20 beach toys for sizzling summers

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Beach and Pool Toys: Quut Ballo

With winter in the dust and the sun shining, it’s time to pop the icy poles in the freezer and dial up the fun with some seriously cool kids’ beach toys and pool accessories.

Kids’ beach and pool toys are inflatable, fillable or even wearable accessories that make water and sand play extra fun. From beach balls and sand sculpting tools to crazy-cool inflatables, there’s a summertime toy out there to suit every little personality.

Some exciting brands have taken kids’ beach and pool toys to new heights in recent years, and from eco-friendly tools to breathtaking floats, we’ve rounded up the coolest of them.

20 coolest beach and pool toys for outdoorsy kids

In no particular order, here are 20 awesome summertime playthings for water-loving kiddos.

1. Sand sculpting tools

Beach and Pool Toys: Sand Pal Tools

Sand Pal Sand Sculpting Beach Toys ($59)

From igloos to palaces, the sky is the limit with what the kids can create with this set. There are nine quality pieces in the mix, including an ergonomic shovel, three-dimensional shapes and block builders. We’re giving bonus points for the drawstring carry bag which means no more misplaced sand toys.

2. Swimming fin

Beach and Pool Toys: Swimfin

Swimfin Children’s Swim Aid ($54.99)

It’s the seriously cool swim accessory that is as useful as it is fun. Endorsed by an Olympic swimmer, Swimfins were created to help learners with balance and buoyancy while being tonnes of fun in the water. They come in a number of shades and fit kidlets of all ages.

3. Tide pool set

Beach and Pool Toys: Green Toys Tide Pool Set

Green Toys Tide Pool Set ($47.95)

Made completely from recycled plastic, this adorable seven-piece set keeps curious hands busy while making a difference to our precious oceans. Each piece in the set is specially created to interact with water in its own unique way. This one is suitable for minis as young as six months.

4. Inflatable ride-ons

Beach & Pool Toys Sunnylife Ride-On Floats

Sunnylife Kiddy Ride-On Floats ($39.95)

Ready, set…race! These winners from the Sunnylife kids’ collection are going to have kids bouncing, tipping, and bobbing all over the pool this summer. In unicorn and croc designs, they’re perfect for ages three to six years and come with a repair patch.

5. Toy fishing boat

Beach and Pool Toys: Ambi Toys Fishing Boat

Ambi Toys Fishing Boat ($39.95)

Simple design, primary colours and bucket-loads of sweetness make this timeless classic perfect for water-loving kids. It measures 21cm and comes with a captain, removable masts with hooks, a life ring and a school of coloured fish.

6. Monster sand moulds

Beach and Pool Toys: Haba Monster Sand Mould

Haba Monster Sand Set ($21.95)

Some kids like to build castles, and others prefer to build the monster lurking outside the walls. This ingenious set includes four individual pieces that can be used to create unlimited sand monsters. The imagination’s the limit with this one.

7. Buckets and spades

Beach and Pool Toys: Liewood Dante Beach Set Rainbow Love

Liewood Rainbow Love Beach Toy Set for Kids ($89)

They’re some of the most beautiful beach sets round and they include everything inquisitive kiddies need for a day full of exploration. Each set is made from 100% silicone and completely BPA free.

8. Inflatable volleyball set

Beach and Pool Toys: Sunnylife Volleyball Set

Sunnylife Inflatable Volleyball Sets ($59.95)

These will get the kids moving! In a choice of mermaid or tropical themes, they can be stretched across a pool or on the beach to play out the ultimate volleyball showdown. A floating net, inflatable ball and repair patch are included.

9. Free-play toys

Bilibo toy

Bilibo Mini Free-Play  Toys ($27.95)

Bilibos are the fabulous Swiss-designed toys that stack and nest, providing infinite ways to play. Each set contains six brightly coloured Bilibo Minis, suitable from birth and unbeatable when it comes to open play.

10. Sea Scooter

Beach and Pool Toys: Yamaha Sea Scooter

Yamaha Sea Scooter ($380)

This sea scooter is the ultimate beach toy for kids who live for the water. Travelling at up to four kilometres per hour, it gently propels kids through the water – all they have to do is grasp the handles and steer.

11. Dive sticks

Beach and Pool Toys: Trunki Dive Sticks

Trunki Dive Sticks 3PK ($18.16)

So much more than a fun pool toy, diving sticks are a great tool for improving kids’ ability in the water. This set from Trunki includes three brightly coloured, flexible dive sticks and they’re recommended for confident swimmers.

12. Giant float

Sunnylife giant float pool toys

Sunnylife Giant Monstera Leaf Float ($69.95)

Because what could be better than floating about on a giant leaf?! This winner from Sunnylife measures a whopping 165cm in length and can hold up to 100kg, which means you can totally hop on it too (if the kids let you).

13. Multi-functional toy

Beach and Pool Toys: Quut Triplet

Quut Triplet Beach Toys for Kids (from $12.99)

This unique four-in-one beach tool will keep creative kids busy all day long. It comes in loads of summery hues and can be used as a sand sifter, funnel, rake and shovel. Like other Quut toys, this one is easy to clean and completely recyclable.

14. Beach balls

Beach and Pool Toys: Pottery Barn Kids Beach Balls

Pottery Barn Kids Beach Balls ($39)

A beach ball is must for days spent on the water and these fun-filled numbers from Pottery Barn Kids are some of the coolest around. Jumbo in size and completely transparent, they each inflate to reveal a special object – will it be an alligator,  a rainbow or a spaceship?

15. Snorkels and masks

Beach and Pool Toys: Bling2o Masks and Snorkles

Bling2o Kids’ Snorkels and Masks (from $29.95)

After some statement water accessories for your stylin’ mini? Look no further. From sharks to mermaids, doughnuts to dinos, there’s a pair for any personality at Bling2o, and some have matching snorkels. All goggles and masks are lead-free, latex-free and have anti-fog properties.

16. Extendable Nets

Beach and Pool Toys: Scrunch Extendable Nets

Scrunch Extendable Nets 2PK ($17.99)

It’s off to the rock pools we go! These nifty little nets are just the tools for investigating all those seaside mysteries. Each set comes with two different sized nets, each with retractable handles to make them easy to manage and a cinch to slide into beach bags.

17. Sand Tractor

Beach and Pool Toys: Viking Toys Eco Tractor Digger

Viking Toys Eco Jumbo Tractor Digger ($49.99)

This sweet little digger is made entirely from recyclable, non-toxic sugarcane plastic to be an earth-friendly alternative to a classic kids’ toy. Built tough to handle loads of outdoor sand play, this gem ticks all the boxes for littles 12 months and above.

18. Spilling Funnel

Pool and Beach Toys: HABA Funnel XXL

HABA Spilling Funnel XXL ($16.95)

With a narrow tip, this is the ideal tool for adding intricate details and finishing touches to sand masterpieces. Fill one side of the funnel with sand and the other with water, then watch as the two combine for lots of swirly, drizzly fun.

19. Watering Can

Beach and Pool Toys: Quut Cana

Quut Cana Watering Can (from $17.95)

Whether it’s for pool play, beach play or even bath play, the kids will get loads of great use out of these award-winning watering cans. Crafted from safe materials and completely recyclable, they hold half a litre and come in all colours of the rainbow.

20. Aqua Hockey

Beach and Pool Toys: Wahu Pool Hockey

Wahu Inflatable Aqua Hockey ($29.99)

Who said you can’t play hockey in a pool? Measuring 1.8m, this inflatable game rink comes with a puck and two mallets to facilitate non-stop hockey battles. It can be used in or out of the pool.

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