129.95)

We don’t know what we love more: the dreaminess of the pure-white clouds, or that fluffy little bunny tail. This is the perfect mobile for rooms that already have a lot of colour going on, and it makes a stunning gender-neutral gift for a mum-to-be.

13. Numero 74

Best Cot Mobiles: Numero 74 Bohemian Swing Mobile

Numero 74 Bohemian Swing Mobile ($59)

Be still our beating hearts…A. Pink. Velvet. Mobile! Designed by a French artist and crafted by Thai artisans, this  unmissable statement piece brings prettiness, texture and a little touch of magic to Babe’s room. The use of ribbon rather than string on this mobile really sets it apart from many others.

14. Kay Bojesen

Best Cot Mobiles: Kay Bojesen Seagull Mobile

Kay Bojesen Seagull Mobile ($133)

These cheeky Danish-designed seagulls come in three different sizes and bring bucket-loads of beachy vibes to nurseries. They’re made from painted wood and hang on metal springs for lots of bouncy fun!

15. Nested Nursery

Best Cot Mobiles: Nested Nursery Fish Mobile

Nested Nursery Fish Mobile ($51.95)

From a homegrown brand, these felt fishies have completely won us over for their simplicity and pops of colour. In a choice of pink, grey, multi-coloured or yellow, babies are going to adore watching these under-water friends ‘swim’ about all day.

16. Blabla

Best Cot Mobile: Blabla Knitted Mobile Rainbow

Blabla Knitted Mobile Rainbow ($129.95)

Handmade in Peru, these knitted-cotton rainbows are equal parts charming and versatile; arrange them as three-dimensional cot mobiles for the early years with Bub, and as flat wall hangings later on. They come in a choice of three colour themes, including ‘tumbleweed’ and vibrant ‘cherry blossom’.

17. OYOY

Best Cot Mobile: Oyoy Mobile Lollypop
OYOY Mobile Lollypop ($139)

Curly, swirly and colourful, this lollypop mobile brings a fab dose of vintage playfulness to nurseries. Each little lolly is crafted from 100% knitted cotton with a wooden frame. It hangs at 130 centimetres, so it’s an excellent option for spaces with elevated ceilings.

18. Donsje

Best Cot Mobile: Donsje Mobile Toadstool

Donsje Mobile Toadstool ($119)

These stunning toadstools look like they’ve been plucked straight from the pages of a fairy-tale. Created by hand using high-quality leather, this is a cot mobile to stand the test of time and be passed on from generation to generation.

19. Modo Creative

Best Cot Mobile: Modo Creative Personalised Wooden Rainbow Mobile

Personalised Wooden Rainbow Mobile ($68)

After a cot mobile that is 100% unique? Put Bub’s name on it! This stunning oak-veneer rainbow has separated arches that sway and flow to help settle tired bubs. Packed with earthy goodness, this is going to look sensational amongst any décor style and colour themes you’ve got going on.

20. Scalaë

Best Cot Mobile: Scalaë Mobile Toucan

Scalaë Mobile Toucan ($95)

Meet Charlie. He’s the sweet (if a little bit cheeky) toucan, handmade in Marseille, France – and he’s bringing loads of tropical feels to the nursery. He’s created from fine cotton and finished with hand-embroidered touches on the beak and eye. Perched above the cot, you can count on this guy being the cause of many-a-baby-giggle.

Know a brand of baby mobile we should add to our list? Contact us and let us know.

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