11 sweet nursery rugs for baby’s special room

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11 Best Nursery Rugs | Mum's Grapevine

The cot’s set up, the nappy bin is in place and all those change table essentials are ready to go. Now it’s time to add the perfect finishing touch to bubba’s room: a nursery rug.

Nursery rugs bring warmth, style and bucket-loads of cuteness to babies’ rooms. Some are crafted from natural fibres like jute for a rustic and earthy vibe, others are luxuriously plush, doubling as cosy mats for playtime.

We’ve rounded up the most beautiful rugs around to help you set the perfect tone for your poppet’s first room.

11 nursery rugs to transform baby’s room

In no particular order, here are 11 adorable nursery rugs that make baby’s room your absolute favourite place to hang.

1. Mocka

Mocka Circa Nursery Rug

Mocka Circa Rug ($49.95)

A contemporary and striking nursery rug that will fit right in with any décor style you’re running with. Soft-woven from jute and recycled cotton for a beautiful texture, this classic is going to be loved well beyond the baby years.

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3. Love Indi Lou

Love Indy Lou Nursery Rugs

Love Indi Lou Nursery Rugs (from $219.95)

The beauty of these stunning crochet nursery rugs is that they’ll look brilliant all over the house. Available in two different sizes and handcrafted from thick cotton, they come in a number of colourful, cosy styles.

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4. Amigos de Hoy

Amigos de Hoy Diamond and Dot Nursery Rug

Amigos de Hoy Diamond and Dot Nursery Rug ($369)

In the shape of a traditional cowhide, this rug comes packing some major bohemian vibes. It’s made with a low-pile chenille that provides plushness without excessive weight, and it’s completely non-allergenic.

Buy Now from Zanui

5. Scion

Scion Mr Fox Nursery Rugs

Scion Mr Fox Rugs (from $1349)

They may not come cheap, but they are undeniably special. Decked out in mischievous, playful foxes, these 100% wool rugs are handmade in India and available in five different colour schemes.

Buy Now from Temple & Webster

6. Fantastic Furniture

Fantastic Furniture Meza Reversible Nursery Rug

Fantastic Furniture Meza Reversible Nursery Rug ($49)

We’re giving this rug top points for being fun, well priced and earth-friendly. Consciously crafted from recycled straws, it measures 2.7m on its longest side and can be flipped over when you change up your colour scheme.

Buy Now from Fantastic Furniture

7. Hope & Jade Interiors

Hope and Jade Interiors Nursery Rugs

Hope & Jade Nursery Crochet Rugs (from $129)

These exquisite crochet rugs are handcrafted using the highest quality cotton for an ultra-soft finish. Designed in Australia, they measure up to 150cm and are ideal for filling large spaces. Choose from a range of styles and shades.

Buy Now from Etsy

8. Miss Amara

Miss Amara Totic Nursery Rug

Miss Amara Totic Round Nursery Rug (from $153)

You can never go wrong with black and white when it comes to floor rugs – especially when there are spots involved! This stunning, playful jute rug comes in four sizes and is the perfect way to make drab floors fab.

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OYOY Lion Nursery Rug

OYOY Lion Nursery Rug ($249.95)

A stunning Danish floor rug and a friendly face for bubba to gaze at. It measures 95cm in diameter and it’s made of pure wool and cotton for a luxurious and natural finish. Roar-some, right?

Buy Now from HipKids

10. Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Baby Souk Nursery Rug

Pottery Barn Kids Baby Souk Nursery Rug ($759)

The spectacular non-slip Souk rug is made from pure wool with a low pile that is perfect for babes. It naturally resists stains and soiling, it’s flame resistant and it is coloured using environmentally safe dyes.

Buy Now from Pottery Barn Kids

11. Mushkane

Muskhane Rabbit Nursery Rugs

Muskhane Pasu Rabbit Nursery Rugs ($360)

Handmade in Nepal from sustainable felt, these bunny-themed faves are going to take the nursery to new levels of cuteness. They come in a choice of six different colours and measure 120cm.

Buy Now from Little Treasure Chest

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11 best nursery rugs for baby's room | Mum's Grapevine

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