8 pregnancy pillows for extra comfort

The best pregnancy pillow: Medela

Growing a tiny human is a big job for our bodies and it’s quite normal that by bedtime, every bone, bump and brain cell is just about beat. But for many expecting mums, drifting off to sleep during pregnancy is harder than we’d like. Thankfully, a comfy pregnancy pillow can provide the support a weary body needs.

Designed to ease discomfort and target specific aches and pains, pregnancy pillows are worth their weight in gold, getting soon-to-be mums back on track towards a sound night’s sleep.

What to look for when buying a pregnancy pillow

What to look for when buying a pregnancy pillow | Mum's Grapevine

Here are some of the key things to consider when buying a pillow for pregnancy.

Size: Maternity pillows come in all shapes and sizes. Think about the size of your bed, your current sleeping arrangements and if there’s room for something else in Snuggletown (sorry in advance, partners!). And if you’re often travelling away from home, the size and weight will be a factor here too.

Cost: What seems like an expensive purchase at first will no doubt save your sanity and sleep as you progress into the second and third trimesters. Think of your pregnancy support pillow as a worthwhile investment – trust us.

Style: Different pregnancy pillows are designed to target different areas of the body. A full body pillow gives completely different support to that of a butterfly pillow or a pregnancy wedge. Think about where you need support most – lower back, neck or pelvic pain, and look for a pregnancy pillow to suit those needs.

Multiple uses: Some pregnancy support pillows have been designed to double up as nursing pillows once the baby is born. Having a multi-purpose pillow is a great option for new mums wanting to save a few pennies in those early months.

8 pregnancy pillows for every budget

To help you find the perfect body pillow or pregnancy pillow for your needs, we’ve compiled this handy list of brands to get you started in your search.

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In no particular order, they are:

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow

The Best Pregnancy Pillows: The Butterfly Maternity Pillow

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow ($97)

Looking for a maternity pillow that won’t take up the entire bed? We found it. Its unique wing design gives expecting mums support on both sides of their growing bump and prevents rolling onto your back in the middle of the night. Ideal for side sleepers, this compact little pillow helps mums-to-be rest easy all through the night.

Ultimate Sleep

The Best Pregnancy Pillows: Ultimate Sleep

Ultimate Sleep Total Body Support Pillow ($349)

This full body pillow eases the aches mums experience during pregnancy. From swollen feet and ankles to lower back and pelvic pain, the pillow soothes sore joints and muscles, helping them to relax while Mumma sleeps soundly. It’s also machine washable and will keep its huggable shape wash after wash.


Best Pregnancy Pillow: Growbright

Growbright Body Support Pillow ($79)

Designed to be used wherever mums need it most, the pregnancy pillow from Growbright holds its shape to give sore backs, hips and bumps a much-needed break. Firm support allows for a comfortable sleeping position throughout the night and a silky-soft cover made from Tencel fabric helps to regulate the body’s temperature throughout the night. Bliss!

Growbright Discount Code: Use code ‘MGV15 ‘ for 15% off the Body Support pillow.
Growbright exclusive discount code

from Growbright website


Best Pregnancy Pillow: Mamaway

Mamaway Hypoallergenic Maternity & Nursing Pillow ($159.95)

From snuggle companion during the more uncomfortable stages of pregnancy to mum’s best friend when her breastfeeding journey begins – this moon-shaped pillow ticks every box. Made from hypoallergenic material with temperature regulating properties, it moulds to mum’s body for optimum support and comfort all year round.

Belly Bean

Belly Bean maternity pillow

Belly Bean Pregnancy Pillow ($72)

Made in Australia, the Belly Bean is small in size but it’s BIG in benefits. Designed to keep growing bumps comfortable while supporting hips and back, it’s a favourite for Mumma bears wanting minimal disturbance for baby daddy too. Encouraging side sleeping while pregnant, Belly Bean is available in four dreamy colourways.


The best pregnancy pillow: Leacho Snoogle

Leacho Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow ($101.59)

Say bye-bye to backache with the Snoogle. This uniquely u-shaped pregnancy pillow takes the place of multiple body pillows to end disrupted sleep and ease unwelcomed discomfort during the night. Available in six soft colourways, its removable sham-style cover is machine washable too.

Cuddle Co

The Best Pregnancy Pillow: Cuddle Co

Cuddle Co Support Body Pillow 3-in-1 ($109.99)

A body support pillow designed to provide pregnant mums with cloud-like comfort during the later stages of pregnancy. Its simple design, high-performance fill and organic cotton cover combine for a restful night’s sleep, so mum wakes feeling refreshed and ready for another day.

Pregnancy Pillow Co

Best Pregnancy Pillow: Pregnancy Pillow Co

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow ($59.95)

Like a lovely hug, this U-shaped body pillow follows the natural contour of your body to take the strain off tired joints and muscles while alleviating swelling in your legs and feet. Designed for infinite comfort options, it supports the abdomen and back while aligning the hips to help improve posture as that precious baby bump grows.

Pregnancy Pillow Co Discount Code: Use code ‘MGV15’ for 15% off storewide.
Pregnancy Pillow Co exclusive discount code

from Pregnancy Pillow Co website

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