Recall: Kathmandu Baby Carrier sold nationwide

Kathmandu Baby Carrier recall

Kathmandu — Karinjo Baby Carrier 40634 v2

Parents who have purchased a Kathmandu Karinjo Baby Carrier in the last five years are being urged to inspect it carefully for a possibly hazard that could cause the serious injury of a child.

Product description: Back pack style child carrier with 40634 on product label. The baby carrier was available for sale between 5 January 2015 – 4 June 2020, and sold nationally.

Defects: The carrier stand hinge may be missing one or two bolts, which may cause the stand to be unstable.

Hazards: If the carrier stand hinge has missing bolt/s the carrier may be unstable, resulting in a risk of a child falling or the carrier tipping over when placing a child in or out of the carrier, increasing the risk of serious injury to the child.

Kathmandu Baby Carrier recall

What should you do? Inspect the stand hinge to see if there are any bolts missing or bring it to the store for inspection. If the carrier requires repair, stop using the carrier immediately and contact your nearest Kathmandu store to organise replacement.

Contact: For further information, consumers can contact Kathmandu via phone on 1800 333 484.


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