8 soft play mats for babies on the move

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A baby play mat is a must-have item for little people on the move. And no longer limited to foam alphabet squares, modern styles range from waterproof play mats to designer foam options that you’ll want to show off.

A play mat is a soft, perfectly sized mat for babies to play on. Often padded, it’s the perfect place for tinkering with toys and enjoying tummy time, which typically starts at around three or four months of age. Whether you’re after a playful addition to the nursery or a luxe new look for the lounge, there’s a baby mat out there to suit your needs.

To help you find a comfy play mat for your curious babe, we’ve put a selection of exquisite options in one handy spot for you.

What to look for in a foam play mat for baby

9 perfect baby play mats | Mum's Grapevine

Here are some of the key features to consider when buying the perfect play mat for your little one:

Cushioning: To ensure little ones are comfortable investigating their new terrain, look for a padded foam play mat with ample cushioning for tiny limbs and delicate skin.

Durability: Baby mats are the perfect companion for outdoor adventures with bubs in tow – think mornings at the park and day trips to the beach. With that in mind, pick a mat that is sturdy enough to withstand different environments.

Ease of washing: Despite being made for play, anything made for baby is sure to encounter Vegemite smears and a good amount of dribble, especially when teething. Having a mat that washes and dries well means it can be back on the floor in a jiffy.

Waterproof: Because during nappy-free time, ‘wee’ sprinkles are virtually guaranteed! A waterproof play mat wipes clean quickly and protects your precious flooring underneath.

Size: Think about where the mat will ‘live’ when choosing the size. Will it permanently stay in the same spot or is it more likely to be moved from room to room, or even transported in the car? Some soft mats are available in different sizes to suit every family’s needs, with rectangular and round options too.

8 baby mats for a safe place to play

Take a peek at our roundup of brands and get playtime sorted with a mat that protects little bodies and gives toys their own home.

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Here are 8 thick baby play mats for growing and learning:

Rudie Nudie

Rudie Nudie Waterproof Play Mats

Rudie Nudie Waterproof Play Mats (from $75)

From the bed to the beach, Rudie Nudie play mats can be enjoyed anywhere. Available in three sizes to suit every age and stage, they come with a soft fabric top and a waterproof base. Best of all, you can toss them in the washing machine at the end of a day’s play.

Sizes: Square 90cm x 90cm / 1.3m x 1.3m / 2.0m x 2.0m
Composition: 100% cotton or polyester top layer
Water-Resistant: Yes

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from Rudie Nudie website

Freddy & Co

Freddy and Co Baby Play Mats

Freddy & Co Play Mats (from $159)

Freddy & Co double-sided play mats are created to see parents right through the baby years and beyond. One side is printed with an educational design for bub to enjoy, while the reverse features a contemporary print that blends perfectly with any room décor.

Sizes: Rectangle 2.0m x 1.4m / Round 1.4m diameter
Composition: Non-toxic polyurethane foam
Water-Resistant: Yes

Marmalade Lion

Marmalade Lion Baby Play Mats

Marmalade Lion Play Mats (from $164)

Thanks to a thick memory foam insert and non-slip, waterproof backing, Marmalade Lion play mats can be used on most surfaces. The removable and interchangeable covers are illustrated by hand and specially coated for easy clean-ups.

Sizes: Round 1.0m / 1.5m diameter
Composition:  Memory-foam insert with non-toxic, coated cover
Water-Resistant: Yes

Luxe at Play

Luxe at Play Baby Play Mats

Luxe at Play Baby Play Mats (from $109)

Luxury meets functionality in this timeless range of lightweight play mats. With a thick foam core for loads of support, each reversible mat has a hypoallergenic, water-resistant surface and features one-of-a-kind artwork befitting the modern home.

Sizes: Rectangle 1.0m x 1.4m / 2.0m x 1.4m / Round 1.4m diameter
Composition: Non-toxic polyurethane foam
Water-Resistant: Yes


Rugabub play mat

Rugabub Designer Play Mats ($189.95)

Packed with boho vibes, Rugabub’s meticulously crafted mats are as elegant as they are durable. Each double-sided mat is thick, plush and packed with stunning visual details to help keep bubba engaged in tummy time and play.

Sizes: Rectangle 2.0m x 1.4m
Composition: Non-toxic polyurethane foam
Water-Resistant: Yes

Mikró Australia

MIkro Australia Baby Play Mats

Mikró Australia Reversible Baby Play Mats (from $99.99)

The easy-clean finish and reversible design of Mikró play mats is fabulous for families who like to switch up their décor every now and then. Each mat is made using certified non-toxic foam to provide the perfect padding for sweet growing bodies.

Sizes: Rectangle 1.0m x 1.4m / 2.0m x 1.4 /Round 1.4m diameter
Composition: Non-toxic polyurethane foam
Water-Resistant: Yes

Mikro Australia: Standard free shipping Australia wide.
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From Mikro Australia website

Softly Summer

Softly Summer Baby Play Mats

Softly Summer Padded Play Mats (from $109)

From soft and dreamy palms to herringbone prints, there is so much to love about Softly Summer’s collection of padded mats. Designed in Australia, each is fully reversible, biodegradable and finished with an allergy-friendly surface that’s a cinch to clean.

Sizes: Rectangle 1.0m x 1.4m / 2.0m x 1.4m / Round 1.4m diameter
Composition: Non-toxic polyurethane foam
Water-Resistant: Yes

Munchkin & Bear

Munchkin & Bear Baby Play Mats

Munchkin & Bear Padded Baby Mats (from $99.95)

Soft tones and thick foam padding make award-winning Munchkin & Bear mats perfect for all ages – even ‘big kids’ perfecting their yoga poses. The shock-absorbent core protects and insulates, while the wipe-clean topcoat makes mopping up spills a breeze.

Sizes: Rectangle 1.0m x 1.4m / 2.0m x 1.4m / Round 1.4m diameter
Materials: Non-toxic polyurethane foam
Water-Resistant: Yes

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