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The best baby bottles for 2020 | Mum's Grapevine

There’s nothing quite like finding the best baby bottle for your poppet and watching them guzzle down their milk without so much as a burp break. But making the right bottle choice can involve a bit of trial and error, so knowing what other mums have used and loved really helps.

Baby bottles come in all shapes, sizes and materials – there are glass options designed to help with digestion, teats created to look and feel just like mum’s nipple and bottles made exclusively as an option for breastfed babies.

Whatever your bottle feeding needs, we’ve found a product to suit it. Read on for our picks for milk time.

13 bottles for feeding time bliss

To help you find the right product for bottle feeding for your hungry monster we asked the Mum’s Grapevine Facebook community which brands they use and these are the ones they love.

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Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles (from $11.95)

A favourite with mums transitioning their babies from breast to bottle, the Closer to Nature bottles boast a unique, breast-like shape teat for easy latch on and an ergonomic bottle that’s easy for bub to hold. The range offers three separate teats, all with different flow rates to keep up with your babe as their feeding develops.


b.box baby bottle

b.box Bottles (from $17.95)

Lightweight and oval-shaped to prevent rolling, these come with the benefits of a glass bottle, but without the weight. Made of ultra-durable medical-grade PPSU, they can withstand years of bottle feeding, washing and sterilising.

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Mini and Me I Can Spoon

from b.box website


Omababy HeorShe Ultra Wide Neck Silicone Baby Bottle

HeorShe Ultra Wide Neck Silicone Baby Bottle (from $29.99)

These ingenious anti-colic bottles come equipped with a venting system that helps prevent wind pain in little milk guzzlers. Available in two sizes, they are made of anti-bacterial, BPA-free silicone and come with ultra-soft nipples that mimic the real thing.

Mini and Me I Can Spoon

Dr Browns

Dr Browns Glass Baby Bottle

Dr Browns Wide Neck Glass Baby Bottles (from $25)

Made from glass, these bottles have an internal vent system that creates vacuum feeding, so babies aren’t sucking in tiny bubbles. The clever design not only aids digestion but also helps preserve vitamins in the milk too. As baby’s feeding develops, simply remove the vent and continue to use the bottle without.


Boon NURSH Silicone Bottles for Baby

Boon NURSH Silicone Bottles ($34.95)

Suitable for babies 3 months old and up, these vibrant silicone bottles feature a revolutionary design perfect for gas-prone tots. The silicone pouch collapses as bubba drinks, squeezing out all the air that causes colic. With no staws or vents, they’re simple to clean and assemble. Win-win!


Pigeon Softouch Wide-Neck Bottles

Pigeon SofTouch Wide Neck Bottles ($32.49)

Made from lightweight plastic, the SofTouch bottles are paired with wide neck teats that have a textured surface to mimic that of mum’s breast. This not only avoids nipple confusion but assists baby when transitioning between breast and bottle.



MAM Bottles for Feeding Baby

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles (from $9.99)

Boasting high praise from mums Australia wide, the innovative bottles from MAM take easy feeding to the next level. Ideal for newborns, there’s a clever valve in the base that ensures babies don’t swallow air while drinking. There’s also a unique self-sterilising function for times when you’re feeding on the go. Brilliant.


Medela Calma Baby Feeding Bottle

Medela Calma Feeding Device & Breastmilk Bottle ($31.95)

Designed specifically for breastfed babies, the Calma bottle and teat allow baby to suck, swallow and breathe just as they would on the breast. Created in cooperation with breastfeeding experts from the University of Western Australia, the Calma teat lets bub drink to their natural rhythm, remaining calm and settled for each feed.

Cherub Baby

Cherub Baby Glass Bottles

Cherub Baby Glass Bottles (from $18.99)

Here’s a great option if you are concerned about the temperature of heated milk. The silicone sleeves on these bottles change colour if the liquid inside is too hot for baby. Made from Borosilicate glass, the bottles go from freezer to boiling water with ease and transform into sippy cups and handy storage containers when your babe gets older.


Minbie Baby Bottles

Minbie Bottles (from $17.95)

They may look and feel like glass bottles, but these are actually made from lightweight medical-grade PPSU. Designed for years of use and dishwasher cycles, they pair with the revolutionary Minbie teats that have been created to match how newborns feed on the breast.


Haakaa Bottles for Feeding Baby

Haakaa Glass Feeding Bottles ($29.90)

From the makers of one of our favourite breast milk catchers comes this ergonomic glass baby bottle. Featuring an off-centre thumb-shaped teat for natural, upright feeding, they aim to mimic the flex and feel of mum’s breast


Comotomo Baby Bottles

Comotomo Bottles (from $26.95)

Boasting two vents to eliminate air intake, the super-soft bottles from Comotomo are ideal for mini milk guzzlers. The wide mouth makes the bottle easy to clean and the naturally-shaped nipple helps bub go from breast to bottle with ease.

Philips Avent

Philips Avent Natural Bottles For Babies

Philips Avent Bottles (from $11.95)

A great choice for mums switching between feeding their bub’s expressed milk and breastfeeding, the Avent bottles are easy for bub to grip and hold while drinking. Complete with ultra-soft, flexible teats and anti-colic valves they’re designed to reduce colic and discomfort for bottle-fed babes.

What size baby bottle will I need?

Feeding bottles come in a variety of sizes for babies of at stages. If you’re exclusively expressing and bottle-feeding it may be worth investing in a range of bottles to use throughout the day. If bub is mix-feeding and is only taking one or two bottles a day, you may only need a few small bottles to see you through.

Do babies prefer a particular shaped bottle?

All bottles have been designed with babies in mind, but some are more ergonomically suited to smaller hands than others. If bub tends to grab hold of your breast while breastfeeding, consider a silicone bottle that mimics the texture of your breast or an hourglass-shaped bottle that’s easy for them to grip and hold.

Baby teats are constantly evolving. With new technology, there are now bottle teats designed to reduce colic, assist with latching difficulties and ease baby’s discomfort when feeding upright.

Are glass bottles the safest for baby?

Glass bottles are naturally free from chemicals like BPA and BPS, which are sometimes found in plastics, which is why some parents prefer them. Glass is also easy to care for, microwave safe for heating breastmilk and suitable for the dishwasher, plus it doesn’t absorb funky odours.


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11 best baby bottles other mums recommend | Mum's Grapevine

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