26 magical unicorn cakes to make at home

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Planning a whimsical unicorn-themed birthday party calls for an enchanting unicorn cake that’s both sweet and a show stopper. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to capturing all the charm of these magical creatures into magical morsels of deliciousness.

From decorating store-bought cakes with crafted horns and winking eyes, to towering rainbow-covered professional unicorn cakes with impossibly cute fondant toppers, unicorn cakes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be stunningly simple or elegantly extravagant, but they’re all just a little bit magical.

Here are 26 magical unicorn cakes.

26 best unicorn cakes

From muted pastel buttercream delights to bright and bold rainbow creations, here are the unicorn cakes that have every little boy and girl in a flutter.

Pretty in pastel

Unicorn Cake Rosanna

A golden horn and pastel hued mane make this one of the most popular unicorn cake designs. (via Rosanna Pansino)

Rainbow tears

Unicorn Cake Rainbow Tears Naturally Jo

Nope it’s not the tears of the clown, it’s the rainbow tears of a unicorn and it’s hauntingly beautiful. (via Naturally Jo)

Playful treat

Unicorn Cake Sugar Geek Show

With her big eyes and perky ears this unicorn cake is a birthday party centrepiece to envy. (via Sugar Geek Show)

Meringue mane

Unicorn Cake Ideas

Rainbow meringues in different sizes help create this rather lush pastel mane. (via Delicious)

Unicorn rainbow

Unicorn Cake Roll

Dress up a cake roll with a smattering of unicorn-inspired decorations for a different take on a unicorn cake. (via Crazy For Crust)

Simply sweet

Unicorn Cake Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

This unicorn cake isn’t as tall as some others, but can be recreated with two store-bought cakes if you’re pressed for time. (via Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses)

Rainbow surprise

Unicorn Cake Treasures

When it’s not just the outside of the cake that’s magical! (via Treasures)

Adults only

Naturally Jo Dead Unicorn Cake

So wrong, but so incredibly right – maybe save this one for the adults. (via Naturally Jo)

Rainbow delight

Unicorn Cake Rainbow JK Cake Designs

Using a simple buttercream technique creates this rainbow wonder. (via JK Cake Designs)

Colourful mane

Unicorn Cake Taste

How effective does a mane made from sour strap lollies look?! (via Taste)

Clever cutout

Unicorn Cake Nasa Mala Zavrzlama

A cardboard drawing covered in a fondant mane creates a knock-out unicorn cake. (via Nasa Mala Zavrzlama)

Mini unicorns

Unicorn Cake Jesi Hector

What’s cuter than one fondant unicorn? A heap of fondant unicorns! (via Jesi Hector Cake Artisan)

Easy peasy unicorn cake

Easy Unicorn Cake Tastemade

Dubbed the ‘Easy Unicorn Cake’ this uses a packet cake mix and store-bought decorations. Easy peasy. (via Tastemade)

Stack ’em up

Unicorn Cake Pancakes Naturally Jo

Breakfast unicorn pancake stack anyone? (via Naturally Jo)


Unicorn Cake The Tough Cookie

Ok, a puking unicorn isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s pretty funny, and if you’ve got a steady hand and a bit of time, not too difficult to do. (via The Tough Cookie)

Slab cake simplicity

Unicorn Cake Hungry Happenings

This clever cake is made using just one slab cake cut in just the right way. (via Hungry Happenings)

Unicorn ice-cream

Unicorn Cake Icecream Cake

Have you ever seen anything so deliciously beautiful as this unicorn ice-cream cake? (via The Girl Who Ate Everything)

Horse transformation

Unicorn Cake Wilton

Grab yourself a Horse Cake Tin for this little beauty and get those piping hands ready. (via Wilton)

Drunk on sugar

Unicorn Cake Ollys Cakery

Because unicorns can’t be good all of the time. (via Olly’s Cakery)

Harry Potter magic

Unicorn Cake Harry Potter

When two magical things collide, it just somehow works. (source unknown)

Unicorn topper

Unicorn Cake Sugar And Sparrow

The unicorn topper is made using a really simple technique, then go to town with the rest of the decorating. (via Sugar & Sparrow)

Rice crispy cake

Unicorn Cake Campfire Marshmallows

Not only does this cake hold a treasure trove of sweet treats – it’s not actually cake! It’s made from rice cripsy and is perfect for kiddos who aren’t big cake fans. (via Campfire)


15 minute cake hack

15 Minute Unicorn Cake Food Network

This cutie takes just 15 minutes to decorate – really! It’s the unicorn cake hack we all need. (source Food Network)

Let them eat … donuts

Unicorn Cake Donuts

Donut get me started on how adorable these unicorn treats are. (via Pinterest)

A dark delight

Unicorn Cake Say It With Cake

This eye catching creation pairs black fondant and gold accents for a touch of luxe. (via Say It With Cake)

End of the rainbow

Unicorn Cake A Cake Life

Adorable just isn’t enough to describe this whimsical unicorn cake. (via A Cake Life)

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