36 Dinosaur Toys and Gifts For Budding Paleontologists

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Dinosaur toys and gift ideas | Mum's Grapevine

Jurassic giants may have disappeared 65 billion years ago, but with dinosaur toys and costumes regularly taking out top spots on wish lists, kids definitely still can’t get enough of their roar-someness.

Our compilation will point you towards the most giftable dino goodness around – and whether you go for a pair of spiky shoes or a T-rex teepee, you can be certain there will be toothy grins all ‘round.

These are our top picks of gift ideas for little dinosaur devotees.

Cheap and cheerful … (under $20)

  • Name Labels
  • Figurines
  • Torch projector
  • Crayon set
  • Storybooks
  • Jelly mould

A bit more … (under $50)

  • Floor puzzle
  • Slippers
  • Fossil dig kit
  • Hand puppet

Splash out …

  • Robotic dinosaur
  • Quilt cover set
  • Inflatable sprinkler

Dinosaur Floor Puzzle

Petit Collage Dinosaur floor puzzle

Petit Collage Dinosaur Kingdom Floor Puzzle ($34.51)

Packed in its very own cute carry case, this dinosaur puzzle is a must for dino-crazed kids. The big, bright pieces are easy to grab and when finished, it’s a pretty picture they’ll want to recreate time and time again.

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Dinosaur Wallpaper

Best Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Wall and Soul Wallpaper

Wall & Soul Dinosaur Wallpaper (from $115.62)

With this sensational backdrop, kidlets will feel like they’re roaming the plains with the giants. Printed with eco-friendly inks on your choice of vinyl or non-woven material, these can be ordered in over 15 different sizes and dino-themed prints.

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Wooden Dinosaur Toys

Best Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Tender Leaf Toys

Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Dinosaur Toys ($85.76)

This beautiful set of eight different wooden dinosaur toys has been crafted from solid rubberwood and each piece is nice and chunky for tiny hands to hold. The storage box is printed with dino skeletons and it’s brilliant for playing matching games with littlies.

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Dinosaur Beach Toys

Best Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Liewood Dante Beach Set

Liewood Dante Beach Set Dino Mix ($93.95)

Introducing the perfect beach tools for pint-sized paleontologists. Made entirely of BPA-free silicone, this Scandi set is lightweight, flexible and the perfect gear for days full of digging, moulding and collecting.

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Dinosaur Icy Pole Moulds

Tovolo Dinosaur icy pole moulds

Tovolo Dinosaur Ice Pop Moulds ($35.47)

What’s a dinosaur gift that’s cooler than cool? An icy pole mould! These quirky-shaped moulds take snack time to the next level and will have kids of all ages begging for more.

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Dinosaur Dinner Set

Petit Collage Dinosaur Dinner Set

Petit Collage Dinosaur Dinnerware ($61.99)

A gorgeous gift for omnivores and herbivores alike, this adorable dinnerware will have munchkins stomping toward the table faster than you can say ‘Come and get it, Giganotosaurus!’.

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Dinosaur Wall Decals

A child's bedroom with Dino Decals from Little Cooper Lane covering the walls

Little Cooper Lane Dino Decals (from $20)

If you’re after some dinosaur wall art that won’t completely terrify little ones, these simply cute decals are the answer. They’re a high-quality matte finish vinyl and are easily removable. Choose from an array of colours depending on your little one’s bedroom.

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Dinosaur Backpack

A child wearing a Trixie Backpack in Mr. Dino

Trixie Mr. Dino Backpack ($59.95)

Packed with all their fossil-finding must-haves, binoculars and of course, snacks, this cute and comfy backpack ensures they look every inch the part wherever they go. We love!

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3D Dinosaur Puzzle

The Halftoys 3D Dinosaur figurine

Half Toys Dinosaur 3D Puzzles ($40.46)

If you’re hunting out a dinosaur toy that’s cute, educational and multi-faceted, your search ends here. Half Toys Dinosaurs are skeleton puzzles, construction toys and adorable playthings. They each come with a cardboard diorama for playing out prehistoric scenes. Love them!

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Dinosaur puzzle

Land of Rhi Dinosaur Puzzle

Land of Rhi Dinosaur Puzzle ($29.95)

The unique design of this stunning wooden puzzle has completely won us over. Not only can it be played with as a regular puzzle in its wooden base, but the puzzle pieces feature a unique double-sided puzzle piece allowing for dinosaur play on one side and fossil exploration on the other.

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Dinosaur Banners

Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Dino Raw Personalised Banners

Dino Raw Personalised Name Banners ($49)

These personalised canvas name banners will add some dino flair to bedrooms. Each banner measures 42cm in length and there are 15 fabulous dinosaur prints to select from. Good luck choosing!

