What makes November babies so special

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Why are November babies so special?

From their sunny, positive nature to their need to always be on the move, a November baby is a free spirit that’s destined to keep mum and dad on their toes. If your spring baby is due to be born this month, or you already have a November bub, welcome to a world of pure positivity.

Sharp as a tack and funny to boot, a November baby is an absolute joy. They’re curious creatures, always wanting to know more about the world around them, which is why they always want to be on the move and see new things. Holidays are their favourite! Their natural curiosity leads them to learn them super quick, so don’t be surprised if they pick up their letters and numbers early.

Social little beings, November bubs do love being in a group, but they also adore their special people and will always make sure there’s a familiar face nearby. Oh, and rules? They’re not big on following them.

What science says about November babies

Born in spring and just before the switch to summer, November babies have some brilliantly positive traits that suit their sunny season of birth. One study has found that babies born in spring grow up to have a positive personality, so this little one will always be a ray of sunshine.

November babies are party animals (sorry mumma) and you may find it hard to get them to switch off and sleep. Researchers have found that tots born in spring and summer are more likely to want to stay up late. But there’s a positive to these little brains that don’t want to switch off – other studies have discovered that there are many creative beings born in spring, including musicians.

What astrology says about November babies

November babies are either Scorpios (October 23 – November 22) or Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) making them intuitive, smart and sensitive as well as curious – so be prepared to be kept on your toes! Scorpio babies are adoring and emotional with a calm disposition, but they do tend to be drawn to conflict. A Sagittarius child is super intelligent and picks up skills really easily, and they love using their imagination.

Sagittarius babes aren’t big on staying in one place for too long, so there are plenty of outings in your future. They also happen to be free spirits, so expect them to push back on your rules. Boredom doesn’t sit well with these bubs so you’ll need to keep them engaged if there’s a task you want them to learn or do. Above all, they have positive energy, which comes out in their sense of humour and their pure sense of joy. Lucky you!

Celebrities born in November

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