26 delicious baby teethers for juicy bubs

25 best teething toys to soothe sore gums | Mum's Grapevine

Flushed cheeks? Cascading dribble? A little extra ‘tude than usual? If you answered yes to these, it’s quite likely that your wee one has entered the teething stage, and this means that a baby teether is about to become your saving grace and bub’s favourite toy.

Usually crafted from food-grade silicone, or natural wood, baby teethers are both a scrumptious toy designed for chomping and sucking and a sweet little companion for growing bubbas. Some teething toys even come with sensory elements to further stimulate inquisitive little minds, mouths and hands.

Our Picks: 26 best baby teethers in Australia

We know that the teething stage is no walk in the park, so to help you find some relief for Bub we set out on a search for the cutest, most irresistible teething toys in town.

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Here are our top picks of baby teethers in Australia:

1. Sophie the Giraffe

Best Teething Toys: Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Teether ($28)

Sophie: possibly the most well-known giraffe amongst the under-threes – so famous, in fact, that she goes by her first name alone. Made of natural rubber and designed over 50 years ago to stimulate all five senses, this isn’t just a teether, it’s a tradition.

2. Oli & Carol

Best Teething Toys: Oli & Carol

Oli & Carol Fruits & Vegies Baby Teethers ($29.95)

This yummy collection of fruit and veg isn’t just a delectable treat for young gums and hands, it’s also a brilliant introduction to a life of healthy eating. Made from natural rubber and natural pigments, each morsel is earth-friendly and mould-resistant.

3. Emotion & Kids

Emotion and Kids Winibeads Baby Teethers

Winibeads Teethers by Emotion & Kids (from $14.95)

Safe, natural and oh-so-cute, Winibeads teethers are made from 100% silicone to be easy to clean and a joy to chomp on. In a range of over 20 sweet styles, including rings and characters, there’s something here for every little human.

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4. Jellystone Designs

Best Teething Toys: Jellystone Rainbow Stacker

Jellystone Designs Rainbow Stacker Teething Toy ($24.95)

So much more than just a teether, this award-winning toy comes with five silicone rings and multiple ways to play: littlies can chomp and chew in the early days, and stack and sort when they’re bigger. Choose from pastel, rainbow or ocean themes.

5. My Little Giggles

Best Teething Toys: My Little Giggles

My Little Giggles Koala Wooden Baby Teether ($16.95)

Handcrafted from beech wood, this gentle giant is perfectly smooth, splinter-free and naturally antibacterial, so little ones can safely gnaw to their heart’s content. With oodles of cuteness and lovely round edges, it is destined to become one of Bub’s most beloved playthings.

6. My Luxeve

Best Teething Toys: My Luxeve

My Luxeve Fox Teethers ($9.95)

Made from a combination of beech wood and food-grade silicone, these foxy little baby teethers are safe to pop in the freezer and will provide gums with lots of textures and stimulation. There are four fab shades to choose from and each comes in its own calico bag, ready to gift.

7. Wee Gallery

Best Teething Toys: Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery Organic Teething Toys ($29.95)

Sustainably made in India, these adorable little teething toys are deliberately printed in high-contrast black and white to enthral little eyes as much as developing gums. There are seven sweet creatures to choose from in the range and each is printed on soft, organic cotton.

8. Mizzie the Kangaroo

Teething Toys: Mizzie the Kangaroo

Mizzie the Kangaroo Teething Toy ($27.95)

She’s the teething toy bouncing babies love to hold. Designed to stimulate sight, touch, smell and hearing, Mizzie is made from 100% natural rubber, soothing sore gums with her chew-tastic toes, ears and nose.

9. Haakaa

Best Teething Toys: Haakaa Silicone Teething Ball

Haakaa Silicone Teething Ball ($20.99)

Soft, flexible and perfectly shaped for inquisitive little hands, this teething ball features soft ridges to relieve aching gums and can be popped in the freezer to give bub a little extra relief.

10. Baeb Label

Baeb Monstera leaf teether

Baeb Label Monstera Baby Teether ($16.95)

PVC and BPA free, this 100% silicone teether has lots of little nooks and crannies for fidgety fingers to explore while they chew. With a smooth surface on one side and lumpy bumps on the other, it’s ideal for teething tots.

11. Konges Sløjd

Best Teething Toys: Konges Slodj

Konges Sløjd Baby Teether Soothers ($34)

Like everything else this Danish brand creates, these teething toys are equal parts simple and stunning. They are each crafted from 100% natural rubber and finished with food-grade paint to be perfectly safe for even the tiniest of teething bubs to enjoy.

12. Foxx & Willow

Best Teething Toys: Fox & Willow

Foxx & Willow Aspen Teether ($17.95)

Part-rattle, part-teether, this beech-wood beauty is definitely going to be on high rotation during the teething stage. The inner section of the teether actually spins, so not only can babes soothe achy gums on the natural surface, they can develop their fine-motor skills as they play.

13. Ethan the Fox

Best Teething Toy: Ethan the Fox

Ethan the Fox Baby Teether Toy ($29.95)

So much thought has gone into the making of Ethan, it’s no surprise at all that he has scooped up a number of awards. He has a smooth, slender body, made from all-natural Hevea rubber and lots of foxy features that are perfect for reaching all those nooks and crannies of the mouth.

