Q&A: Why am I so tired now that I’m pregnant?

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You’re barely able to keep your eyes open past 8pm, and each step in the morning is like wading through thick mud. Yep, you’re exhausted and your pregnancy has only just begun.

Fatigue is one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms, and while you may wave it goodbye for the second trimester, pregnancy fatigue will return for the home stretch in your third. If there’s ever a time to listen to your body, this is it.

Why am I so tired?

pregnancy fatigue

During your first trimester, you’re making a placenta. Your body is putting all of its energy into creating the best possible environment for bub, and it’s exhausting.

Your metabolism’s in overdrive, blood pressure’s dropped, hormones are running rife, you’re producing more blood than ever before, and you’re burning up nutrients like nobody’s business. Throw in draining mood swings, a demanding boss, morning sickness, and three loads of washing. Pfft! It’s no wonder you’re tired!

What can I do about pregnancy fatigue?

Now that you’re pregnant, it’s time to get in tune with your body and take notice of what it’s trying to tell you. While it’s not always going to be convenient when you’re exhausted you need to rest. After a full day of work, don’t feel the need to clean the house. You need to rest. And make sure you share the load. Not everyone will know you’re pregnant so lean on those that do.

Here are a few other things you can do.

  • Sneak in a few extra hours sleep simply by going to bed a little earlier.
  • Maintain a healthy diet to keep your energy levels up.
  • Don’t drink four cups of coffee to keep alert! You need to rest.
  • Exercise releases happy hormones and does wonders for both body and mind. Be sensible, don’t overdo it, just go for a short walk. It will make a difference.

Don’t worry, the extreme tiredness you feel in the first-trimester starts to ease by the second trimester. But if it persists make sure you see your doctor so he can rule out another common pregnancy condition, anaemia and low iron levels.

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