11 adorable swim nappies for water-loving babes

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Swim nappies aren’t just adorable accessories for tiny tooshies, they’re a must for your peace of mind – because if poop gets in the pool, hoo boy…

In fact, for reasons of health and hygiene, they are required at many swim parks and centres for bubs who aren’t yet toilet trained, so at some point, you’re quite likely to need them for your water babe.

The good news is that there are plenty of swim-safe nappies available for little Aussies, from handy disposables to stunning reusable cloth options. They’re easy to use, comfy for bubs and they’ll help avert a dreaded poo-nami.

What to consider when buying swim nappies

Best Swim Nappies: Sarah-Jane Collection

Disposable or reusable?: Disposable nappies are super convenient – it’s as simple as buy, use and bin. But as single-use products, they can become more expensive in the long run, and they do have an environmental impact when it comes to all that waste. If you’re anticipating using them for a longer period of time, reusables can be more cost-effective and more eco-friendly.

Adjustable waist: Bubs grow, and they grow fast! With disposable swim nappies, it’s as simple as going up a size when things get a little snug around the legs and tum. But having to buy new sizes in reusable swim nappies can get expensive. If you’re using reusables for more than a few months, go for a style with adjustable snap buttons or Velcro.

Snug fit: Always choose a nappy that fits snuggly around the waist and legs, without being too tight. A cosy fit will keep ‘baby business’ contained, while a loose fit, well, you can imagine!

Fast-drying: There will be times during the year when reusable swim nappies will be on high rotation, so be sure to opt for styles made of fast-drying materials so bub can get back in the water sooner.

Matching add-ons: For a swimwear set that absolutely sings, take a peek at the brands that offer matching rash vests and/or wet bags with their reusable swim nappies. They make beautiful gifts for new parents and they’ll save you time searching for coordinating items.

11 swim nappies for containing little accidents

In no particular order, here are ten of our favourite swim nappies for frolicky little humans.

1. Designer Bums

Best Swim Nappy: Designer Bums

Designer Bums Swim Nappies ($29.95)

Decked out in hand-illustrated artwork that is exclusive to Designer Bums, these swim nappies are as pretty as they are practical. Each comes equipped with quick-dry internal mesh and double-elastic gussets for a trusty seal.

2. Sarah-Jane Collection

Best Swim Nappy: Sarah-Jane Collection

Sarah-Jane Collection Reusable Swim Nappies ($24.95)

Breathable, waterproof and tough, these little gems are the ultimate accessories for water-filled days. They come in just one size but are fully adjustable to fit bubs from newborn right through to toddlerhood.

3. Waladi

Best Swim Nappies: Waladi

Waladi Reusable Swim Nappies ($19.99)

With a built-in system of snap buttons, these crazy-cute designs can be adjusted to fit bubs right up to 15kg. They’re constructed from fast-drying materials and they come with an internal mesh layer to keep number twos contained.

4. GoNap

Best Swim Nappies: GoNap Disposable Nappies

GoNap Disposable Swim Nappies (from $14)

It’s not just a swim nappy, it’s an environmentally friendly change pack! These little pouches of convenience contain a swim nappy, fragrance-free wipes and a change mat. Plus, you can bundle up used nappies into the pouch for easy disposal.

5. Bubblebubs

Best Swim Nappy: Bubblebubs

Bubblebubs Droplets Swim Nappies with Wet Bag (from $27.95)

Created to avoid the dreaded ‘smear’ during change time, Droplets can be put on as pull-ups and removed by unsnapping the buttons. They can be purchased with a matching mini wet bag or with a matching rash vest for a seriously cute summer set.

6. Ina Swim

Best Swim Nappy: Ina Swim

Ina Swim Lumi Short Swim Nappy ($59)

Coming in hot with four swoon-worthy shades on offer, these short-style threads are made from a recycled blend of nylon and elastane. The pull-up design makes dressing little ones a breeze and the snug fit around the legs helps prevent those unwanted leaks.

7. Baby BeeHinds

Best Swim Nappies: Baby BeeHinds

Baby BeeHinds Swim Nappy ($26)

Thanks to a combination of Velcro tabs and snap buttons, these multi-award-winners are an absolute cinch to adjust to growing botties. They fit kiddos right up to 16kg, come in 13 unmissable styles and they can be paired up with matching wet bags.

8. Bambooty

Best Swim Nappy: Bambooty

Bambooty Reusable Swim Nappy ($19.99)

These pull-up swim nappies are UPF 50+ and lined with bamboo for the ultimate in comfort for your bubba. They come in four different sizes and over 20 fashion-forward styles – from stripes to strawberries. Good luck choosing!

9. Little Toggs

Best Swim Nappies: Little Togs

Little Toggs Happy Nappy Pants and Happy Nappy Wetsuits (from $26.95)

The Happy Nappy is the first ergonomic swim nappy ever created and it’s making quite a splash among water-loving families. The patented design contains little accidents superbly and superior stretch provides the ultimate in comfort. These are UPF 50+ for all-day play.

10. Bare and Boho

Best Swim Nappy: Bear and Boho

Bare and Boho Swim Nappy & Wet Bag ($36.95)

We have to admit, our hearts skipped a beat over these little stunners – and the fact that they come bundled with a large wet bag makes even more lovable. Lightweight and with a single gusset feature to contain number twos, they come in two sizes that cover littlies right up to 14kg.

11. i Play

Best Swim Nappy: iPlay

i Play Swim Nappy (from $22)

With a patented three-layer design these little life-savers keep embarrassing accidents away from the beach and the pool. Available in a rainbow of colours and playful patterns, the wicking liner helps prevent nappy rash while the snug-fitting outer layer keeps the nappy (and its contents) firmly in place.

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