14. Matchstick Monkey

Best Teething Toys: Matchstick Monkey

Matchstick Monkey Baby Teethers (from $21.20)

These silicone teething monkeys are ticking all the boxes when it comes to young gums: they’re fabulous for soothing sore gums, they make excellent training toothbrushes and they can even be used to apply teething gels. You can even pop them in the dishwasher at the end of the day’s play.

15. Hevea

Best Teething Toys: Hevea Gorm the Whale

Hevea Gorm the Whale Teether ($34.95)

They’re the creators of some of our favourite bath toys so it comes as no surprise that these guys have a terrific teether in their range too! Made from 100% natural rubber with no cracks or joins, Gorm is easy for baby to hold and keeps bacteria at bay.

16. Eef Lillemor

Best Teething Toys: Eef Lillemor

Eef Lillemore Soothing Teethers ($25)

Rounded, chunky and cute as buttons, these European-designed teething toys make spectacular gifts for new parents and teething bubs. Choose from koala, lion or bear, each crafted from natural rubber sourced from the Hevea tree.

17. TOT Corp

Best Teething Toys: Gertie the Goose

TOT Corp Gertie the Good Goose ($29.95)

Gertie is no ordinary goose, she’s the special goose that eases teething woes and keeps bubbas company as they make their way through the early days. She has a subtle vanilla scent, a slender profile for small hands to hold – and she even quacks!

18. Tiger Tribe

Best Teething Toys: Tiger Tribe

Tiger Tribe Wooden Silicone Koala Teether ($24.95)

Comprising different textures and designed to be easy for tiny hands to handle, this helpful koala will go a long way in settling upset gums. The loop of silicone beads brings a fab pop of colour and enable littles to wear the teether like a bracelet as they nibble.

19. Liewood

Best Teething Toys: Liewood

Liewood Silicone Teethers (from $22)

Stunningly Nordic and in the prettiest of shades, these are teethers you’ll definitely want to show off. Each is made of pure, BPA-free silicone and designed to be as gentle as they are stimulating to little gums and new teeth.

20. The Mibblers

The Mibblers, a tribe of teethers for babies

The Mibblers Teething Toy ($24.95)

With a bumpy hair-do and small spikes down the back, The Mibblers are a tribe of teethers made for gnawing babies. And if you squeeze their big round bellies the teethers will squeak for you too!

21. Wooden Story

Best Teething Toys: Wooden Story

Wooden Story Baby Teethers ($46.95)

Created in the Beskidy Mountains of Poland from chemical-free maple wood, these are teethers to stand the test of time – and to cherish. Styles include a rabbit, cat, heart and owl; and each one comes packaged in a cloth bag and paper box.

22. Skip Hop

Best Teething Toys: Skip Hop Stay Cool Teether

Skip Hop Explore and More Stay Cool Teether ($14.95)

Cold surfaces can go a long way in soothing sore gums, and with stainless steel disk inserts, these teethers have are specifically created to retain coldness longer. There are three colour-packed styles to choose from, all perfectly proportioned for little paws.

23. Natural Rubber Soother

Best Teething Toys: Natural Rubber Teether

Natural Rubber Teether ($11.95)

Made with 100% sustainable rubber, this teether is gentle on baby’s gums and the planet. With no hidden nasties such as BPA, PVC and artificial colourings, rest assured knowing that bub can safely chew away all day.

24. One Chew Three

Teething Toy: One Chew Three

One Chew Three Naturals Wood Teether ($24.95)

Inspired by the colours founds in nature, this collection of teething toys is packed with fun textural elements. Totally gift-worthy, each piece can be personalised with a date or name and comes bundled up in a sweet calico bag.

25. Malarkey Kids

Best Teething Toys: Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt

Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt Teething Mitten ($19.95)

As the world’s first wearable teething mitten, the Munch Mitt is the answer to dropped teethers and one of the cutest baby accessories around – hands down. With an adjustable strap, you can rest assured this one won’t end up on the supermarket floor.

26. The Teething Egg

Best Teething Toys: The Molar Magician

The Teething Egg The Molar Magician ($22.95)

This four-legged teething friend was created especially for reaching all areas of little mouths, including the molar zone. It’s orthodontic-friendly, safe to pop in the freezer and it comes with an Australian-approved strap for attaching it to the pram when you’re on the go.

Final Verdict

A baby teether can be an absolute lifesaver when the bubs are in the grips of full-blown teething. While it won’t make the teething stage pass faster (as much as you might wish it to) or stop the constant irritation to young gums, it at least provides baby with relief – not to mention something fun to tinker with.

If you’re after a classic baby toy that everyone knows and loves, it’s hard to go past Sophie the Giraffe. For muted tones and big Scandi vibes, the Liewood teething toys are a must-see; we’re also loving teething mittens for a teething solution that stays on.

Look for a baby teether that’s gentle on soft little mouths and fascinating to fresh eyes and tiny fingers – elements like colours, shapes, and chompable parts make for an entertained and amused little baby…who just might forget about those sore gums for long enough for you to get dinner on.

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25 best teething toys for 2020 | Mum's Grapevine

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