Boy had a LEGO piece hiding in his nose for years

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LEGO found in boys nose after two years

Standing on a piece of LEGO is enough to make any parent’s eye’s water, but imagine having a stray piece stuck up your nose, for two whole years. Ouch.

A seven-year-old New Zealand boy, who wanted to keep a piece of LEGO safe, decided to shove it up his nostril in 2018, and it’s only just made a reappearance. Charming.

According to his dad, Mudassir Anwar, two years ago seven-year-old Sameer told his parents he’d tucked the LEGO piece up his nose. “One day he just told us he had slipped in a tiny piece of LEGO and then we tried our best to bring it out but nothing came out,” Anwar told the NZ Herald.

So Sameer’s parents took him to a GP, who couldn’t find the little black piece of LEGO. He wasn’t too concerned, saying it would probably work its way out of his body all on its own. “Since then he’s never complained or anything,” said Anwar.

So family life continued as normal, until just recently when Sameer excitedly sniffed a cupcake and complained he felt a pain in his nose.”So his mother then helped him blow his nose and then this thing came out that was missing for the last two years,” Anwar said. “It was shock, y’know? And it had a bit of fungus on it”

A shocked Sameer exclaimed, “Mum, I found the LEGO!”

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