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Dinosaur Tail

Handmade Dinosaur tails from Philly Pop Designs

Philly Pop Designs Dinosaur Tails ($60)

Dinosaur tails are the hilarious props that inspire giggles and hours of imaginative play, and we love ‘em! These dinosaur tails make the perfect costume accessory for your child to play in their imaginary world. The plush tail fastens around tiny hips with Velcro for hours of dino dancing.

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Dinosaur Crayons

Best Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Tinta Beeswax Crayons

Tinta Beeswax Dinosaur Crayons ($16.95)

They’re the perfect tools for mapping out the next dino hunt and they’ve been handmade from natural ingredients right here in Australia. The set includes six chunky, bright and adorable kiddie-sized crayons, boxed up and ready to give to that special little someone.

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Dinosaur Board Book

Best Dinosaur Gifts: Ditty Bird Board Book

Ditty Bird Book – Dinosaur Sounds ($21.99)

With vibrant imagery and captivating sounds, this adorable dinosaur book is going to thrill bubs and tots to bits! Each page includes a special ‘sound dot’, and once pressed by inquisitive fingers, the book emits a sound unique to a particular dinosaur. Aww, cute!

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Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

A child wearing an inflatable Dinosaur Costume

LUVSHINE Inflatable Dinosaur Costume ($49.99)

Inflatable dinosaur costumes have taken the world by storm in recent times for the simple fact that they are utterly hilarious. Once kids are zippered into the costume, the built-in pump fills it with air. Add some batteries to activate the sound effects and you’ve got a gigantic, wobbly dino ready to take on the town!

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Dinosaur Puppet

Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Folkmanis Hatching Dinosaur Egg Puppet

Folkmanis Hatching Dinosaur Egg Puppet ($59.95)

With movable hands and mouth, you can count on this baby T-rex puppet providing many-a-giggle to dinosaur-crazed kids (and adults!). It measures just under 23cm in height and can pop in and out of the egg.

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Dinosaur Vest

Repurposed wool blanket dinosaur vests from Miss Hanna Designs

Miss Hanna Designs Repurposed Dinosaur Vests ($95)

Whether they are worn as a dinosaur costume, or as a toasty outer layer on a chilly day, these little vests are totally going to melt hearts. They come in adorable tartan fabrics, handmade from repurposed woollen blankets.

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Dinosaur Flash CardsPrehistoric Snap and Memory Game from Two Little Ducklings

Two Little Ducklings Prehistoric Memory Cards ($28.95)

This environmentally friendly card set is a great starting point for little ones who are learning the names of dinosaurs. It includes 26 laminated cards that can be enjoyed for improving memory skills and playing games like Snap.

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Dinosaur Bunting

Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Etsy Groovy Goose Dinosaur Bunting

Groovy Goose Dinosaur Bunting ($25)

This beautiful dinosaur bunting is a simple and sweet way to celebrate the wonder of Mesozoic creatures while adding a good dose of dino flair to bedrooms.  At two metres in length, it’s perfect for dressing up bookshelves, bed heads, windows and bare walls.

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Dinosaur Magnet Set

Best Dinosaur Gifts: Petit Collage Dinosaur Discovery Magnetic Dress-Up

Dinosaur Discovery Magnetic Dress-Up Set ($24.95)

This compact paleontologist kit can be taken here there and everywhere. The illustrated tin contains two scenes and 24 magnets for endless imaginative play. This is a fab option for on-the-go play.

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Dinosaur Wall Prints

Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Irene Gough Wall Prints

Irene Gough Dinosaur Nursery Wall Prints (from $18.71)

We love these prints just as much for their dino factor as for the inspirational messages on each of them. Friendly, fun and full of colour, these prints come in a variety of size options and can even be personalised.

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Dinosaur Model

Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Sassi Junior 3D Model Set

Sassi The Age of the Dinosaurs 3D Models ($33.95)

Part construction toy, part book, these sets make a sensational gift for the child who loves to dive into dinosaur details. Kids can pore over the facts in the illustrated books, then build their very own dinosaur model. Choose from four different prehistoric beasts.

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Dinosaur Colouring Set

Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Tiger Tribe Colouring Set

Tiger Tribe Dinosaur Colouring Set ($19.99)

Colouring sets make some of the best boredom busters around and they’re known to be lifesavers when it comes to travelling with kids. This dino-themed set includes stickers, markers, colouring pages and activities all bundled up in the perfect storage case.

