10 white noise machines to lull little ones to sleep

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It’s no secret that bubs need all the precious zeds they can get, but settling doesn’t come easy for many littlies. A white noise machine for babies can help little humans drift off faster and re-settle easier. They may give Mum a chance to catch up on some rest too.

Based on the premise that newborns are accustomed to repetitive noise from their time in the womb, white noise machines, apps and other baby sound machines emit constant sounds to help soothe babies. They’re also a lifesaver when it comes to drowning out sudden noises that can startle little cherubs.

10 white noise machines for settling baby

In no particular order, here are ten sanity-saving baby sound machines to help get sleep routines on track.

Skip Hop

Best White Noise Machine: Skip Hop

Stroll & Go Portable Baby Sleep Soother – Owl ($29.95)

Stand it, hang it, or take it with you. This clever little baby sound machine plays two well-known lullabies and two nature sounds – each of them dreamy, relaxing and conducive to snoozing. It’s compact, yet equipped with the features you’d expect in a full-sized unit, like volume control and auto shut-off for various intervals.

MyBaby Homededics

Best White Noise Machine: myBaby

MyBaby Sound Spa On-the-Go ($22.95)

This battery-operated sleep saviour has four built-in sounds: heartbeat, white noise, lullaby and ocean. It has adjustable volume, an automatic shut-off feature, and it comes perfectly sized for handbags and pram pockets.


Best White Noise Machine: WavHello

WavHello SoundBub White Noise Machine for Baby ($57.30)

Got a teething baby on your hands? Not only are these naptime companions a source of gentle sounds to help settle babies and mask external noise, but they’re also chew-safe! In a choice of Bunny, Bear or Owl, each unit has Bluetooth connectivity for playing your own music and comes with a travel clip for on-the-go soothing.

Project Nursery

Best White Noise Machine: Project Nursery

Project Nursery Giraffe Sounds Soother ($44.95)

Aww! This playful sleepy-time pal is going to make an adorable addition to nurseries while providing hours of dulcet lullabies and natural tones to gently lull babes to sleep. Use it with batteries when you’re on the move, or with the included AC adapter at home.


Best White Noise Machine: Zuzu Suzy Portable Soother

Zazu Suzy Portable Baby Soother ($49)

It’s compact, cute and portable. This on-the-go baby sound machine runs on batteries and plays six different sounds to mimic all that constant activity heard in utero. But the best bit? With a built-in sensor, this white noise device will start playing gentle sounds as soon as baby starts to cry. Genius.


Best White Noise Machine: Dreamegg

Dreamegg White Noise Machine ($69.99)

With high-quality speakers and 21 tracks — including seven different household fans — it’s little surprise this smart gadget is helping people of all ages to fall asleep soundly. Conveniently, this one has a rechargeable lithium battery, so there’s no need to have it plugged into the wall all night.


Best White Noise Machine: Marpac

Marpac Hushh Portable Sound Machine ($60.32)

Portable and simple to use, this handy sleep soother is just the gadget to help bub fall into a restful sleep, and stay asleep when you’re on the move. It’s powered by a USB cord and programmed with bright white noise, deep white noise and ocean sounds.

Baby Shusher

Best White Noise Machine: Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher Sleep Soother ($59.95)

Known as ‘the sleep miracle’, this award-winning device uses an actual human voice to ‘shush’ unsettled little ones into a tranquil slumber. We’re dishing out bonus points for the addition of a removable wrist strap on this device, which means you can carry, rock and cuddle bub as the mellow sounds work their magic.

Sound Oasis

Best White Noise Machine: Sound Oasis

Sound Oasis BabyOasis White Noise Sound Machine ($89.95)

The patented sleep enhancement technology used in the making of this white noise machine means there’s no looping of sounds, and tracks gently slow down, helping babes to fall into a blissful slumber sooner and catch those zeds for longer. Designed by doctors, this unit comes loaded with six different sound themes.


Best White Noise Machine: Welcare

Welcare Sleep-Tight Baby Sound Machine ($99.95)

Is there a sound more familiar and comforting to newborns than Mum’s heartbeat? In addition to playing white noise and lullabies for baby, this device allows parents to record and play their very own heartbeat – and with up to 20 hours of battery life, it offers constant comfort to baby throughout the night.

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10 portable white noise machines | Mum's Grapevine

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