13 baby hair brushes for silky strands

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13 best baby hair brushes | Mum's Grapevine

Whether your poppet is born sporting glorious tufts or a super-fine layer of peach fuzz, make sure you’ve got a gentle baby hair brush on hand to care for precious strands.

Unlike adults’ hair brushes, baby versions are made with shorter handles and ultra-soft bristles to help tame unruly tresses, stimulate the scalp and keep cradle cap in check.

Teeny-tiny and completely adorable, they make unforgettable keepsakes too.

13 of the sweetest baby hair brushes

Whether you’re after a gift for a new mama or just need to tend to your mini’s wild ‘do, our roundup of the most swoon-worthy baby hair brushes will help you find the perfect one.

1. Shellamy

Best Baby Hair Brush: Shellamy

Shellamy 3-Piece Brush and Comb Set ($31.95)

Brush, massage and style. This perfectly packaged set has everything you need to care for baby’s mop and scalp in the early years. Each piece is made with all-natural materials and suitable for even the newest of bubs.

2. Rock & Ruddle

Best Baby Hair Brush: Rock & Ruddle

Rock & Ruddle Baby Paddle ($44.95)

Designed and made in the UK, these stunning (and totally giftable) baby hair brushes use natural boar bristles to be suitable to use on baby’s locks from day one. Styles include ballet dancers, ducks and bunnies. Aww!

3. Happy Hair Brush

Best Baby Hair Brush: Happy Hair Brush

Happy Hair Brush for Babies ($24.95)

Free of any animal products, these unique vegan brushes were purposely made with black bristles so that you can see it removing dead skin cells and cradle cap. Suitable for hair up to 8cm in length, it comes in a choice of four shades.

4. Chibello

Best Baby Hair Brushes: Chibello

Chibello Wooden Brush and Comb Set ($27.97)

Crafted from premium materials to gently nurture brand-new tufts, this giftable set includes a goat-bristle brush, massage brush, round-edged comb and a very handy silicone massager for tending to cradle cap.

5. Dreambaby

Best Baby Hair Brushes: Dreambaby

Dreambaby Deluxe Brush & Comb Sets ($9.96)

This uber-popular brush set comes with a good splash of colour and a welcome price tag. It has gentle non-scratch bristles for even the youngest of bubs, and toddler-friendly handles for the later years.

6. Purebaby

Purebaby Boar Bristle Hair Brush ($24.95)

After a brush to tackle a particularly thick mop of baby hair? This is the brush for the job. Made with boar bristles, this purpose-built baby brush is fabulous at detangling thicker hair and smoothing all those fly-aways.

7. AHAHbaby

Best Baby Hair Brushes: AHAHbaby

AHAHbaby Wooden Baby Hair Brush Set ($19.99)

With sweet round-headed brushes and pear-shaped comb, this pint-sized set is all kinds of cute. It is made from of eco-friendly beech wood and goat bristles, and it comes bundled up in a pure-cotton pouch.

8. Green Sprouts

Best Baby Hair Brush: Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts Baby Hair Brush Set ($14.67)

An all-natural duo at a perfect price. The ultra-soft goat bristles are perfect for smoothing down unruly newborn locks while the renewable-wood comb takes care of sectioning and styling.

9. CMC Gold

Best Baby Hair Brush: CMC Gold

CMC Gold Personalised Baby Brush ($34.95)

It’s one of the most customisable baby hair brushes around and it has completely won us over. Made from premium wood and natural goat hair, it can be personalised using your choice of font and motif.

10. KoaBear

Best Baby Hair Brush: KoaBear

KoaBear Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set ($23.99)

Boxed up beautifully, this set is as natural as it is useful. It uses bristles of goat hair to prevent irritation and scratching of baby’s little noggin, and rounded wood for no snagging or pulling.

11. Petit Collage

Best Baby Hair Brushes: Petit Collage

Petit Collage Baby Hair Brush ($19.95)

From a brand known the world over for its special eco-friendly gifts comes a sweet little hair brush to cherish forever. With a bear-shaped head, it features the softest of bristles and a child-friendly handle.

12. Haakaa

Haakaa Goat Wool Baby Hair Brush ($36)

From a New Zealand brand wholly dedicated to creating sustainable products, this brush has created quite a buzz in the baby world. All-natural, with no nasties in sight, it uses pure goat wool to be one of the softest brushes around.

13. CoCreative Design

Best Baby Hair Brushes: CoCreative Designs Etsy

CoCreative Design Personalised Baby Hair Brush (from $26)

Personalisation adds a special touch to baby products, and this popular Etsy seller allows you to add not just a name to the brush, but also a laser-cut image. Whales, rainbows…how to choose?!

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13 best baby hair brushes for 2021 | Mum's Grapevine

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