22 dinosaur cakes for a rip-roaring party

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22 dinosaur cake ideas for a roar-some birthday party | Mum's Grapevine

For dino-loving kids, a stomp-worthy dinosaur cake is an ultimate addition to their birthday celebrations. From terrifying tiered cakes to tiny cupcakes made for chomping, mini paleontologists are sure to get a kick from a Jurrasic-inspired treat.

To help inspire their next dinosaur party, we’ve scoured the web to find the best dinosaur cakes around and put them in one mighty list.

Here are 22 dinosaur cake ideas for kids big and small.

Hats all round

dinosaur cake with colourful spikes

It ain’t a real dino party unless the dinosaur cake topper is wearing a party hat too. (via @cakeygnome)

Pastel paleontology

Girl dinosaur cake

We love this very impressive dinosaur cake with peachy colours that really make it pop. (via My Two Sweetie Pies)

Scaled-down and simple

Easy dinosaur cake

Small in size but big in taste, this gorgeous dinosaur cake even has ‘rocket pops’ to match. (via Sweet Lionheart)

A bubbling birthday

Dinosaur volcano cake

Make their day extra special with a dinosaur volcano cake that bubbles away as you sing Happy Birthday. (via Oh So Delicioso)

A land before time

dinosaur number cake

Dinosaurs have stomped right into this number birthday cake and it couldn’t look any cooler! (via Wonder Kids UK)

Dino dig

dinosaur dig cake

A brilliant birthday cake for budding paleontologists. Time to get digging! (via Sprinkle Bakes)

Cute creatures

3D dinosaur cupcakes

Take giant dinosaurs and make them mini! These colourful dino cupcakes are ridiculously cute. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)


Easy chocolate dinosaur cake

An easy dinosaur cake that’s decorated just right. Simply drizzle with chocolate ganache and sprinkle with cookies to get a crumbled rock look. (via Butter Lust Blog)

Roar-some bunting

Dinosaur cake with bunting

Bunting, check. Dinosaurs, check. Cute-as-can-be cake, check. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

Purple predator

Pastel girl dinosaur cake

Predators don’t come much prettier than this! With yellow spots and a miniature party hat, we’re totally obsessed with this dreamy-hued dino. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

Ready to pounce

T-rex 3D dinosaur cake

Roaring and ready to pounce, this 3D dinosaur cake ticks all the boxes for a memorable party. (via Manda’s Cakes)

Precious prey

Blue and green 3D dinosaur cupcakes

Not making a big cake this year? Keep things small and simple with teeny tiny cupcakes topped with adorable dinos for good measure. (via She Knows)

Excavate and eat

Dinosaur bones cake

A creative twist on a traditional dino-themed cake. Kids get to dig for fossils and bones before tucking into a seriously scrummy chocolate cake. (via Mama Makes From Scratch)

Tiered to perfection

Tiered 3D dinosaur cake

Standing tall and covered with beautiful creatures, this stunning birthday cake is bound to be the centrepiece of any party. (via @thefamilycakes)

Extinction at it’s best

Gold and green dinosaur birthday cake

There’s something about golden dinosaurs that just makes us swoon! Paired with the rustic-style piping and simple greenery, this cake is a real winner. (via Bon Vivant Cakes)

Time to hatch

dinosaur egg cake

Take your baking skills to another level this year with a birthday cake they’ll never forget. (via Sugar Geek Show)

Geology glam

Glam and rustic dinosaur cake

Rocking gold leaf and glistening spikes, this dinosaur cake is every bit as glamourous as the birthday boy or girl themselves. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

Prehistoric pop

Dinosaur cake pops

Let little ones enjoy the party one bite at a time with these adorable dinosaur cake pops ready to be devoured. (via Talipops)

Jurrasic jungle

dinosaur cake with dinosaur eggs

Green fondant, chocolate soil, cracked eggs and a terrifying T-Rex are all it takes to make this creation a real show-stopper. (via Polyalya Bakery)

Erosion explosion

Easy dinosaur volcano cake

Not keen on doing a full-blown science experiment? No worries. This design still has all the wow-factor of a dinosaur volcano cake, just without the extra cleanup. Hurrah! (via Pinterest)

Baby brachiosaurus

Colourful tiered 3D dinosaur cake

Bursting with cuteness, this impressive creation proves there really is no age limit when it comes to dinosaur cakes. (via Cottontail Cake Studio)

Stunning stegosaurus

Stegosaurus dinosaur cake

With three tiers and a life-like stegosaurus standing atop, it’s no wonder this beauty made our top dinosaur cake list. Absolutely incredible! (via De La Creme Creative Studio)

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