11 Santa sacks for merry little elves

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Best Santa Sacks for 2020 | Mum's Grapevine

If the kiddies have been good this year, they’ll soon be expecting a little something-something from the big, bearded man in the red suit. And a sweet, colourful Santa sack is just the place for special gifts to go.

Santa sacks are large reusable bags children put out on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas to fill with gifts. They come in many shapes and styles with many including personalisation and a drawstring top.

To help find the perfect Christmas sack for your little helper, we’ve put together this handy list of Australian sacks to get you started in your search – lovely curated by the Mum’s Grapevine editorial team.

Types of Santa Sacks

19 Santa sacks for merry little elves | Mum's Grapevine

Personalised Santa sacks are large material styles with a child’s name either printed or embroidered on one or more sides.

Christmas stockings are small sock-shaped bags often hung on fireplace mantels on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas to fill with small gifts for children.

11 Santa sacks for merry little elves

Forget old pillowcases or dad’s stinky socks, these festive Christmas sacks and stockings will have them rockin’ around the Christmas tree in no time.

In no particular order, here are 11 Santa sacks and Christmas stockings to consider this year.

Cotton On

Cotton On Personalised Santa Sack

Cotton On Kids Personalised Santa Sacks ($29.99)

Christmasy yet with a cool, contemporary vibe. The collection of personalised Santa sacks from Cotton On are ticking all the right boxes.

Bright Star Kids

Bright Star Kids Personalised Santa Sack and Christmas stockings

Bright Star Kids Personalised Santa Sack ($44.95)

Personalised and oh-so-pretty, this generous sack is sure to be brimming with great goodies come Christmas day!

Owl & Otter

Owl & Otter First Christmas Santa Sack

Owl & Otter Personalised First Christmas Toy Sack ($40)

Their first Christmas goes by in the blink of an eye. Treasure the memories and merry festivities with a special personalised sack to commemorate the occasion.


IdTee Gold Glitter Star Santa Sack

IdTee Gold Glitter Star Santa Sack ($59.95)

Add a touch of bling-bling to Christmas this year with gold tassel trim and glistening star. Fancy!

Stuck On You

Stuck on You Monogram Sack

Stuck on You Monogram Sack ($39.95)

This gorgeous red sack would match with Santa’s outfit perfectly. Choose a design, personalise with block or script style lettering, and little elves will be treasuring their sack for years to come.


Adairs Santa Sacks and Christmas stockings

Adairs Festive Santa Sacks ($29.99)

With adorable Dachshunds, decorations and a happy Santa on the front, what’s not to love? And a great price point, too!

Cabin Co

Cabin Co Santa Sacks

Cabin Co Santa Sacks ($50)

From glittering gold to gorgeous geometrics, the Cabin Co range of modern sacks will look fabulous under a festive tree.

Morgan & Finch

Morgan & Finch Merry Christmas Santa Sack

Morgan & Finch Merry Christmas Sack (from $29.95)

A classic design to bring out year after year. Featuring a Merry Christmas slogan and golden Christmas trees galore, it’s a timeless addition to the family festivities.

Colour and Spice

Colour and Spice Reindeer Personalised Santa Sack

Colour and Spice Reindeer Personalised Santa Sack ($57)

A classic Santa sack with a whimsy reindeer illustration. Personalise with poppets name in Rudolph red for that extra special touch.

Cocoon Couture

Cocoon Couture Santa Sacks

Cocoon Couture Cotton Christmas Sack ($14.95)

These simple sacks are simply sweet. Bright, fun and adorned with adorable appliques including Santa, reindeer and the cutest little elf you’ve ever seen.

Happy Joy Decor

Happy Joy Decor Personalised Santa Sacks

Happy Joy Decor Personalised Koala Santa Sack ($80)

With a handful of very cool Aussie animals to choose from these sweet sacks can be personalised with your darling’s name too. Cute!

The best Santa sacks for Christmas | Mum's Grapevine

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