28 woof-worthy pregnancy announcements with dogs

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28 adorable ways dogs shared the pregnancy news | Mum's Grapevine

Having a baby and already a paw-rent to a furbaby? There’s no cuter way to reveal your big news than doing a pregnancy announcement with your dog.

After all, your pooch pulled at those maternal instincts first and helped prepare you for the world of parenting, so it’s only fitting that your pregnancy announcement includes your dog. From barking beautiful photos using first ultrasounds to chalkboard signs with clever captions, we’ve found the best pregnancy announcements featuring man’s best friend.

Here are 28 dog pregnancy announcement ideas to get their tails wagging.

Puppy promotion

Cute dog pregnancy announcement idea via Becoming His 31

Oh hey, if you’re new around here let me introduce myself. My paw-rents have promoted me to baby toy tester, and I’m taking this gig super seriously. (via Becoming His 31)

On the down-low

Goldendoodle Gus pregnancy announcement

A sweet idea for spoilt fur babies who might take the news a little hard. (via Goldendoodle Gus)

I heart you

Pregnancy announcements with dogs Southern Tail Wind

Perfectly placed heart hands and an obedient pooch equals adorable pregnancy announcement with a dog. (via Southern Tailwinds)

I’m a big deal around here

Who doesn’t love a dog dressed in a sibling pregnancy announcement t-shirt? (via Neat O Rama)

Good dog

If you’re handy with a camera and have an obedient pooch, this is a super simple but beautiful pregnancy announcement photo. (via Daily Dog Tag)

Who let the dogs out?

Pregnancy announcements with dogs

A letter board and your ultrasound is all you need for this cute announcement. (via Pinterest)

Go all out

Pregnancy announcement with dog She Went West

If you’re going the whole hog with a professional pregnancy announcement photoshoot, why not include your fur baby as well? (via She Went West)


Pregnancy announcement with dog LoveMate Photography

A gentle paw on a pregnant belly and all is revealed. (via LoveMate Photography)

Leader of the pack

Gather your perfectly behaved pooches for a clever family announcement. (via Barkpost)

Sweet and simple

Announcing pregnancy with dog ideas Whitney Hunt Photography

Have you ever seen a sweeter sibling pregnancy announcement? (via Whitney Hunt Photography)

Oh dear

Pregnancy announcement with dog idea Pinterest

Ok, this guy doesn’t look thrilled, but it all adds to the humour! If you’ve got a clever dog who does this balancing trick, you’re sorted. (via Pinterest)

Read all about it

Pregnancy announcements with dogs

Such a gorgeous big sibling getting ready for a very important role. (via Pinterest)

Spell it out

Dog pregnancy announcement Etsy

A handsome scarf that says it all. (via Etsy)

Snuggle buddy

Pregnancy announcements with dogs Pinterest

They say that dogs know we’re pregnant before we do – they certainly love a preggy belly. (via Pinterest)


Pregnancy announcement with dog Amber Enos Photography

If you’re getting professional pregnancy photos done, take along your dog and just wait until you see how beautiful the images are. (via Amber Enos Photography)

Study buddy

How to announce your pregnancy with your dog Leslie Londre

Mum and dad aren’t the only ones learning here. (via Leslie Londre)

Puppy dog eyes

Pregnancy announcement with dog idea Glam Giraffe

Those puppy dog eyes looking at the ultrasound images give us all the feels. (via The Glam Giraffe)

An extra set of paws

Cute pregnancy announcements with dogs Michelle Vantine Photography

A doggy twist on one of our favourite pregnancy announcement photos. (via Michelle Vantine Photography)

Celebrate good times

Pregnancy announcement with dog Pinterest

How happy does this big guy look to be getting a sibling?! (via Pinterest)

It’s a …

Pregnancy announcements with dogs The Aussie Maui

Combine a pregnancy announcement and gender reveal with a cute pic of your dog ‘smiling’ and you have a social media sensation. (via The Aussie Maui)


Ideas for announcing pregnancy with dog Pinterest

If dogs could talk, we’re sure this is what they’d say. (via Pinterest)


Pregnancy announcements with dogs The Overwhelmed Mommy

Because every sibling needs to be included. (via The Overwhelmed Mommy)

Heart breaker

How to do a pregnancy announcement with your dog Pinterest

Don’t worry, she’ll get used to the idea. (via Pinterest)

Things are looking up

Pregnancy announcements with dogs Southern Tailwinds

Just pop a treat up high and you’ll get the perfect look from your pooch for this shot. (via Southern Tailwinds)

On guard

Pregnancy announcement with dog Bringing Up Brooks

Because every baby should have a personal guard dog, right?! (via Bringing Up Brooks)

Off the leash

Pregnancy announcement with dog using collar Pinterest

Simple, sweet and says everything. (via Pinterest)

Puppy love

Pregnancy announcement ideas with dogs Meg Perotti

When your dog is this sublime, how could you not include them in your pregnancy announcement? (via Meg Perotti)

Promotion time!

Labrador 'I'm going to be a big sister!'

Get crafty and snap-happy, and your pregnancy announcement is sorted. (via Pinterest)

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