Q&A: When will my outie belly button go back to an innie?

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The home stretch of pregnancy includes a few little twists and turns that constantly remind us there’s a little person taking up more and more room in our bodies, and that includes an innie belly button suddenly turning into an outie.

My belly button has finally popped (33 weeks) and it’s so strange! Will it just go back to normal straight after I have bub?.


If it’s your first pregnancy, you may be waiting until the last couple of weeks to finally see your innie become an outie. If you’ve had a bub before, it probably still won’t happen until the third trimester, but a little earlier.

Having said that, sometimes innie belly buttons don’t pop out in pregnancy, they just look a little flat. Regardless, whether you get an outie or a flattie, both will most likely go back to being an innie after you give birth. The human body is amazing like that.

In some rare cases, the belly button may stay out after birth, due to an umbilical hernia, which is when part of the intestine pops through an opening in the abdominal muscles. Some hernias shrink after giving birth, but some women need surgery to fix them.

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