Toddler meals: What kids really eat

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Before and after toddler meals: What kids actually eat

It’s no secret that tots can be the fussiest of foodies. Toddler meals are flung to the floor and there are endless food refusals based on the colour of (mostly green) veggies. Naturally, it can lead parents to wondering how much food is really reaching those tummies and if it’s enough.

When it comes to toddler meals, the important thing to remember is that little appetites change all the time. One day it might seem like that tummy is a bottomless pit, the next day it’s on strike. What’s important is ensuring that littlies are offered a healthy range of food across the week, covering the five food groups.

According to the Raising Children website, the suggested daily servings for toddlers look something like this:

  • Fruit: 1 piece of fruit (eg. 1 medium apple/banana/orange/pear or 2 small plums/kiwi fruits/apricots)
  • Vegetables: 2.5 serves of veggies (one serve is half a medium potato/corn or half a cup of cooked veggies)
  • Dairy: 1.5 serves of dairy (one serve would be 1 cup of milk or two slices of cheese or 3/4 cup of yoghurt)
  • Cereals and grain: 4 serves of grains (a serve is equal to 1 slice of bread or 1/2 cup of cooked rice/pasta/noodles)
  • Lean meat, legumes, nuts, and pasta: 1 serve of lean meats, pasta, nuts and legumes ( 1 serve = 65g cooked lean beef/lamb/veal or 2 large eggs.

And of course, lots of water!

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To see what really goes on at mealtime, we teamed up with babyU and asked Aussie mums to share some before and after photos of the toddler meals they’d whipped up using the new Bamboo range of babyU mealware.

So if you’re wondering how much of their dinner other Aussie kids are eating, read on.

Angela Carmell and one-year-old Archer

What my baby eats solids babyU

Angela Carmell babyU

Angela Carmell babyU

The babyU range has covered all its bases when it comes to feeding. I like the neutral aesthetic, and what made this product stand out to others is its environmental ethos, it’s melamine bps BPA-free and that it’s made from bamboo. – Angela Carmell

Ali Cascarino and two-year-old Ruben

Before and after photos of toddler meals babyU

Ali Cscrno babyU

Ali Cscrno babyU

I was certainly surprised that mealware that was dishwasher and microwave safe could be so aesthetically pleasing. – Ali Cascarino

Claire Karlson and eight-month-old Ellery, two-year-old Oscar

What mums feed their kids babyUClaire Karlson toddler meals with babyU dinnerware

Claire Karlson babyU

Claire Karlson toddler meals using babyU Bamboo

Claire Karlson babyU

Claire Karlson toddler meals using babyU dinnerware

I love the range, the quality and how easy it is to use and wash. – Claire Karlson

Sarah D’Arcy and 11-month-old Evelyn

What a baby eats

Toddler meals before and after

Sarah D'Arcy babyU

What toddlers eat

Sarah D'Arcy toddler meals with babyU mealware

babyU Bamboo range

Sarah D'Arcy toddler meals with babyU bamboo plate set

The babyU range exceeded my expectations in terms of its quality and usability, particularly considering the price point! Each product in the range feels very sturdy and I feel like they’ll last through many washes and throws. – Sarah D’Arcy

Kristy Marks and seven-month-old Audrey

Kristy Marks babyU

Kristy Marks toddler meals with babyU bamboo dinnerware

babyU what my kid eats

Kristy Marks babyU

Kristy Marks toddler meals with babyU bowl

The packaging was enviro-friendly and looked good. Product was great, nice and light whilst still sturdy. – Kirsty Marks

Elly Chen and two-year-old Benjamin

Elly Chen toddler meals with babyU bamboo dinnerware

Toddler meals before and after they've eaten

Niamh Bell and 18-month-old Olivia

Niamh Bell babyU

Niamh Bell babyU

Niamh Bell toddler meals with babyU Bamboo plateNiamh Bell babyU Bamboo

What my kid eats babyUNiamh Bell toddler meals with babyU dinnerware

Absolutely loved this mealware, so much so that I went and bought another set. The cutlery is excellent for my daughter. They are a great size and she handles them the best out any other cutlery we have tried. The brand is also stain free which isn’t listed on their specifications. Love it. – Niamh Bell

Lacey Pogue and 17-month-old Nate

Lacey Pogue babyU Bamboo

Lacey Pogue babyU Bamboo

Lacey Pogue babyU Bamboo

babyU bamboo mealware for babies

Lacey Pogue toddler meals with babyU tableware

Lacey Pogue babyU Bamboo

The whole range is light and has a great neutral colour which you don’t often see with baby ranges – Lacey Pogue

Jess Minnegal and one-year-old Chelsea

What my child eats before and after

Jess Minnegal babyU Bamboo

Jess Minnegal toddler meals photos babyU

They looked a bit plain, not something I would usually choose but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved them. They were perfect for my children, sturdy and dishwasher safe! Beautiful product. Thank you for letting us try them I’ll be buying more! – Jess Minnegal

Emma Stevenson and two-year-old AlfredEmma Stevenson babyUbabyU mealware review

babyU is an excellent product, its easy to clean, non-staining, unbreakable by the toddler and a good size highly recommend. – Emma Stevenson

Jacinta Cheffirs and one-year-old Levi

What my kid eats Jacinta Cheffirs babyU

Jacinta Cheffirs babyU

babyU mealware What My Kid Eats

Jacinta Cheffirs babyU

Jacinta Cheffirs toddler meal photos babyU

Jacinta Cheffirs babyU

Jacinta Cheffirs photos of toddler meals babyU

I loved the babyU bamboo range. – Jacinta Cheffirs

Maritza Brunt and 15-month-old Naomi

Maritza Brunt toddler meals example babyU

I must admit, I was not expecting the quality to be as good as it’s been, especially after heaps of cycles through the dishwasher! We eat a lot of tomato-based sauces in our home, and other baby plates are often stained after use, even though I wash them straight away. Not the babyU range! It was a pleasant surprise. – Maritza Brunt

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