Book Review: There’s A Zoo In My Poo

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Book Review: There's A Zoo In My Poo by Felice Jacka

There’s A Zoo in My Poo
by Felice Jacka

A clever book that gets to the guts of what kids need to know about their bodies and their poo.

Amazing things happen in our bodies. Did you know that there are trillions of tiny bugs that live in and on all of us? Some are good bugs and some are bad bugs.

This funny and informative book encourages kids to be the ‘zookeepers’ of all these teeny bugs, giving them the knowledge they need to make healthy choices which in turn make there bodies strong. Like all the things we should eat to keep the good bugs happy and the bad bugs at bay.

“There’s a Zoo in your Poo!
It needs a Zookeeper
And that Keeper is YOU!

Take a peek inside …

Title: There’s A Zoo in My Poo
Author: Felice Jacka
Illustrator: Rob Craw
For ages: 6+
Published date: 28th July 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760783044
Number of pages: 64

Meet the author

Felice Jacka lives in Melbourne and is a world expert in the field of Nutritional Psychiatry and gut health. She has a passion for educating everyone (especially kids!) about the importance of healthy eating.

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