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Dinosaur Swaddle

Bebedondedieu dinosaur swaddle for babies

Bebedondedieu Cotton Muslin Dinosaur Swaddle ($24.95)

What better way to wrap up your little babe-o-saurus than in a luxuriously soft dinosaur swaddle? Made from 100% cotton muslin, this gem is going to be infinitely useful in the early years: it’s a wrap, a blankie, a towel – even a pram shade.

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Dinosaur Lunchbox

Best Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Penny Scallan Bento Box

Penny Scallan Dino Rock Bento Box ($49.95)

Bento boxes are fabulous for preparing balanced lunches for kids, and we think this dinosaur number will inspire littlies to gobble up every last bite! The main tray has six handy leak-proof compartments and the entire set separates into sections for easy cleaning.

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Dinosaur Hat

Best Dinosaur Gifts: BriAbbyHMI - Etsy

Crocheted Triceratops Hat Pattern Download ($11.28)

If you need a reason to learn crochet, it’s this! In a downloadable format, this pattern includes all the steps involved in whipping up an insanely sweet Triceratops hat for your little one. This would make the perfect dinosaur costume for younger kids who aren’t quite ready for teeth and claws.

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Dinosaur Umbrella

Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Floss and Rock Colour-Change Umbrella

Floss & Rock Colour-Changing Umbrella ($49.44)

If your little dinosaur loves to stomp about in rainy weather, this brolly is going to come in very handy. Purpose-built for little bodies, they feature a sensational colour-change fabric. Watch as the images change from white to colour as the rain pours down!

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Paleontologist Kit

Best Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Born Kids Explorer Kit

Born Kids Paleontologist Explorer Kit ($64.98)

When it comes to dino hunting, preparedness is everything – and this kit will have kiddies well and truly ready to roll. Gear includes a vest, adjustable hat, binoculars, working torch and a magnifying glass with a built-in compass. Everything comes in a convenient carry case for easy pack up.

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Dinosaur Scenery Set

Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: The Freckled Frog Set

The Freckled Frog Happy Architect Dinosaur Set ($92.95)

This adorable set of 20 wooden pieces is going to keep the imaginative play flowing for hours. Not only does it include a set of the most popular dinos around, but with props that include a volcano, rocky mountains and hills, kids have the perfect backdrop for playing out any prehistoric scene.

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Dinosaur Clock

Personalised dinosaur kids clock from Mr Wolfe Clocks

Mr Wolfe Clocks Personalised Dinosaur Clock (from $70)

Time for dinosaur spotting! This adorable wooden wall clock is handcrafted from high-quality plywood and acrylic. It comes in two sizes and can be personalised with your little one’s name, definitely making a statement in their bedroom!

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Dinosaur Lamp

Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Seletti Lamps

Seletti Dinosaur Lamps (from $419.99)

There are lamps…and then there are these! Crafted from white resin in a jumbo size for maximum impact, they make some seriously cool dino décor for kids’ bedrooms. Choose from T-rex or Brontosaurus styles.

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Dinosaur Projector

Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Is Gifts Dinosaur Projector Torch

Is Gifts Dinosaur Projector Torch ($16.95)

For a great-value gift with massive novelty value, this projector torch is an absolute winner. It comes with three discs for a total of 24 different dinosaur images. All kids have to do is point the torch at a wall and watch the dinos come to life.

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Dinosaur Mask

Best Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: Jurassic World Moveable Mask

Jurassic World Chomp n’ Roar Velociraptor Mask ($44.06)

Beware the cheeky little raptor! Moulded from tough materials to stand up to loads of use, this officially licensed Jurassic World mask is going to come in very handy for Halloween and themed parties. It features a handy Velcro head strap and a very toothy, movable jaw.

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Dinosaur Taco Holder

A dinosaur taco holder

Penko GrubKeepers Dinosaur Taco Holder ($14.97)

Tricerataco is the guac-loving dinosaur making mealtimes fun and solving the age-old problem of falling tacos. Load him with up to two tacos and put an end to broken shells and spilled salsa, and pop him in the dishwasher for easy clean-ups.

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Dinosaur Night Light

Lil' Dreamers Soft Touch Wireless LED Lights

Lil’ Dreamers LED Dino Night Light (from $24.99)

Unlike the grizzly giants of the past, these sweet little sleepy-time pals are serene and tranquil. They run on batteries and feature several different modes of brightness that can be activated by tapping the soft silicone surface. This night light has a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cord.

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Dinosaur Slippers

Dinosaur Toys and Gifts: EMU Australia

EMU Australia Dinosaur Slipper Boot ($99.95)

Tootsies will be deliciously toasty bundled up in these fabulous mid-calf boots from EMU. They come in sizes that cover preschoolers right up to bigger kids and are crafted from suede and Australian Merino wool for comfort and longevity.

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